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Origin of Evans

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Origin of Evans, Meaning of Evans

Origin: Several Welsh surnames begin with the letters B or P; Bevan, Beynon, Bowen, Powell, Pugh, Prytherch, Prys. This is a consequence of the Welsh 'ap' (son of) merging into the following (christian) name and developing ito the surname. In the case of Bevan it defives from ap Ifan or with a mutation ab Ifan...leading to Bifan and Bevan.
Surnames: Bevan, Bevans
Submitted by: Dr Rhys G Williams
Origin of Evans, Meaning of Evans

Origin: Evans, Louis, my grandfather born in Mulden Miss.Yr.1878, grandfather's father name orginated from the 'Evans's Plantation. Migrated from Miss to Little Rock Ark in the early 20's. Seeking he yr of birth of my grgrgrandparents/vital records/ relatives??? Tom Evans was a Black Creek Indian from Okla.
Surnames: Evans
Submitted by: Sonja Webster
Origin of Evans, Meaning of Evans

Origin: Looking for my gggrandfathers birthplace in NC? THOMAS EVANS, my gggrandfather, was born in 1797, NC, but where? I have leads in BERTIE/HERTFORD county areas but just can't confirm the data. Thomas married LOUISA HOLDER?/HOGGARD? born 1799/1800, when and where? I have data on the family from NC-TN-AR and west. Need help.
Surnames: EVANS
Submitted by: Rusty Evans, AR
Origin of Evans, Meaning of Evans

Origin: My grand father was the slave child of the evans
family in the cuba,york, alabama plantations
they originated from South Carolina and then moved to EvansvilleIn. the family the divided and moved to Hickory Mississippi. We now reside in Soso,MS Slidell,LA Gary,IN There are a multitude
of the family tree in the Hwy 80 area outside of Forrest Ms. Good Blessings!!
Surnames: Evans
Submitted by: George "peafield" evans

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