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Origin of Epp

Origin of Epp

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Origin of Epp

Total Records: 14 
Origin of Epp, Meaning of Epp

Origin: Possible pet name originally from Eberhardt or Eberhard. Eber meaning Boar. Germanic origin. Common name among early Mennonites of Dutch extraction in the two former Prussia's. Family name among the early Flemish Menonites.
Surnames: Epp
Submitted by: Alvin Peter Epp
Origin of Epp, Meaning of Epp

Origin: Tupper, british surname, mainly from the island of Guernsey, was originally German as 'T?epper'. They came to England about 1550 fleeing from religion persecution by the Roman Catholics. They setteled mainly in Guernsey and Sussex. The name exists also in France as 'Toupard
Surnames: T?epper, Toupard, Tupper
Submitted by: Jorge Bianchi
Origin of Epp, Meaning of Epp

Origin: The name Stapelton (as it was invariably spelt before Richard the Second?s time) is Anglo-Saxon. It means a 'trading village;' 'stapel,' a pile or heap, denoting a place where goods were collected and stored for sale?Dr. Johnson defines it, a 'mart or emporium'?and 'tun,' an inclosure or town. It was appropriate to a village like Stapelton, conveniently situated for commerce, on the border-line between the two provinces of Deira and Bernicia, at a point where the river was passable. But the term 'stapel,' or 'staple,' has long since lost its former signification. From being first applied to the place where goods were sold, it was next given to the merchandise sold there, and is now usually understood to mean the product for which the place is best known. The 'tun' was surrounded by an earthen mound tipped with a stockade or quickset hedge, with a ditch outside, and each township was thus a ready-made fortress in time of war.
Surnames: Stableton, Stapelton, Stapilton, Stapledon, Stapledown, Stapleton, Staplton, Stapulton, Stapylton, Stebelton, Stebleton, Stepleton, Steppleton, Steveldon
Submitted by: Steve Stapleton
Origin of Epp, Meaning of Epp

Origin: Hobb was a pet form of the name Robert (where there is a mention of Hobb). The Norman invasion in 1066 brought many names to England, but the locals had trouble pronouncing the Norman version of a preceding 'R' so they used 'H' in many cases, which was easier for them to say. That why Dick became a nickname for Rick (Richard), and Hobb was substituted for Rob (Robert). Hob, Hopp, Hobbin, Hoblin, Hobling, Hoblyn are variations. Patronymic forms include Hobbes, Hobbs, Hobbiss, Hobbis, Hobson, Hopson, Hobbins. Hopkins: English Patronymic name...At the time of the conquest, the Normans brought the name Robert to England, and it had several pet forms that became the basis for surnames. Rob (which we still use), Hob, and Dob, were all pet names for Robert. Hobbs and Hobson were drawn from Hob, and Hopkins was yet another variation. Hopp is generally a variation of the English patronymic name Hobb, which was a medieval given name spelled alternately Hobbe, and Hobb, which was a pet form of the given name Robert. Hob is another variant, while diminutive forms are Hobbin, Hobling, Hoblyn , and Hobbes, Hobbs, Hobbis, and Hobbiss are patronymic variations. As a name of German origin, Hobb is likely a spelling variation of the Low German name HoppeChris Hobbs
Surnames: Heppner, Heptner, Hob, Hobbes, Hobbin, Hobbins, Hobbis, Hobbiss, Hobbs, Hoblin, Hobling, Hoblyn, Hobson, Hopf, Hopfer, Hopfner, Hopman, Hopp, Hoppner, Hopson, Hoptner, Van Hoppe
Submitted by: Chris Hobbs
Origin of Epp, Meaning of Epp

Origin: Place of origin: Pfungstadt, (Hessen), Germany
Surnames: Kleppinger, Kloppinger,Clippinger,Klepinger
Submitted by: Kenneth Kleppinger, Sr.
Origin of Epp, Meaning of Epp

Origin: First Epperson came to Jamestown about 1680.
Surnames: Epperson, Apperson
Submitted by: Larry Dale Epperson
Origin of Epp, Meaning of Epp

Origin: Repper / Ripper family from Cornwall, England
Surnames: Repper
Submitted by: Ken Ripper
Origin of Epp, Meaning of Epp

Origin: Trying to find the origin of Epps family. What European Country. Arthur Epps (my husband's father) was from Virginia. Granddaughter has a project for school for International Heritage Day.
Surnames: Epps
Submitted by: Pamela Epps
Origin of Epp, Meaning of Epp

Origin: Looking for information on London (Bermondsey) EPPS family around 1800 OR specific information on Edward Epps from Maidstone about the same time. Thanks
Surnames: EPPS
Submitted by: Johanna Riley
Origin of Epp, Meaning of Epp

Origin: Father born in Plymouth England
Surnames: Pepperell
Submitted by: Anthony Pepperell
Origin of Epp, Meaning of Epp

Origin: Tamm (its means oak in Estonian). Estonia has been controlled by other countries in many times and that by Germany, too. Family names were given in Estonia around 1823
Surnames: Sepp
Submitted by:
Origin of Epp, Meaning of Epp

Origin: I am looking for my great Gandfather &Great Gandmother.All I know is that they came from England,& had one son that I know of his name was Berti Sheppard .I do know they came to Canada .My Grandfather Berti lived in Hamiltoin as long as I have know him,He married a Ida Coles and they had three children Herbert W Sheppard & Roy Sheppard & Harold Sheppard if any one can help me on this line of Sheppards .Thanks Barb
Surnames: Sheppard
Submitted by: Barbara
Origin of Epp, Meaning of Epp

Origin: One possibility of the origin of the surname Keppel and its derivatives may be from the Hebrew word "capel" meaning the head covering worn during prayers, studying the Torah, etc. Worn constantly by some Orthodox Jews. Also called a "kippah" or more commonly a "yamulkah".
Surnames: Keppel
Submitted by: James Keppel
Origin of Epp, Meaning of Epp

Origin: Austria
Surnames: Eppich
Submitted by:

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