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Origin of Esch

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Origin of Esch, Meaning of Esch

Origin: origem sobrenome Tesch: Belgard, Pommern meu av? conta que dois irmaos vieram para America no ano de 1869. Wilhelm ficou nos E.U.A. e o Franz veio para o Brasil, em 1930 o filho do Franz recebeu uma foto do Wilhelm e sua familia, eles moravam em San Frncisco, California. ? tudo que sei. Jair Tesch
Surnames: Tesch
Submitted by: Jair Tesch
Origin of Esch, Meaning of Esch

Origin: All come from the Slavic, meaning 'From the place of the pears'. Most and including mine come from Mecklenburg-Schwerin (North East Germany). A Slavic people called Wends or Sorbs mixed with the Germans since the 12th Century. The Mecklenburg area had Teutonic people living there since the first centuries of Christianity and in the 6th Century, Slavic tribes moved into or seized the area untill the Germans (Henry the Lion) seized the area in the 12th Century but let the Slavic princes rule and since 1871 is part of Germany.
Surnames: Grischow, Grueschow, Gruschow
Submitted by: Kenneth Gruschow
Origin of Esch, Meaning of Esch

Origin: Compiling all Grueschow, Gruschow, Gr?schow family trees from all over the world. Submit yours or ask me if I have them.
Surnames: Grueschow
Submitted by: Kenneth J. Gruschow
Origin of Esch, Meaning of Esch

Origin: Daniel J. Greschner born and died in WV. Married Ruth Bryer in Ohio 1930. Kids: Joann, Joseph, Marlene, and Ruth.
Surnames: Greschner
Submitted by: Jana
Origin of Esch, Meaning of Esch

Origin: Max Zieschang - lived in Texas - second wife was Louisa Seiler
Surnames: Zieschang
Submitted by: Tonnia Carr
Origin of Esch, Meaning of Esch

Origin: When I was a little girl I remember my Grandfather telling me the meaning of our last name. He said that in Canada it was spelled differently. The meaning of Deschenes in French to English translation means "The Oaks".
Surnames: Deschenes
Submitted by:
Origin of Esch, Meaning of Esch

Origin: The Lasher surname is an anglicised version of the german surname Lescher or L?scher. The first record of this surname is in Baden-Wurtemberg, Germany in 1261 a Freiderick Lescher von Kilchberg. The Lasher family in the United States owes their emmediate origins to approximately 5 Lasher families who emmigrated from Germany to the US between 1710 and 1734 to New York and Pennsylvania. Their is another common way of spelling the name in the US. Lesher. The meaning of the name/word L?scher is "extinguisher/eraser." That is the modern definition, however, as an old surname the meaning changes somewhat to mean a peacemaker or arbitrator. The meaning is to extinguish strife or unrest... a peacemaker.
Surnames: Lasher Lesher Lescher L?scher
Submitted by: John Lasher
Origin of Esch, Meaning of Esch

Origin: meaning: of the fields
Surnames: Deschamps
Submitted by:
Origin of Esch, Meaning of Esch

Origin: Zeschke comes from the old czech word: "Birdhunter"
Surnames: Zeschke
Submitted by: Lars Zeschke
Origin of Esch, Meaning of Esch

Origin: Reuter
Surnames: Reuter, Esch, Noe, Meyers
Submitted by: Helen

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