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Origin of Hamb

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Origin of Hamb, Meaning of Hamb

Origin: The norman name HAMO developed diminutive forms, E.G. Hem-el; Ham-el-in; Ham-el-ot; Ham-on-et. Hamo is derived from the old german Haimo or Haimi meaning ' house' or 'home'. Hamelot, Hamelin, Hamnet were all in general use and give rise to the surnames Hamlet(t), Ham(b)in, Hambley, Hamnet, etc., etc., Shakespear's only son was named HAMNET after one of his godfathers. His character HAMLET, Prince of Denmark bore a different name- the Icelandic AMLOTHI, which appears as AMLETH in Saxo and was turned by English translators into the more familiar HAMLET, HAMLETT, or even HAMNET. Legend has it that HAMLETT THE SALTMAKER arrived in this country from either Denmark or Holland. Cheshire, Northwich, Ellesmere Port, Delemere and Winsford being the main areas for the salt mines. From the General Register it will be found that the majority of HAMLETTs and with the variant spellings, still emerge from that part of the country. However a very large sector became established in Gloucestershire with 'tendrils' in adjoining counties. It is from one of these branches I descend(L.B. Lane nee Hamlett), my family traced back to circa 15thC. Incidentally, the 'B' in the surname would appear quite irrelevant in some cases. One of my most remarkable discoveriRay Hamblett
Surnames: Hamblet, Hamblett, Hamlet, Hamlett
Submitted by: Ray Hamblett
Origin of Hamb, Meaning of Hamb

Origin: Our original CHAMBERS ancestor was Simon Peter LaShambres or LaChambres. He was French living in Great Britian during the outbreak of the Revolution. He escaped to Savanah, GA with a price on his head and set up shopkeeping there. The spelling was anglicized CHAMBERS. The CHAMBERS family moved to Irwinton, GA in Wilkerson Co. after the Rev. War and lived there for many generations. My great grandmother was Laura Chambers m. Samuel A. Hatfield prior to the Civil War. Susie M. Thomas
Surnames: Chambers, Lachambres, Lashambres
Submitted by: Susie M. Thomas
Origin of Hamb, Meaning of Hamb

Origin: Henry J. Archambeault spouse Anne A. Shandrick
Surnames: Archambeault
Submitted by: Amy Patrick
Origin of Hamb, Meaning of Hamb

Origin: James (L. or S.) Chamberlin Possibly b Connecticut. M Cornelia Gazlay 1818 Presbyterian Church, Greene County, New York. Moved Cincinnati. Ohio. Had 3-sons: Theodore, James & William Gazlay Chamberlin. Died 1843 in explosion while fighting a fire at a pork factory in Cincinnati. He was Captain of volunteer fire company.
Surnames: Chamberlin
Submitted by: Marilyn Chaney Ertel
Origin of Hamb, Meaning of Hamb

Origin: Looking for Children/grandchildren of Theadore (Ted) & Mary Virgie Chambers who lived in Ohio. Children were Walter,Barbara,Joy ,Jack,Jerry.
Surnames: Chambers
Submitted by: Delores Cooper
Origin of Hamb, Meaning of Hamb

Origin: Researching Belchamber.My Belcahmbers were mainly from West Sussex,but would to hear from anyone with Belchamber interests and Connections
Surnames: Belchamber
Submitted by: John Belchamber
Origin of Hamb, Meaning of Hamb

Origin: Joesph of West Bromwich. Born Dudley, Worcester,Eng abt 1820. Parents possibly Philip and Sarah.
Surnames: HAMBLET
Submitted by: Caroline Allen-Martin
Origin of Hamb, Meaning of Hamb

Origin: The name Hamblen, Hamblin, or Hamlin, usually spelled at the present time in the last manner, is supposed to be of Germanic origin, but the name has long been found in New England, and Alice (Hamblin) Kreps seems to have been of old New England ancestry in many lines. Hamelin is still a common name in France, and is found among French Canadians. Several of the name are said to have gone in the army of William the Conqueror to England in 1066, and the name has since been common in England. Anciently spelled Hameline, a later form was Hamlyn, and other forms are found. Several of this name have come to America from England, with a few from Ireland and Scotland, and some from France. They settled in New England and the south; the name has been found in New Jersey, but that family is thought to be of New England descent. One family is especially associated with Connecticut, and is probably related to the Cape Cod family. By far the largest family of the name is of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, descent, the immigrant, James, having come from London, England, and settled at Barnstable, Massachusetts, in 1639. To this family it is most probable that the Hamblins now under consideration pertain. From it have come Hannibal Hamlin, vice-president of tHistory of West Virginia
Surnames: Hamblen, Hamblin, Hamlin
Submitted by: History of West Virginia
Origin of Hamb, Meaning of Hamb

Origin: the French family name Archambault is classified as being of personal origin.According to scholars , such family names may be derived from parental first names or from a font name with regard to tthe family name we have a derivation of the old Germanic male given name "Ercan-bald from the latin Archambaldus here referring to the sons of the descendant of Arcambaldus .There are a various surnames such as Archambault, Archibould, Archbald, Archambaud, Archambeaud, among others.One of the earlies is a record of one called Feraud Archambaud,Seigneur of L'Escale in the year 1286,and recorded among the Frenchnobility as late as 1710.although some records are even earlierThe Grand Armorial of France refers to the family D"Archambaud-Languedoue which ramified strongly in the regions of Berry and Niverais one of the descendants . Jean Archambault was successively a Captain of the infrantry and Major Domo to the King.The family Bourbon-Archambault established it's ancestral homes in the regions of Auvergne and Burnaby.
Surnames: archambault
Submitted by: jeannine Edwards

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