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Origin of Faz

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Origin of Faz, Meaning of Faz

Origin: George F?zenbaker, the original Fazenbaker immigrant to America, was among the 'Hessian' soldiers hired by England's King George III to fight against the colonial forces during the American Revolution. George was a private in the 6th Company of the 'Jager-bataillons' (that is, the hunter battalions). To be precise, George was not from that part of Germany known as Hesse, but the term Hessian is customarily applied to all the German soldiers hired by King George. German records show that George was labeled a deserter with full arms and equipment on 4/4/1781. His unit served in Virginia. Western Maryland genealogist Wayne Bittinger noted that 'a history of Germans in the state of Maryland ... reports that he had been taken prisoner of war and had refused return transportation to Germany.' The two accounts, one German and one American, appear to be different perspectives on the same event. George Fazenbaker married Elizabeth ----, who was born in the 1750s or 1760s in Germany. George eventually settled in what is today Garrett County, Maryland. The first known record of the Fazenbaker family in western Maryland was made in 1787, four years after the end of the Revolutionary War. The surname in German contains a letter not used in EngWalt Warnick
Surnames: Facenbaker, Fazenbaker
Submitted by: Walt Warnick
Origin of Faz, Meaning of Faz

Origin: Fazakerley - village in Lancashire, England, now a suburb of Liverpool.
- from Old English means 'a cultivated plot of land at the edge of a forest clearing.'
Surnames: Fazakerley
Submitted by:
Origin of Faz, Meaning of Faz

Origin: potter
Surnames: fazekas
Submitted by:

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