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The HANNIBAL Family lived in and around Lapeer County and Benzie County Michigan in the years:1836-1850. Charles Hannibal was born around 1801-possibly in New York. He was married to Elizabeth Case.Information found in the 1850 census in Michigan. Sons: Charles, Alonzo, Edgar,& Sterling; daughters: Sara & Maria. Alonzo Coleman HANNIBAL married Margaret HELMER(from Rainham, Ontario, Canada)in 1865 in Benzie County Michigan, and around the year 1872-1873 with 3 small children, migrated to Texas. Children: Harvey Judson, Henrietta, William Jacob; and later born in Missouri, Margaret Angela; and the last three children born in Texas, Elizabeth Arvilla, Emmie Dealza and Maudie Frances. Harvey Judson Hannibal married Sallie HUGHES in Ashley County, Arkansas in 1891 and had 2 sons. He was killed by neighbors in a dispute regarding his property around 1893-1894. William Jacob HANNIBAL married Nannie PRUITT around 1908(?) in Chicot or Ashley County Arkansas. Children: Talmadge, Elgin, Fred, Essie,& Hazel born between 1909 and 1921 in West Carroll Parrish, Louisiana and around Ashley County and Chicot County Arkansas. Fred HANNIBAL married Gladys AARON in 1933 in Springhill, Arkansas. Children: Kenneth, Dorothy, Oscar and Linda. Fred died in an automobile accident in Fulton, Arkansas in 1944. Gladys Aaron Hannibal then married Fred's older brother, Elgin in 1946. Children: Robert, Ruth and Harold Mark. Charles HANNIBAL'S (b.1801)entry into the USA and his parents information and his wife, Elizabeth CASE's (b.appx.1820) family history. PRUITT and BRADY families in Louisiana and So. Arkansas, and the AARON and RATELIFF families in So. Arkansas. Linda J Azzara - InterneTree
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