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Origin of Lain

Origin of Lain

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Origin of Lain

Total Records: 3 
Origin of Lain, Meaning of Lain

Origin: Finding out about family name and history
Surnames: Vilain
Submitted by: Karlene Vilain
Origin of Lain, Meaning of Lain

Origin: Kassa is also the name of a natural scratch glove used in hammam in arabic countries

Is the name of drums in the tribal etnie of Malinke from Haute Guinee used during the farming works, and also the name of the place were they keep cereals

Kassa means cashbox in Netherlands, Russian and Deutsh, also house in Scandinavian, and green leaves in Lingala and Swahili.

Kassa is the name of many places in DRCongo, Ethiopia, Sudan...

Kassa is the name of a former Ethiopian King, Ras Kassa, who unify is country and protect is sovereignty from 1855 to 1868.

My name is Kassa and Im from Kabylie, Algeria.
Surnames: Alain
Submitted by: Kassa Alain
Origin of Lain, Meaning of Lain

Origin: Laing is a Scotch name, and means tall. Lang is of the same meaning, but may sometimes be of local origin. In Great Britain, the name is probably best known in connection with the great shipbuilding firm of John and Philip Laing. Various emigrants of the name have come to America, the earliest perhaps being a John Laing and his wife Margaret, from Craigforth, county of Aberdeen, Scotland, who came to America in 1685, and settled near Plainfield, New Jersey.
Surnames: Laing
Submitted by: History of West Virginia

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