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Shirer Family Genealogy Project
This site is a starting place for anyone researching the PA, OH, IN, IA, IL, KS, TX and CA Shirers, Shirars, Sheirers, Scheurers and Shireys. The family is of German ancestry originating in Switzerland and migrating to the Alsace due to religous persecution. Originally Scheurer, the family name is known by many variants and members emigrated to America over many years. This web site strives to offer resources to help in the research of this family. Contributors are welcome and encouraged.
Our Southern Family Heritage
Please visit our personal web site about our families that settled in Alabama and surrounding areas in the Southeast United States.
Bank Family
InterneTree: Michael D Bank DE Bank Family: Surname List
Penny's Kickin' Kin
Penny Pratt Baker surname list
The Atkins and McCann's of Alabama/Mississippi
InterneTree: Chester Atkins The Atkins and McCann's of Alabama/Mississippi: Surname List
John Neidy A nderson Descendants By Coy H. Anderson Jr.
Book: The Andersons of Wilkes County N.C. InterneTree: William Anderson (Billy) John Neidy A nderson Descendants By Coy H. Anderson Jr.: Surname List
The Amy Family; An Acadian Tree
The Amy family of Southern Louisiana, encompasses many of the state's earliest settlers, with roots reaching Nova Scotia, France and Germany. my third great-grandfather, Gilbert Amy, was from Nasiguy (or Nasiny), France, born about 1745, of Jean Paul Amy and Elizabeth Gaillerdet. on May 8, 1798, he was married to Josephine Prevost, in St. Martinville, Louisiana. He was a merchant and lived near his dry-goods store, located in the town of St. Martinville, near the Catholic Church, on Bayou Teche. On the 8th of May, 1798, Gilbert Married Josephine Prevost. One of at least nine children of Gilbert Amy and Josephine Provost, was Gilbert (II) Amy (he too was possibly known as Paul Gilbert Amy). Gilbert (II) Amy married Elizabeth Landry, his stepsister of five months on November 16, 1824, and they had at least eleven children. One of which was my great-grandfather, Antoine Amy (I have extensive Confederate war records for Antoine). Six years after the war, in 1871, Antoine Amy married Philomane Zulme Hacker, the youngest daughter of Dr. Jean Baptiste Hacker and Emilie Leocade Meyer. They had six surviving children, all girls except for a son, Gaston, born on November 3, 1887. Gaston married Marie Idolie Lafontaine, known as Lilly in October, Pooch Amy
My Genealogy Home Page
Connie R Allen surname list\r\n
The Robert Bryan Aldrich Home Page
User Home Page Report: Report\r\n\r\nEngland, Ireland, Wales, Sweden, Spain, Switzerland, and Germany.\r\n
Tim B. Airey
Tim B Airey - InterneTree
The Stephanie M Airey, Manchester, England
Stephanie Airey - InterneTree
The Danielle Bailey Balint Family Home Page
Danielle B. Balint surname list

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