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The Marvin L. Arnolds of Odessa, Tx.
Marvin Arnold Family Tree
Marvin Luther Arnold of Odessa, Texas
InterneTree: Descendant Fan Tree of Anthony Gholson Sr. Ancestor Tree of James Arnold Sr. Descendant Tree of James Sr. Arnold Descendant Fan Tree of Anthony Gholson Sr. Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of James Sr. Arnold Genealogy Report: Ancestors of James Sr. Arnold Marvin Luther Arnold of Odessa, Texas : Surname List
Samuel SR Lee of West Virgina
Samuel Sr Lee b.1775 married Elizabeth M McCabe b.1795. William Robert Lee who married Betty (Betsy)Elizabeth Noe. \r\n\r\nOutline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Samuel Sr Lee\r\n
Three Sisters Powell Times & Lines
The Three Sisters are researching the family history of Charles Powell of Stafford Co. VA and all direct lines of his descendants.\r\nDescendants of Charles Powell, The Elder \r\n1 Charles Powell, The Elder d: April 10, 1744 in Stafford Co. VA\r\n. +Elizabeth \r\n........ 2 John Powell b: September 20, 1731 in Overwharton Ph., Stafford County, Virginia d: 1786 in Caswell Co. NC\r\n............ +Margaret MacDaniel m: February 10, 1751/52 in Stafford Co. VA \r\n........ 2 Peter Powell b: February 17, 1732/33 in Overwharton Ph., Virginia \r\n........ 2 Elizabeth Beeland Powell b: April 26, 1735 in Overwharton Ph., Stafford County, Virginia d: October 07, 1814 in Mason Co. KY\r\n............ +Joshua Owens b: 1728 in King George Co. VA m: 1761 in VA d: October 06, 1777 in Prince William Co. VA\r\n........ *2nd Husband of Elizabeth Beeland Powell: \r\n............ +John Calvert b: 1730 in VA m: 1778 d: 1788\r\n........ 2 Martha Powell b: September 26, 1736 in Overwharton Ph., Stafford County, Virginia \r\n............ +John Goldsmith b: 1730 in Hanover CO., VA m: January 19, 1756 in Stafford Co. VA \r\n........ 2 Charles Powell II b: May 26, 1740 in Stafford Co. VA d: Abt. October 1810 in Mercer County, Kentucky\r\n............ +Sarah GholsonFleta M Aday
Christina's Family Tree
Currently searching for information on Adams from Valier, Montana.\r\nJOHN FREDERICK3 ADAMS was born 1844 in New Lexington, OH, and died October 27, 1917 in Valier, MT. He married CHARLOTTE AMELIA THOMPSON December 10, 1876 in Decatur, NE.\r\n\r\nAlso, John Frederick's father, WILLIAM FREDERICK ADAMS, born April 19, 1807 in Washington County, PA, and died October 17, 1882 in Perry County, OH. He married AMELIA TAYLOR July 25, 1828, daughter of THOMAS TAYLOR and MARY OWENS. \r\n\r\nWilliam Adams had 5 brothers and 3 sisters I am also trying to locate. They are James, John, Joseph, Margaret (m. Samuel Mustard), Martha (m. Joseph Van Kirk), Robert, and Mary. \r\n\r\nAll brothers moved to Perry Co, OH after the death of their parents sometime after 1832. Joseph Jr. moved to Sigourney, Keokuk Co, OH sometime before 1893. \r\n
Powell Family From Sea to Shinning Sea
Our site follows the Charles Powell family of Stafford Co. Va (ca early 1700s) accross the US to present day descendants. We would like to find living descendants of each of Charles Powell's children. We have extensive Powell and associated family data files on the site.

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