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Joyce Price
Description: Locations: ND,SD,MINN,MT

Surnames: Warkentin

John Chant
Description: Although my families are widespread in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the U.S. most people come back to their homeland so can pick me up in England and then we can explore any possible lines of connection. Alternatively I can suggest someone else I've met on the Internet who may be able to help.

Surnames: CHANT (Somerset, England)
STANTON (Dorset, England)
HANSFORD (Dorset, England)
LONGLEY (Kent, England)
LINN (Norfolk, England)

Bonita Hillmer
Description: Seeking Elizabeth MACKENTHUN who married Helmke SIEMS in 1671 in Wriedel, however, they lived and died in Linden 13, Germany. Any help would be appreciated.

Surnames: Mackenthun Siems

Ivy Trott
Description: I am connected to SLOWGROVE research through my mother's cousin ROSE PULLEN who married CLAUDE SLOWGROVE. Still in touch with their daughter, MAY SYLVIA SLOWGROVE, by snail mail. In touch with other Slowgrove researchers, notably Vickie. Go well! Ivy Trott in South Africa.

Surnames: Slowgrove, Pullen, Fitch, Ollard, Hesk, Higgs, Norcliffe, Snelling, all London area except Slowgrove, mainly Essex then London, then Welling, Kent.

Amy Himes (Ball)
Description: hello, I am looking for any and all information on my lost siblings and parentsI haven't seen my siblings for over 20 years and I am TRYING to make a family history chart for my children who have never seen their aunts and uncles and grandparents(died before my kids were born) the following is all the information I have to go on sorry for the incompletion.

Surnames: BALL side:
Richard J. Ball (B) 5/16/27(D) 8/1988 Father
Ann F. Ball (Stergar) (B) 5/16/28 (D) 1/79
Timothy P. Ball (B)9/20/52 ? married Susan Croft bowling 2 kids (Ashley Ann & Andrew Croft Ball) last known location in Kentucky, possible move to Evansville,IN Susan is a schoolteacher Holy TrinityI believe.
Rebecca Ann Ball (B) 1/10/56 ? never married as far as I know..Bloomington, IN
Susan Marie Remsen (Ball) (B) 3/13/61 Married
Jay Kent Remsen as far as I know they have 2 kids name (UNK) Address in Sheridan, IN
Kevin Richard Ball (B) 6/24/64 Married a girl named Paula last known address in Paska ? not sure of spelling) OHIO and 1 child. My Mother's side includes a step grandmother(Helen Stergar )Gainsville, FL a brother Donald Stergar Lady Lake, FL a Half sister name Theresa Stergar Whereabouts (unk) father's name was Frank stergar(don't know 1st wife name she passed on before I was ever thought of lol) but Donald had 2 brothers I think and married a girl named nancy and they had three children named Mark, Victoria(Vicki) and Brian born in 1964 I believe,
he was the same age as my brother. If more information is needed I will try to get it but most of my relatives have passed on to be with the good Lord in heaven so if possible I would like any and all suggestions as to where I can get obituaries and pictures or anything about them for my family history i am still new at this (2 months) and a "green horn"

Description: Trying to trace who family where and what they did.

Surnames: Cawkwell/Caukwell/ of hull area 1829 back
Clark of Prittlewell/Grays 1850 back
clarke of Stone kent decendants of 15 children 1870 onwards.
Culham of Hatfield Essex

Description: family tree

Surnames: kentish, burton, perry, sedwell, turney, mcsweeney, dibley

Thom Anderson
Description: I am looking for information about the Keller Family. My ancester, Claira Belle Keller (1865-1959) b. Barren Co., KY married Albert Daugherty Anderson (1861-1947) They were married in Barren Co., (Glasgow) KY in the mid 1880's and later moved to Louisville (Jefferson Co., KY) where my father, Benjamin Lloyd Anderson (1893 - 1983) was born.

Surnames: Anderson, Keller, Hall, Jackson, Tudor, French, Brook, Jacobs, Watson, Revenscraft, Ellis, Trigg, Arthur. All have Kentucky connections.

Stephanie Price
Description: Hi, I am doing some research on my great great grandfather, Clyde H. Jones. He is my father's grandfather and he was married to Lillie Mae Tarkenton and had one daughter. If you have any information on the Jones's or Tarkenton family I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks much.

Surnames: Jones, Tarkenton

Ann Marie (Traczyk) Reckentine
Description: Any Information needed

Surnames: Traczyk, Reckentine

marilee spradlin multhup
Description: Need info on Louise Cole that married Isaac Selvage in Morgan Co. KY in 1840.

Surnames: The Spradlin Branches

Also researching: Blair, Selvage, Salyer, Hitchcock, Conley,
Blanton, Harmon, and many, many more, in Eastern Kentucky,
Johnson and Floyd Counties.

Vanessa Page
Description: Looking for any info on the name Sobering or Warkentine. My mother's maiden was Sobering. My Grandmothers name was Helen Sobering. I have no info on who my grandfather is/was

Surnames: Sobering/Warkentine

Nettie Marie Kent Burt
Description: Looking for information on Washington A. Devaney who was in Blount Co. AL in 1880-1886.
Thinik he was my G-Grandfather.

Surnames: Brooks, Devaney, Amerson, Berry/Barry, Kent, Reavis, Mills and many more.

Laurlee Fry-Lau
Description: Looking for information on family.

Surnames: FRY-Wiltshire, Alderbury, England, LEVERSUCH-Wiltshire, Alderbury, England, PHIPPS-Tennessee and Kentucky, GUNN, FULKS, LEMMONS

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