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Becky Hobbs
Description: I\m looking for them and seem to hitting a brick wall everytime. If anyone knows about them I would love to have a copy of info.\r\nThanks, Becky Hobbs

Surnames: Lambert

Gerhard Glombiewski
Description: wordwide research for Golombiewski Golembiewski

Surnames: Golombiewski Golembiewski Golabiewski Golebiewski Golambiewski Golumbiewski Glombiewski

Morris Lamberson
Description: Seeking info. on Elijah Lamberson, who lived in NC, later in TN, then MS, then AR \\ Seeking info. on Elijah Lamberson who was born in NC, later moved to TN, then MS, then to AR.

Surnames: Lamberson

Description: I have been told that the my Lamb origins are Dutch. Ancester was a Johann Lamb.I don\t know how the name has arrived in Greenock, Scotland yet.

Surnames: Lamb

William Lambright
Description: Anthony Lambright of South Carolina b. ca 1882 in Germany? d. 1733 Charles Town, SC. William Lambright b. mid 1740's in SC died 1793 in Colleton Co.,SC

Surnames: Lambright

Beck Sams
Description: Researching all SAMs from late 1600's to present.

Surnames: Updated: 1 Nov 2003
Surnames of those who married into Sams families since 1686.

Alexander, Alford, Allred, Ammons, Anders, Armstrong, Arrant, Arrington, Bailey, Baker, Balch, Ball, Barlett, Barton, Bassett, Bates, Beard, Bertin, Blackstock, Blackwell, Boling, Booher, Boulton, Bowman, Boyd, Bradley, Bradford, Briggs, Brilhart, Bradshaw, Bratton, Brenan, Brilhart, Brock, Brown, Buckner, Bullock, Burch, Burton, Butler, Campbell, Carl, Caplinger, Carden, Carrmichael (Carmichel), Carpenter, Carroll, Carter, Cate, Catherman, Caudill, Chandler, Clark, Clayborn, Clouse, Comer, Cook, Conner, Coons, Cornelison, Cornett, Couch, Council, Crawford, Crisp, Cross, Crowder, Cruzan, Curry, Curtis, Dauberman, Deem, Dellinger, Delph, DeWeese, Dillard, Dillingham, Dowers, Durham, Edgington, Edmonds, Edmunds, Edwards, Erhardt, Erwin, Fisher, Flasher, Fleak, Folsom, Fortner, Foster, Franklin, Freeman, Fulk, Fuller, Geddie, Gentry, Gibson, Gideon, Gobel, Goldsberry, Goldsmith, Gosnell, Gottbehuet, Green, Gregory, Grove(s), Hacker, Halscomb, Harper, Harrison, Hasty, Hatcher, Hayes, Haynes, Helton, Henderson, Hensler, Henson, Herron, Hickam, Hickman, Hicks, Hill, Hoenes, Holcombe, Hollifield, Hood, Hopkins, Horbeck, Hoskins, Hunt, Hunter, Irwin, Jameson, Jarrett, Jarvis, Jasper, Johnson, Jolly, Jones, Katherman, Katterman, Ketterman, Keever, Kelly, King, Kirkendall, Knowles, Krebs, Lamb, Lansford, Lawson, Laycock, Ledbetter, Ledford, Lewis, Lillard, Massey, Mayfield, Mays, McCall, McKinnon, Merrell, Miller, Mills, Mink, Moon, Moore, Morton, Murray, Orr, Osborne, Osteen, Parham, Payne, Pendergrass, Pitzer, Ponder, Porter, Potts, Preble, Presnell, Price, Proffitt, Prugh, Pugh, Radcliff, Radford, Ramsey, Ranck, Ransom, Rector, Redmon, Reed, Reeder, Reynolds, Rice, Ridenour, Roberts, Rodden, Rowe, Run(n)ion, Runyoun, Rutherford, Sample, Sams, Saunders, Siner, Smith, Sondin, Sowder, Sprinkle, Stanley, Stout, Tackett, Talbot, Tallant, Tate, Templeton, TenBroeck, Terry, Thacker, Thomas, Tillinghast, Tolbut, Tracy, Tre(a)dway, Trent, Tweed, Veatch, Wade, Waldrep, Waldrip, Waldrop, Waldroup, Wallen, Warburton, Ward, Ware, Warren, Webb, Wells, Whit(t)aker, Whittington, Wild(s), Wigel and Young.

Brenda Gaskill
Description: I'm looking for family of Thomas C. and Suzannah Grooms. I know of a daughter (my ggrandmother), Essie. According to an 1880 census, he was from VA she was from IA. They were living in Jefferson, Chautauqua Co. KS, at that time. Thank you

Surnames: Grooms, Lamb

Description: searching for info on my gf Charles Lambrecht
from Mass.

Surnames: Lambrecht

Description: family names

Surnames: bundren,barmes,brewer,owens,watson,sherrell,daniels,clary,hensley,turner,kuhn,appleton,smith,lakes,lamb,hill,mccormick

Description: I'm looking for information on the Ohio branch of Halfhills.

Surnames: Halfhill, Tornow, Wynn, Lambert, Rife

Brookes McKenzie
Description: Looking for information on Moses MERCER born ca. 1829 in MO, married Mary _ and had three children, James A. Mercer born 1852, John T. Mercer born 1854 and Margaret M. Mercer born 1856-8. Descendants of this family married into the LAMBERT, DOTSON, DONOHEW, EVERTS, CLIFT, THOMAS, SMOTHERMAN, NICHOLSON, REESE, and PIERCE families. Locations are Phelps Co., Shannon Co., and Howell Co., MO. Any information greatly appreciated, I have hit a brick wall.

Surnames: CLIFT

Gerry Lambert
Description: Like to find info on Lamberts from Cloud County Kansas. Antoine, Mary, Phillip, Louis, Adelard, and Delia. Their parents from Quebec, Canada, and through Kankakee, IL. to Cloud county, Kansas.

Surnames: Lambert , Girard , Frechette , Fortin , Bermier

Description: Could someone please shed some light on this LAMBERT family for me?
This is a shot in the dark, as i do not have dates for these families and if i do, they may not be accurate.

birth: 1759 Maine
death: 1844 Maine
marriage: (1780) Maine
spouse: OAKES, JOHN
birth: 1757, Harvard, Massachsettes

*LAMBERT, SHERIBIAH married LYDIA (1750 ??) Maine

birth: Maine
birth: Maine
married 1725 York, Maine ?


Does anyone know anything about LYDIA... who her parents were? Lydia seems to be a mystery to many.
Any info on Elisabeth married to JONATHAN Lambert would be helpful as well.

Below is the son of ABIGAIL & JOHN OAKES. I am going to finish the line so just maybe someone out there has some information :)
*OAKES ELECTRIUS & LAVIGNE, HENRIETTE, married 17 Aug. 1818, Bathurst, N.B.

*HELENE OAKES & FILGENCE/FULGENCE THIBODEAU married 4 Feb 1856, Upper Frenchville, Maine, St. Luce Church...

*THIBODEAU, ELIZABETH & RICHARD OUELLETTE married 25 June 1879, Fort Kent, Me.

*GEORGIANNA OUELLETTE & REGIS MICHAUD married 18 Feb. 1901, St. Francis, Maine

*ELISE MICHAUD & DAVID THIBODEAU married 16 Feb. 1901, St. Francis, Maine

*AMANDA THIBODEAU & ELDEN MORROW married 29 Sept. 1951 (my parents)

*CAROL MORROW (myself)

Thank you,

Carol Morrow


Linda Payton
Description: Searching for Ernest Fulbright and family ancestors in Missouri. Other ancestors were ( )Lamb, Tom Adams, and Susan Bingman.

Surnames: Fulbright, Lamb, Adams, Bingman.

MJ Warsinsky
Description: Researching Burgess, Lambert, Glass, and Bright with Ohio connections.

Surnames: Burgess, Lambert, Glass, Bright

Denise Sears
Description: looking for ggg grandfather and ggg grandmother. he is George H. Morton b:02/10/1808, NC
d:02/10/1877, TN
Elizebeth Turner

Surnames: Morton,Lakins,Truner,Seals,Gordon,Heneger, Warwick,Smith,Howerton,Wellington,Mobley, Hedrick,Hipsher,Lamb,Cope,Hannond,Wilder,Haynes,Russell,Johnson,Dunlap,Crouch,Hamilton,Young,Gilpin,Bartholomew,Glover,Slye,Ford,Layton,Washington

Harold Quigley
Description: Maine Lamberts particularly Mathias and Deborah of Calais, ME who immigrated from Canada. They had nine children. One son, Edward, married Louisa Thompson and settled in Freeport, ME.

Surnames: Lambert

Carmen Lamboy
Description: New at searching for Lamboy family ancestry. Want to know more about our heritage and ancestry.

Surnames: Lamboy

Joann p. Beattie
Description: I am trying to trace Percy Heavingham Rayner son of Benjamin Rayner (bootmaker). Percy md Ethel Florence Lambert at All Saints, East Finchley, North London, England - her Father was Joseph William Lambert.

Surnames: Rayner/Lambert

Description: Researching my grandmother Alice Lambert from Illinois. Later married to a Grimes and finally to Richard Vowels of Butler County, Mossouri. Census information indicates she was born in 1886 or 1887. Her childrens birth certificates indicate she was born in Illinois. A 1900 census from Butler County has her listed as Uliss Vowels? Perhaps a transcription error?
Any information large or small would be appreciated! Thank you.

Surnames: Lambert

Description: I am trying to find information on the Lamberts from Canada and Lowell, Mass.

This is what I have so far,

1880 Censes - Lowell Middlesex, Mass
Prosper Lambert (age 39) b. 1841 in Canada d. Dec. 7, 1918 (My G-G-G Grandfather)
Philomene (wife) (age 36) b. 1844 in Canada d. Jul. 28, 1926
Thomas (son) (age 14) born in Canada
Theodule (son) (age 15) born in Canada (My Great-Great Grandfather)
Malvina (daughter) (age 14) born in Canada
Exilda (daughter) (age 9) born in Canada
Virginia (daughter) (age 5) born in Canada
Israel (son) (age 3) born in Canada
Marie (daughter) (age 8 months) born in Mass.

1900 Census - Lowell, Middlesex, Mass.
Theodule Lambert (age 35) b. June 1865 in Canada d. Nov. 5, 1942 (My G-G Grandfather)
Delia (wife) (age 35) b. June 1864 in Canada (mother of 8, 5 living)
Marie (daughter) (age 15) b. Feb. 1885 in Mass. (She married Alphonse Bisson)
Bessie (daughter) (age 11) b. April 1889 in Mass.
Peter (son) (age 7) b. Aug. 1892 in Mass.
Nora (daughter) (age 5) b. March 1895 in Mass.
Thomas (son) (age 1) b. Oct 1898 in Mass.

I get confused here, I thing the 1900 census and the 1910 census are the same family, the ages seem to match, but the children don't.

1910 Census - Lowell, Middlesex, Mass.
Theodule Lambert (age 45) born in Canada
Odelie (Allard) (wife) (age 45) born in Canada
Rosalie (daughter) (age 21) born in Mass.
Theodule (son) (age 14) born in Mass.
Thomas (son) (age 11) born in Mass.

1920 Census - Lowell Middlesex, Mass.
Theodule Lambert Jr. (age 28) b. Mass. m. Jun 17, 1916 d. Jan. 1967
Theana (Thiana) (Maiden name Collett/Collette) (wife) (age 22) b. Mass.
Romeo (son) (age 2) b. Mass. d. May 3, 1953
Lucille (daughter) (age 1) b. Mass.
Emery Collett/Collette (brother-in-law) (age 19) b. Mass.
Marie Collett/Collette (sister-in-law) (age 18)
Joseph Collett/Collette (nephew) (age 5 months) b. Mass.

Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

Surnames: Lambert, DeLorme, Collette/Collett, Labonte, LeBourdais, Ayotte

William Lanter
Description: Jacob Lanter, Lanter Veterans, Lanter Who's Who
Lanters in Europe, Lanters from Kentucky and Virginia,

Surnames: Lanter, Webb, Fox, Lambert, over 3500 individuals

Roma Pace Strub
Description: Searching for Francis KELLEY, supposedly b. 1812 Washington Co., VA; m. Mary B. Pace 1834 Clark Co., KY; d. 1886 Linn Co., MO. Children: James F., b. 1837 Callaway Co., MO; Bluford Allen b 1839 Callaway Co., MO; Emily, b. 1841; John b. 1843; Dosia b. 1845; Joseph H. b. 1849 Linn Co., MO; William Worth b. 1851 Linn Co., MO; George b. 1855 Linn Co., MO.

Surnames: Kelley; Lamb; Pace; Thudium; White; Wright.

Diane Beaubien
Description: Looking for McKay's from Wigtownshire in Scotland. Archibald McKay & Mary McNeill McCubbin had 10 children. Archibald McKay & Elizabetyh Watt had 3 children. All children born in this district. Archibald was born in Antrim Ireland.

Surnames: McKay, McCubbin, Watt, Beggs, Lamb,Morgan,Young

C. Landrum
Description: Researching S.S. (Silas Scasbier) Landrum in Alabama. Married Laura Ewing. Descendents in Illinois.

Surnames: Landrum, Ewing, Lamb

Ellie Johnson (Eleanor L.)
Description: Researching for Jonathan Lambert b. Oct 1747 NJ d. Mar 1803 & Lucy Webb of Harrison Co.,W.Virginia. Trying to find the parents of both........My descendants are through their daughter Anna who md Benjamin Holden in 1802,Harrison Co.,WV. Willing to share information.

Surnames: Lambert,Webb, Holden

Kathy Allen
Description: Looking for a L.D. Lambert born 1831 in Ind. Married Catherine Foster I know for sure they had a daughter named Elizabeth Lambert may have been Nancy Elizabeth she was born in Cinn. Ohio in 1870 died in Springfield, Ohio 1941. From what I have been told Elizabeth was one half Indian, so Catherine Foster would have been full blooded. But I have been stuck here for longer that I care to admit. Anything would help

Surnames: Lambert

Description: just trying to find relatives

Surnames: Lamboy

Dawn Hilder
Description: Searching for Greenlees in Govan area of Scotland.
John Greenlees m: Jane Lamberton 1874.
Ch: Ellen/Helen, John, Thomas, William, Robert, Jane,

Surnames: Greenlees, Lamberton, McPhail, McFarlane

sharryn clark
Description: information request on
Laura Lambeth, born about 1825 in N.C.
married Merrill D. Lambeth Jan, 1849 in St. Francois, Mo, died about 1857 or 58 Polk Co. Mo
who were Laura's parents?

Surnames: lambeth

Sharon J. Estes
Description: Looking for information on Eunice Lambert. She
married Richard Thomas in Middleton, Massachusetts. Also interested in more information on one of her children, Othniel Thomas, born Nov. 9, 1736 in Middleton.

Surnames: Lambert, Thomas

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