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Forney Family Website
Forney family from Hanover, York County, Pa. and Unity Township, Columbiana County, Ohio and others.
Joyce Jacobs Gordon Genealogy
Roots in Pennsylvania in the counties of Berks, Chester, Delaware, Lancaster and Lebanon, and in Delaware in the county of New Castle.
Renee's Homestead and Family Genealogy Site
Researching our Texas Surnames; Yarbrough, Tilley, Pierce and Eichhorn.
Meissner Family
Primarily ancestors and descendants of Friedrich Adolf Meissner, b 1804 Saxony. Also other variant spellings, and close relatives of FAM descendants
Eichelberger Genealogy
Searchable databases of birth/baptism/marriage/death/burial records, abstracts of Wills, Land Records, census...and more!
Vanessa's Family Webpage
This website is a compilation of family records that I have acquired over the years including census, immigration, cemetery and marriage records as well as our family tree.
My Genealogy Home Page
Michael D Beamer surname list
Angela M Beaner of Billings, MT
InterneTree: Descendant Tree of George Pautler Family Group Sheet Report: Report Angela M Beaner of Billings, MT: Surname List
The Thomas Baustert Home Page
Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Johann Baustert User Home Page Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Heinrich Hartmann Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Peter Baustert My Baustert ancestors came to this country (from Luxembourg) around 1890. They settled in Pa., Mi., and Ok. My paternal great grandparents are Matthias Baustert and Elizabeth Engle, and Jacob Schmidt and Elizabeth Heintz. My paternal grandparents were Nicholas John Baustert and Anna Schmidt. My maternal grandparents are Albert Edward Hartman and Effie Belle Goldinger. My wife is RoseMary Basista. Her paternal great grandparents were Michael Basista and Anna Kertis, and Michael Margitan and Anna Morgan. Her paternal grandparents were Michael Basista and Mary Margitan. Her maternal great grandparents were Matthew Kelcha (aka Zalobin) and Suzanne Olaxsovich, and Michael Fencik and Anna. Her maternal grandparents were Joseph Zalobin and Anna Fencik. They were from Czechoslovakia. The Thomas Baustert Home Page: Surname List
The Bauer, Schihl, Family Home Page.
User Home Page Report: Report BAUER Regions of Rombiesch Poland and Germany. WAGNER Regions of Rombiesch Poland, U.S.A. MI. BLENDERMANNRegions of Germany. RUTTER Regions of Rombiesch Poland, Germany. FEICHO Regions of Rombiesch Poland, Germany. ZEILBAUER Regions of Treisen, Austria. FELDHOFER Regions of Treisen, Austria. SCHIHL Regions of Ontario Canada,Germany, U.S.A. MI,OH,GA. CHEVALIER Regions of Ontario Canada,U.S.A,France. HAYS(HAYES)Regions of Ontario,Canada,U.S.A. MAIN Regions of Ontario,Canada,Scotland. MCLEAN Regions of Ontario,Canada,Scotland. HENDERSON Regions of Ontario,Canada,Scotland. LEDER Regions of Scotland
The Bauman/Bruneys of OH & PA
Kenneth Eugene Bauman, Sr. SURNAME LIST
BAUMERT Family Home Page
WILHELM BAUMERT born in Neuflachenseiffen which is located near to Hirschberg (Silesia) BAUMERT - DIETRICH FAMILY TREE
The Bauer/Helleis Home Page
ALLGAIER - Schuttertal (Baden) AMENOVICS - Slovakia APL / ABEL - Lautzkirchen (Germany), Apatin, Batsch Sentiwan (Batschka) BAUER - Palanka and Weprowatz (Batschka), Fallsington (PA-USA) BAYER - Csatalja (Batschka) BERTL / PERTL - Palanka and Batsch Sentiwan (Batschka), Liederschied, Walschbronn (Lorraine), Brunfeld (Austria) BLANK / PLANK - Palanka and Hodschag (Batschka) BOHNERT / BOHNER - Palanka (Batschka), Trenton (NJ-USA) BUCHHOLZ - Schuttertal (Schwarzwald / Baden) DORFLINGER - Gajdobra (Batschka), Wilfingen (Baden) EICH - Parabutsch (Batschka) EISENMANN - Gajdobra, Hodschag (Batschka) ENDLEIN - Weprowatz (Batschka) ERTL - Batsch and Hodschag (Batschka), Marlen (Schwarzwald / Baden) FATH - Weprowatz (Batschka), Lovasbereny/Lauschbruenn (Fejer, Hungary) FEIGL - Lovasbereny/Lauschbruenn (Fejer. Hungary), Mor (Fejer, Hungary) FEIND - Lovasbereny/Lauschbruenn (Fejer. Hungary) GANTNER - Hodschag (Batschka) GRUMBIER - Weprowatz and Kernei (Batschka), Troncz (Nyitra) GUTH - Weprowatz, Hodschag, Palanka (Batschka), Marlen (Schwarzwald / Baden) GUTH - Weprowatz (Batschka), Oberbergen (Schwarzwald / Baden) HAAS - Palanka (Batschka) HARTMANN - Weprowatz (Batschka) HAUSER - Csatatja (Batschka) HEIN/HEE - Weprowatz (Batschka), Lovasbereny/Lauschbruenn (Fejer, Hungary) HEIN / HEIM - Batsch Sentiwan and Weprowatz (Batschka), Hohenroth (Bavaria) HEINZ - Hodschag (Batschka), Tolna (Schw?bische Turkei) HELLEIS / HELLEISZ / HELLEISEN - Batsch, Hodschag and Gajdobra (Batschka), Trenton NJ, Fallsington (PA-USA) HORTENGRABER - Walschbronn (Lorraine) JUNG - Kernei (Batschka) KAISER - Hodschag (Batschka) KAISER - Oberbergen (Schwarzwald / Baden). KETTERER - Hodschag (Batschka) KLEIN - Oberbergen (Schwarzwald / Baden), Apatin (Batschka) KRAUS - Hodschag (Batschka) KURY/KURI - Palanka (Batschka) LANGENBEIM - Palanka (Batschka) LENZ - Parabutsch (Batschka) L?GER - Brunfeld (Austria) MALDACHER - Gajdobra and Parabutsch (Batschka) MANZ - Hodschag (Batschka) M?RZLUFT - Hodschag (Batschka), Kittersburg (Schwarzwald / Baden) M?LLER - Gajdobra (Batschka), Herrnsheim (Germany), Lorraine M?SER - Hodschag, Gajdobra (Batschka) MAYER - Hodschag (Batschka), Freiburg (Schwarzwald / Baden), Ulm (W?rttemberg) MAYER - Schuttertal (Schwarzwald / Baden) NIKOLAUS - Weprowatz (Batschka) RIESS - Atschau (Schildgebirge), Weprowatz (Batschka) SCHIKLER - Batsch Sentiwan, Palanka (Batschka) SCHNEIDER - Lovasbereny (Fejer) SCHWARZ - Walschbronn (Lorraine) SPIELDENNER - Palanka (Batschka) STRUBER - Gajdobra (Batschka), Lorraine TICHERER - Hodschag (Batschka), Marlen (Schwarzwald / Baden) TITL - Hodschag (Batschka) UHER - Palanka (Batschka) VALENTIN / VALENTA - Batsch Sentiwan (Batschka), Strassburg (Alsace) WASMER - Palanka (Batschka) WEH - Atschau (Schildgebirge), Filipowa (Batschka) WEHRLE - Hodschag (Batschka), Reichenbach (Schwarzwald / Baden) WIELAND - Hodschag, Csatalja (Batschka), Hajos (Pecs-Pilis-Solt-Kis) WINTERER - Hodschag (Batschka), Schuttertal (Schwarzwald / Baden) WINTZ - Batsch Sentiwan (Batschka), Breidenbach (Lorraine) WINTZIG / VINCZIG - Kernei (Batschka) ZELLER - Bukkosd (Baranya) ZIRKENBACH - Bavaria Batschka emigration My Christian BAUER line came to the Trenton, NJ/Bucks Co., PA area in 1901. My Lorenz HELLEIS line came to Trenton, NJ in 1913. My Elenora BOHNERT nee MALDACHER line came to Trenton, NJ in 1925. Cousin Anna Helleis EISELE, from Batsch, died in a Ukraine work camps 14 November 1945; her family relocated to Munich, Germany in the late 1940s.
The Baumbach and Budig 's of Nebraska
Bill J. Baumbach surname list
The Cowart and Reich Families of Texas
Cowart and Reich Family Tree
The Batten, Rose & Broadwell Families of Johnston County, NC
Batten - Daniel Batten (1638) with a possible link to Ashael Batten (1607), from Bristol, England to Isle of Wight County, Virginia to Johnston County, North Carolina. His spouse is unknown at this time. Ashael had four wives. Rose - Theophilus Rose, Sr. (1765) who died in Wayne County, North Carolina. He was married to Christiana Unknown. Broadwell - Edward Broadwell (1625) of Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England to Morristown, Essex County, New Jersey to Johnston County, North Carolina. He was married to Unknown. Genealogy Report: Descendants of Edward Broadwell Genealogy Report: Descendants of Theophilus Rose, Sr. Genealogy Report: Descendants of Ashael Batten The Batten, Rose & Broadwell Families of Johnston County, NC: Surname List
The Rochlitz and Ulrich Home Page
Frederick ROCHLITZ (1816-1890) was from Pomerania, Germany and died in Pulaski, Iowa. He was married to Caroline Wilhelmine KAEDING (1820-1897). They lived in the Bloomfield, Iowa area. They had 7 children: Wilhelmine, Augusta, Frederick, Ernestine,Mary, William and August. Charles Gotlieb ULRICH (1839-1913) was born in Hammermuchle,Germany and died in Dewitt, Nebraska. He was married to Johannah GRAFF (1844-1879/81). They lived in Illinois where Johannah is buried. They had 6 children: Anna, Wilhemina, Albert, Mary, Charles, and Edward. Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Frederick Rochlitz Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Charles Gotlieb Ulrich The Rochlitz and Ulrich Home Page: Surname List
My Genealogy Home Page
Thomas Bass surname list
Ohio Swiss Alsace Basinger,B?siger,Boesiger Family
InterneTree: Descendants of Johannes B?siger (0 of 35) Genealogy Report: Descendants of UlrichStrubbelig B?siger Genealogy Report: Descendants of Johannes B?siger Genealogy Report: Descendants of Simon B?siger Genealogy Report: Descendants of Christian (Black) B?siger Genealogy Report: Descendants of Christian Columbiana B?siger Ohio Swiss Alsace Basinger,B?siger,Boesiger Family: Surname List
Fellman, Spiegelman, , Spector, Isenberg
InterneTree: Descendants of Chaim Mordechai Spiegelman Fellman, Spiegelman, , Spector, Isenberg: Surname List
The William B. Barnes Family of Danville, Illinois
William B Barnes surname list The William B. Barnes Family of Danville, Illinois: Surname List
My Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: Aristidi Gargani (Arthur) Jeffrey Banfield surname list
My Larson - Lilly - Murphy Family Tree
Sweden to Wisconsin - The Peter Larson family. Iowa to Wisconsin - The Arthur Lilly family. Ireland to Wisconsin - The Stephen Murphy family. Germany to Iowa - The Beuter family My Larson - Lilly - Murphy Family Tree: Surname List
Rhonda jean Baldwin
Rhonda jean Baldwin SURNAME LIST
Piper/Savage Family from Fayette County Pennsylvania
InterneTree: Ancestors of Luther Lucius Duel Report: Kinship of Kathy Lou Piper Piper/Savage Family from Fayette County Pennsylvania: Surname List
The Jon A. Baltzells of Broken Arrow, OK
The Jon A. Baltzells of Broken Arrow, OK: Surname List
Baker Family Home Page
My father, Louis Himber, was born in this country of Russian/Polish Jewish parents who came from around Warsaw. My mother, Charlotte Brenner Himber, was also born in America, but her parents were originally from Galicia and moved here from Bremen, Germany. InterneTree: All-in-One Tree of Samuel Baker Baker Family Home Page: Surname List
The Vicari/Aplin/.Beaudoin/,Baker Family
InterneTree: Stephanie Baker VA Report: Birthday Report The Vicari/Baker Family: Surname List
The Thomas Goodwin Family Page
Thomas (Long Tom)Goodwin who was born abt. 1796 and d. abt 1851 in Ayrshire, Scotland. He married Elisabeth Newal March 14, 1814 in Irvine, Ayrshire, Scotland. Thomas was a collier by trade. Together, Thomas and Elizabeth had 5 children: Hugh; Thomas II, (b., July 21, 1823, Irvine, Ayrshire, Scotland and d., April 10, 1867, Dennyholm Street, Kilbirnie, Scotland.); James, c. June 25, 1825, Irvine, Ayrshire, Scotland and d. January 2, 1864, Coulterville, Mariposa Co., CA, James married Jane McNeil February 19, 1849 in Kilbirnie, Ayrshire, Scotland; John Maurice, b. abt 1830 in Scotland, d. 1896 in Upper Verde Valley, Yavapai County, AZ, and Elizabeth b. 1831. Thomas II, was married to Jean Dock in Irvine, Ayrshire, Scotland. Their children were: Thomas III; James; Robert; Hugh; Alexander; and Elizabeth. Thomas III was born July 6, 1845 in Kilbirnie, Ayrshire, Scotland and died March 3, 1898 in Mahanoy City, Schuylkill Co., PA. Thomas married Elizabeth Orr b. May 28, 1851 d. September 3, 1922, in Mahanoy City, Schuylkill Co., PA. Thomas and Elizabeth had the following children: Robert, b., Dec 11, 1893 d., October 1968 in in Mahanoy City, Schuylkill Co., PA, married Sarah Millward; Alexander, Elizabeth m., Mr. Lord; Ruth m., Mr. Zeigler; Jennett m., Mr. Shultz; John; Margaret m., Mr. Clark; Anna m., Mr. Davidson; and another daughter, m., Mr. Miller. JAMES was born November 5, 1847 in Kilbirnie, Ayrshire, Scotland, and married Henrietta Matthie September 7, 1866. Henrietta was born August 29, 1848 in Kilbirnie, Ayr, Scotland and was the daughter of Robert Matthie and Jane Campbell. James left Glasgow or Liverpool on June 1, 1870 and landed in Castle Gardens, New York, July 10, 1870. He lived and worked with his oldest brother Tom in the mines in Mahanoy City, PA until he could send home to Kilbirnie for his wife, who arrived in New York somewhere near the end of October 1870. Together James and Henrietta hadthe following children: THOMAS J. b., Jan 26, 1871, m. Ella Victoria Eichenlaub, Sep 3, 1901, d., Sep 1, 1931. ROBERT M. b., July 21, 1873, d., Mar 11, 1935. HENRIETTA b., Nov 17, 1875 m. James Stile, and d., 1959. JAMES H., b., Jan 12, 1878, m., Martha Griffiths Jan 1, 1900 and d., Nov 17, 1928. CHRISTINA b., Feb 14, 1880, m., Joseph Williams, and d., Dec 19, 1966. OLIVER A., b. June 10, 1882 m. Lena Williams Dec 27, 1905, and d. April 25, 1961. AGNES E., b. Nov 2, 1884 m. Paul Daily. WALTER b. Jan 24, 1887, m. Mary Jane Elston Jan 5, 1905 and d., Dec 20, 1931. ARCHIBALD, b., Dec 13, 1888, m. Frances Allen, and d. Jan 22, 1933. ELIZABETH was born October 23, 1863 in Kilbirnie, Ayrshire, Scotland. She joined the Salvation Army and helped hold street meetings in the streets of Kilbirnie. She married Patrick Gannon on December 17, 1889 and they went to Belfast, Ireland, and have never been heard from after that. Ella Victoria was born in Glenwhite, PA 2 Jan 1871. Her parents were Valentine Eichenlaub and Catherine Elizabeth Conrad. In addition to Ella, Valentine and Catherine had three other children: Anastasia Elizabeth born April 1, 1868 in Glen White, PA, Anna married George Nale. Margaret b. January 16, 1873 in Glen White, PA, d. in 1879 of Diphtheria; and Joseph was born April 30, 1875 in Glen White and d. about 1888 in Gallitzin, from an injury he received in a mining accident. After Catherine's death January 20, 1877, Valentine married Margaret Kelly.
Kari's Genealogy Page
Kari Carlson Baker surname list
In Search of Yesteryear
Carol Lynn Baker-Murray surname list
W. David Baird Family Page
W. David Baird Family Page: Surname List
The Myron Bailey Family Home Page
Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of George Bailey Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of David Coleman Genealogy Report: Ancestors of Myron Dean Bailey Genealogy Report: Ancestors of Martin Hansen Krab George Bailey(Virginia 1773) married Isabella Christie in 1797. They later move to Hancock Co.,Indiana.
The Hans Ruuds of South Dakota
InterneTree: Gayle Diane (Ford) Wyant The Hans Ruuds of South Dakota: Surname List
The Baers of Cleveland OH & South Africa
Genealogy Report: Descendants of Abraham Schultz The Baers of Cleveland OH & South Africa: Surname List
Justus HARRIS b 22 Jan 1746 in Bedford, Westchester, NY. d 5 Oct 1817 in Genesee, New York. He married Jemima MILLER 29 Oct 1767 daughter of Abner MILLER and Jemima. Their son Thomas Harris was b 26 Dec 1791 d 27 Nov 1870 in Marseilles, La Salle, Illinois. He married (1) Mary SMITH Abt. 1812. He married (2) Fanny WOODRUFF 1819. Nancy Fish b 12 Jun 1795 in New York. Her husband Silas Roberts possibly was from the Morris Co., New Jersey area or possibly the Livingston Co., New York area. daughter named after her, Nancy Roberts, married William Acker of Ira, Cayuga, New York in 1844. NANCY FISH died during her daughter Nancy's birth 29 Sep 1825 in New York. She had married SILAS ROBERTS abt. 1815. JACOB EICK (EICHE) was born Abt. 1820. He married ELIZABETH DOW. There were 11 children of which only a few are known. ELEANOR CATHERINE EICK, b. 28 Apr 1844, Hagertown, Salem, New Jers
Rev. Louis Calvin Bacon Sr. & Naomi Josephine Ferguson Bacon
Book: The Rev. & Mrs. Calvin Bacon Sr. Family
A Babler Family Home Page
Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Matthias Ayres Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Dennis Throp Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of John Jeter Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Meinrad B?bler Meinrad B?bler born in Elm in about 1538. Descendants of Mathias Ayres, 1770, England,of Jamie Hill, 1772, Va, of John Jeter, 1700s, Va,of Daniel Spencer Norvell, 1813, Va,of Dennis Throp, 1819, Saline Co, Mo.
Avey/Grekul Home Page
Joan Avey surname list

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