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Al Mehlhaff
Description: Combined two German words Mehlh = Flour and Haff an old Geerman word for seaport or lagoon, still in use in the Baltic

Surnames: Mehlhaff

marion mcclure
Description: b.troyl danzig germany 1899 father ferdinand frederich kiehl m.anna schlicht

Surnames: kiehl

gene Lamont
Description: Fredrick Ruhle,b.Sept.1855,Prussia.
Immigrated to America 1874.
M-Josephene Schill(wd).1896,Hollister,SanBenito, Co., Ca.
Last known in Ca. 1930'sCensus-Siskiyou Co,Ca.
Speling of name:-Ruhle-Ruehle-Riihle
Birth name-Gottlieb Frederick Ruehle?

Surnames: Ruhle-Riihle-Ruehle
Marrage Record-Frederick Ruhle
known as Fred Ruhle
after marrage -Fred Riihle
1930 census-Gottlieb F. Riihle

Gail HOlzhausen
Description: Christ HOell was born in Dusseldorf in 1846. He and his wife, Wilhelmine (nee Deidermann) came to the USA with two children, Emilie and Oscar, in 1874. He had been a fire fighter in Elberfield Germany for 7 years before coming to St. Louis Mo. He became a fire fighter again in 1877 to 1887. The Hoell family was sponsored by the Fehl families, cousins. Hoell's had five children , having one who died in Germany.

Surnames: Hoell, Fehl, Diedermann, Emmerick, Holzhausen, O'Malley, Loos, Gutting

Dieter Pohl
Description: Search of family members lived in Bohemia (Czechia) in the places Fleyh (Flaje), Kalkofen (Vapenice).

Surnames: Adamec

Sandra Koehler
Description: Looking for Charles H. Koehler from near Frankfort Germany. Born 1852 and immigrated to America 1871. He resided most of his live in Marion County, WV. He married Elizabeth Jefferson in Wheeling, Ohio county WV in 1889 and they had five children. Elizabeth is the daughter of Stephen Jefferson.

Surnames: Koehler, Charles

arol Measham
Description: Searching for ancestors of William Quigley b abt 1740 m. Elizabeth has children born in Granville Nova Scotia in 1760's and listed 1770 NS census. Do not know where or when he died or where he came from. Have descendants of some of his children.

Surnames: Nova Scotia surnames Quigley, Hatt/Hutt, Eisenhauer, Mailman/Mehlman, Crouse/Krauss, Conrod/Conrad, Reade, Morehouse, Ross, Bigelow, Parker, Grant, McNeill, Fullerton, Trask and others having arrived in NS 1750-1783.

Joyce Sharpley
Description: Looking for parents of Harriet Palmer (1840-aft 1900) born in NY, married Charles Carpenter (1830-1888) both born in NY, listed in the 1900 fed census in Colorado, living with her only living son, Arthur Devere Carpenter. Not listed in the 1910 census in the home of her son Arthur Devere, who was by then in Seattle, WA.

Surnames: Adams, Addis, Blackburn, Carpenter, Hart/Heart, McVicar, Murdock, Pullen, Sharpley, Sherwood, Strehlow, Wooley, Yates

Josie Plyman
Description: Looking for information on the Plyman family from WV.

Surnames: Plyman, Riffle, Diehl, Buchanan, Green, haddix, Stepaniak, Collins, Adkins

Peggy J Bertrand
Description: I am trying to locate my great grandmother.
She was born in the state of Missouri.
Married in Christian Illinois My Great Grandfather.
Charles Clifford Miles.

My Grandmother is Seva P Miles Musser
She married Robert Musser Lived in illinois all her life.

please email me

Surnames: Migehls,Myles,Miles,Abernathy,Connie Burnnett, Carter Thomas 1828

Vicki Seeman
Description: Looking for ancestors for Dietrich "Henry" Seeman born about 1839 in Germany; married Meta Behrman.
Had 5 children: Herman born 1872, Deitrich Jr., Sophie, Maria "Katie" born 1877 and Fred born 1881.

Surnames: Seeman/Behrman/Meyer/Seedorf/Ehlers

Linda Poehls Allen
Description: Looking for any information on Ewald Milton Poehls my father, John Ernest Poehls my grandfather, Christ Poehls my ggrandfather. If anyone has any information I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you Lynn

Surnames: Poehls, Emma Wright.Katherine Krabbenhoft

Katherine Willson
Description: I'm trying to fill in gaps of my family tree as well as verify sources, and would welcome correspondence, corrections and/or additions from anyone else who might be able to help me along. The following is based on information passed down through the family, both oral and handwritten. Thanks!


date and place of birth: 06 May 1826, Baldock, England

spouse: Sarah Adelaide WOODS (b. June 1830, d. 11 Jun 1914, buried in Hartland Cemetery, Livingston County, MI, USA

date of marriage: 06 Sep 1853

date and place of death: 16 Aug 1901, Hartland, Livingston County, MI, USA

place of burial: Hartland Cemetery, Livingston County, MI, USA

Son: Charles H. MAUDLIN

date of birth: 18 Oct 1861

other siblings: Frederick (married Betsey A. UNKNOWN and child was Bessie), Anna Maria (married William Eugene JAMES), William (married Emma UNKNOWN and son was Harry V.), Albert E. (1st marriage to Mellie SAMPLE and children were Lawrence, Mary Leona, and Grant; 2nd marriage to Ella DAILEY), Florence (married George V. SAMPLE), and Sarah Louisa (married John W. WORTHINGTON and children were Helen May, Clara, George, Henry S, Doris May, and Goldie E).

spouse: Sarah M. SAMPLE (b. 1868 to John SAMPLE and Mary VOORHEIS, d. 17 Mar 1934, buried in Fremont Cemetery, Bancroft, Shiawassee County, MI, USA)

date and place of marriage: 22 Feb 1885, Parshalville, Livingston County, MI, USA

date of death: 14 Sep 1925

place of burial: Fremont Cemetery, Bancroft, Shiawassee County, MI, USA

Grandson: O.D. MAUDLIN

date of birth: 21 Dec 1889

other siblings: Ethel Alice (married Albert Kale OHLS and children were John E, Lorenzo W, and Sarah H.), Edith L. (married Albert Kale OHLS after sister Ethel's death), and John W.

spouse: Myrtle/Mina A. EHL (b. 1880 to Edward L. EHL and Emily/Emma M. THORTON, d. 24 Dec 1934, buried in Fremont Cemetery, Bancroft, Shiawassee County, MI, USA)

date of marriage: 20 Dec 1909

date of death: 03 Mar 1965

place of burial: Fremont Cemetery, Bancroft, Shiawassee County, MI, USA


Great-Grandson: Charles Edward MAUDLIN

date and place of birth: 15 Dec 1910, Bancroft, Shiawassee County, MI, USA

other siblings: Marie, Lawrence, Roland/Rock L. (married Arlene UNKNOWN), Louise, Marion W, Earl J, Harold W, Eileen, and Maynard/Manny

spouse: Shirley Belle HAVENS (b. 26 Sep 1920 in Flint, MI to Lester HAVENS and Cleo May SAMPLE, d. 09 Aug 1987 in Taylor, Wayne County, MI, USA; buried in Hartland Cemetery, Livingston County, MI, USA)

date and place of marriage: 24 Aug 1939 in Wayne County, MI, USA

date and place of death: 02 Sep 1974 in Taylor, Wayne County, MI, USA

place of burial: buried in Hartland Cemetery, Livingston County, MI, USA

Surnames: Maudlin, Woods, Sample, Ehl, Havens

Karla Nurnberg
Description: We are searching in Germany for the surnames listed below.

Surnames: BUCHMANN-Helmstedt
HEGERDING-Stadthagen, Minden, Buettendorf
HARGENS-Schlichting and Hamburg
PRIEN-Preetz, Heide and Conradsdorf in Saxony

Paula Heick
Description: I am willing to exchange information that I have. Alot of my ancestors were Germans from Russia.

I am researching the following surnames:

Surnames: Arnold, Becker, Bitzen, Blatt, Bretzigheimer, Claus, Curr, Dallinger, Deck/Decke, Diem, Diemen, Duerr, Eckhardt, Ehly, Frank, Froehlich, Gallman, Garrecht/Garecht, Gauder, Geiler, Gilig/Gilich, Goring/Gohring/Goehring, Gunsch, Hagenlocher, Hauck, Heick, Helck, Hoepfer, Hoffmann, Hoffner, Irrer, Kary, Knochel, Kohlman, Kraft, Kuhn, Laubersheimer, Lehnert, Meckler, Mumbach, Naas, Oberle, Parish, Pauli, Paulinfeins, Reisenauer, Reuss, Roth, Rueb, Ruediger, Saemann, Sattler, Schardein, Scherer, Schmitt, Schoefler, Sch?ler, Seegmiller, Seemann, Seitz, Spitzer, Staiger, Straler, Stoltz, Uhl, Vogel, Wagner, Waigel, Weiss, Wick, Zimmermann, Zing(m), Zipf, Zum, and others

Karole Styve Feldmann
Description: Looking primarily for visual or scanned records and photos.

Surnames: Styve, Moe, Drake, Whiteford, Mehlisch

Steve Flaum
Description: Looking for information on Charles O'Neil, b. 4/12/1830 in Cork, Ireland. Emigr. to U.S. in 1851.
Raised family in Cinn. & Jeffersonville, Indiana.

Surnames: O'Neil, Walsh, Hogan, Buehler, Vissing

Judy Soliz
Description: Need dates of death for three of my greatgrand-

Surnames: McCardle and Kehl

Steve Flaum
Description: Researching the family started by Charles & Julia [Walsh] O'Neil; settled in Cincinnati, then Jeffersonville, Ind., 1867-1940 Family includes descendents in Alameda, co., Ca.

Surnames: O'Neil, Buehler, Hogan

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