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Origin of Grove

Total Records: 6 
Origin of Grove, Meaning of Grove

Origin: One-Name Study into the surname LOVEGROVE
Submitted by: Roger Lovegrove
Origin of Grove, Meaning of Grove

Origin: I need someone to contact me who knows anything about a lady minister named MALVIE MUSGROVE. She is the daughter of my Aunt Sallie MAE MUSGROVE STOKES. I need to find the maiden name of my Aunt Sallie.d 31 Jan 1964 Miller County Ga.Any friends,or family of Malvie MUSGROVE,or SALLIE MAE MUSGROVE STOKES ,Please contact me. I will be so grateful.
Surnames: MUSGROVE
Submitted by: Evelyn MERCER Pelton
Origin of Grove, Meaning of Grove

Origin: The surname " NELMS " was a location name " the dweller at the elms ".
Surnames: Nelms, Dingle, Lovegrove
Submitted by: Peter J. Nelms
Origin of Grove, Meaning of Grove

Origin: Blagrove

Bla (scots blue) Middle English means dark blue
Old Norse blar

Grove-- Middle English from Old English Graf
means a small wood without underbrush

Blagrove means dark blue woods
Surnames: Blagrove
Submitted by: glitz
Origin of Grove, Meaning of Grove

Origin: Ireland
Surnames: Hargrove
Submitted by: Justine Vick
Origin of Grove, Meaning of Grove

Origin: trees lining both sides of a road, usually called grove in northern englad
Surnames: groves
Submitted by: dean

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