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Origin of Kett

Origin of Kett

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Origin of Kett

Total Records: 13 
Origin of Kett, Meaning of Kett

Origin: Variants of the name Ketter are regional spellings, common in Wesphalia Germany. The surname Ketter is an ancient Teutonic word used to describe a soldier who wears chain mail armor. The word has been in use since before the 5th century, when Germanic soldiers went to England. The village in England named Kettering means, village of Ketters.
Surnames: Ketter, Koetter, Kotter
Submitted by: Paul S. Ketter
Origin of Kett, Meaning of Kett

Origin: Oral tradition in my family: Duke of Llewellyn (Wales)was a petty Welsh kinglet & was out shooting with King of England and made a lucky shot with his crossbow & shot a young buck in its second year -- known as a pricket -- & thus Prickett is a nickname. Welsh history does show that Llewelyn the Great united a bunch of the Welsh fiefdoms or whatever, which his son lost to Edward I. This son, however, 1) married the natural daughter of King John of Magna Charta ill-fame. 2)was one of the barons forcing King John to sign!! I have read that Prickett like Pritchett, Prichard, etc derives from the Welsh ap Richard -- ap meaning 'son of.' But I think there's more assumption than certainty or research in that. I personally prefer the romanticism of the Llewelyn story.
Surnames: Prickett, Pricket, Prickit, Prickitt
Submitted by: Patricia Prickett Hickin
Origin of Kett, Meaning of Kett

Origin: Charles William Baskette, married to Mattie Reid. Son Fitzhugh Baskette. May have had several daughters. Resided around King & Queen County VA, or King William County VA circa 1880.
Surnames: Baskette
Submitted by: Jay Baskette
Origin of Kett, Meaning of Kett

Origin: Looking For The Perants Of Perry Anderson Ketterman. Born 1890 Randolph Co.Wv Died 1969 Ohio Any Thing On Him?
Surnames: Ketterman
Submitted by: Anthony Ketterman
Origin of Kett, Meaning of Kett

Origin: Max Andrew Tackettt: grandfather
Surnames: Tackettt
Submitted by: Caroline
Origin of Kett, Meaning of Kett

Origin: This name, while not an unusual one, is nevertheless not easy to the etymologist, who strives from internal evidence to discover its meaning and origin. It is quite possible that the name has something to do with the verb 'croke,' which occurs in the motto of one of the families in Britain bearing the name. The name is well known in Scotland and may have had its origin either in Gaelic or in the Scotch dialect of English. Various forms of the name are Crokett, Crockat and Crockett. The arms of one of the families in Britain bearing the name are described heraldically: Argent, three Cornish choughs ppr. Crest--A Cornish chough ppr. Motto--Crow not, croke not.%0a%0aJoseph Crockett, the immigrant ancestor of the Crockett family, was born probably in England or Scotland, and settled in Wytheville county, Virginia. He was the brother of John Crockett, who settled in Tazewell county, Virginia, and also of David Crockett, who settled in Tennessee. The three brothers came together from an English port to this country.
Surnames: Crockett, Crockat, Crockett
Submitted by: History of West Virginia
Origin of Kett, Meaning of Kett

Origin: From Walcott. Origin is Walcott, England.
Surnames: Willcutt Wilcut Wilcutt Wolcot Wilkett
Submitted by: Bryan Wilcutt
Origin of Kett, Meaning of Kett

Origin: newfoundland
Surnames: ricketts
Submitted by:
Origin of Kett, Meaning of Kett

Origin: The name was exported to England by the invading Saxons in 449 CE where it developed many new phonetic variations and was imported by the Norwegian Vikings to Norway when they raided England around 700 CE. These Norwegian Vikings later settled in the Contentin (western) region of Normandy, France around 933 CE where the name evolved from Asketill (10th century CE) to Anschetillus (11th century CE) to Anquetil (12th century CE) to Anctil (18th century CE). In 1734 CE, Jean Louis Anctil emigrated from Avranches, Normandy, France to Nouvelle France (Quebec, Canada) and established a family line, where the surname today is predominate. The Anctil family name can be found throughout the United Kingdom (former colonies included) and even most of the world today.
Surnames: Anctil, Anquetil, St-Jean, St-John, Ancell, Antill, McCaskill, MacAskill, Antle, Axtell, Kettle
Submitted by: Eric Anctil
Origin of Kett, Meaning of Kett

Origin: Means black in Hungarian
Surnames: Fekete/Fekette
Submitted by:
Origin of Kett, Meaning of Kett

Origin: Derives from 'Jean Fichet' arrived in Portsmouth, NH from France (Hugenot immigrant) in late 1600s. His son John Fickett and subsequent generations moved first to Scarborough and then to Cape Elizabeth, Maine and then spread around Maine.
Surnames: Fickett, Fichet
Submitted by: Peter Lumb
Origin of Kett, Meaning of Kett

Origin: Scottish of viking anglo-saxon and celtic blood
Surnames: Halket, Halkett, Hacket, Hackett
Submitted by: Halket
Origin of Kett, Meaning of Kett

Origin: I once read that the meaning of Haskett was the "grower of the hazelnut tree".
Surnames: Haskett
Submitted by: Jim Haskett

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