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Beam, Meadows, Rose, Garrett & Rogers, Duckworth, Rawls,Ball
Patrice Kay Beam surname list
Charles Davis 1824-1914, founder of Charles Davis Ltd
Thomas Davis was born in St.Pancras, Middlesex in 1802 and married Ann Young born in St.Martins, Middlesex in 1803. They had eight children; Emma b1821, Thomas b1821, Charles b1824, Ann b1826, William b1828, Martha b1830, Sarah b1833 and Eliza b1836. They were living in 1841 and 1851 at 7 Hart Street, St.George Hanover Square and Thomas Snr. was listed as a Carriage lamp maker. At the age of about seventeen, Charles Davis was caught robbing a till; as a first offender he was dealt with reasonably leniantly, and served three months in gaol. After his release he was caught stealing a silk handkerchief. In the eyes of the authorities he was now a habitual petty thief, and on the 5th of April 1841, he was sentenced to transportation for ten years. While waiting for his sentence to be carried out, Charles spent ten months in a hulk, a ship moored offshore and used as a gaol. Then, on the 2nd of April 1842 the Candahar set sail from Spithead and arrived in Hobart on the 20th July 1842 with 249 male convicts. This is where the story of Charles Davis really begins. It is the story of a man who in 1847, on his release, set up a small tinsmithing workshop. By hard work and astute management, this grew into the hardware empire, Charles Davis Ltd, selling many items made in the greatly expanded workshops, and importing goods from all round the world. Charles Davis remained in charge until 1911, and only then, at the age of eighty-seven, passed control to his sons; Charles Jnr and Alfred Thomas. Marrying five times, he fathered twelve children, had thirty-two grandchildren, sixty-two great-grandchildren and founded a business which was to become 'one of Australia's oldest and most successful companies'. The Davis Family Tree
Johnas/Johan/John Thomsen Family of Nebraska
my great grandfather, John/Jonas Heinrich Thomsen came to this country in the early 1900's from Germany. His date of birth is January 24, 1857 in Witbeckfield, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany and he died December 10, 1937 in Winside, NE. He is buried at Valley View Cemetery in rural, Persia, IA. He was married to Margarethe Hansen in 1879 in Germany. She died in Germany in 1901 and is buried there. They had 8 children: Christine, Alvina, Hans, Margaretha, Mathilde, Johanna, Peter and Emma. They all entered this country through Ellis Island and their destination was Fritz Thomsen (brother of John)in Persia, IA. family of Nico Bohm. He was born in Germany July 20, 1882 and was killed in a farming accident by Winside, Nebraska March 29, 1946. He had one sister, Lucie Bohm Nissen that lived in Minnesota. She also was born in Germany. John/Jonas Thomsen Family of Nebraska: Surname List
My Genealogy Home Page
Book: Ancestors and Descendants
Penny's Kickin' Kin
Penny Pratt Baker surname list
Kenneth L. Baker of Osceola, IOwa
Kenneth L. Baker of Osceola, IOwa: Surname List
Bailey Family of Los Angeles, Ca
Bailey Family of Los Angeles, Ca: Surname List
InterneTree: Rachel Baxter (Beixter)
CAROL BAILEY surname list
The Valentine Backes/Barbara Lich Family Tree Home Page
InterneTree: All-in-One Tree of Valentine Backes
Home Page of the Hays and Baca Families
InterneTree: Crystal J Bacahays Family Home Page of David C. Hays and Crystal J. Baca: Surname List
My Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: All-in-One Tree of Dawn Elizabeth AYTON
My Genealogy Home Page
Bridget Avery surname list
The Atkinson McKinnon Home Page
InterneTree: Frederick Stuart Atkinson On the McKinnon, Stuart and Scottish Clans sides, the heritage of Mary Queen of Scott's and the Battle of Culloden Moor and have deeply affected our Scotch family history. Because of religious persecution, battles and wars, our Scotch ancestors ended up hastily leaving Scotland, from The Isle Of Skye, on the Ark and Dove and immigrated to Prince Edward Island. The Atkinson Family Tree ancestors emigrated from Europe (England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Holland, France and Germany, Italy, Switzerland). Others came from Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York and Pennsylvania in particular. This is not unusual because the Maritime Provinces were a haven for those loyal to the British Crown and setters were promised substantial land grants from the British government to move to the Maritimes after the expulsion of the Acadians. It is interesting to note that our family also includes Iroquois and/or Micmac Native American women marrying at least two separate ancestors in the US and Nova Scotia. Another ancestor came to Duxbury MA area in the 1621, on the ship that came after the Mayflower called the Fortune. On the Atkinson side, my grandfathers 5th great grandfather Benjamin Allen left New England and fought in the French and Indian War on the British side in Nova Scotia. He was badly wounded losing a leg, was discharged and sent back to New England, settling and starting a family in Kingston, MA. He later went back to Halifax, NS and joined in the ill-fated Eddy Rebellion, and after the Eddy Rebellion failed, he became a wanted man. He eventually joined the Tories in Nova Scotia during the American Revolutionary War. He would have been hung as a traitor if he returned to his home and family in Kingston, MA. We are also descended from Col. Hezekiah King and Col. Benoni Danks who were infamous participants in the Eddy Rebellion. On the Atkinson side we are related to Presidents John Adams, Samuel Adams and William Howard Taft, Poets Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and Ralph Waldo Emerson, Betty Ford and singer Ann Murray to name a few. The Atkinson McKinnon Home Page: Surname List
The Athy Family of Galway
The Athy Family of Galway: Surname List
The McDaniel-Ash Ancestral Home Page
MCDANIEL(Albrittian Van Buren)- Born Old Pendleton District,SC in 1796 Moved to GA and settling in Lamar County, AL WINTER(Nancy)- Born abt 1811 Married Albrittian in Tuscaloosa County, AL on 3/6/1832 DUCKWORTH(James)- Born abt 1820-1830 Probably from AL Daughter(Sarah Louise m. Morgan McDaniel) STEED(John,Sr.)- Born abt 1720 Probably from AL Died in 1805 in GA GREEN(Savannah)- Born abt 1810-1820 in MS/AL Married to Daniel Steed CUMMINS(William M.,Sr)-Born 1805 in NC Married Emily(born 1802 in NC TURNER(George)- Born 1738 in Southampton, SC ANDERSON (Nancy Ann)- Born in 1750 VAUTRIN (Jean)- Born abt 1620 in France Married Judith DuFour HAMMOND(Elijah)- Born in 1799 in SC RIPLEY(Josephine)- Born abt 1875 in Lauderdale County, AL Married Thomas Hammond Her mother was named Minnie Joanna WALLACE(John W.)- Born 1830 in TN MITCHELL(Hugh)- Born abt 1840 Married Elizabeth Massey Lived in TN WEBB(John)- Born abt 1729 Died 1794 in Halifax County, VA RISLEY(Silas)- Born abt 1780 in VA Married Catherine Adams ASH(John Lewis)- Born 1855 in TX Lived in Clinton, MO Remarried in McDonald County, MO in 1902 Lived and died in Delaware County, OK PHIPPS(Mariah?)- Born abt 1855 Married to John Ash THURMAN (Martha Lou) - Born 1882 in Neosho, MO Second wife of John Ash MAYNARD(John, Jr)- Born abt 1640 Married Mary Adell Gates WHITE(Mary)- Born abt 1850 Married to Schuller Maynard BRAY(Henry)- Born btw. 1715-1727 probably in VA GRAVES(John Jackson)- Born 8/21/1863 Lived in Texas at some time but died in Union City, OK GAYNOR (Sarah Elizabeth)- Born abt 1860 Died in OK Married to John Graves WILLIS(Jeremiah)- Born abt 1865 Lived in AR Lankford (Mary Lucinda)- Born 1867 Died in Union City, OK
Gillespie and Frazer Families Home Page
FRAZER - 1794 Baltimore Co MD to Preble Co OH DUCKER - 1794 Baltimore Co MD to MD 1834 HECK - 1773 PA to Preble Co OH 1854 WOLF - 1774 PA to Montgomery OH 1846 HARSH - 1803 MD to Preble Co OH 1912 SHELLER - abt 1769 PA to Preble Co OH 1856 FOWBLE - abt 1763 MD to Preble Co OH 1900 MURRAY - 1791 MD to Darke Co OH 1872 LOCK - 1755 Frederick Co MD to Preble Co OH 1893 RESSLER - abt 1815 Germany to Montgomery Co OH 1975 SEIGEL - 1818 Germany to Preble Co OH 1898 LINGG - 1796 Switzerland to Adams Co PA 1820-1900 AFFENTRANGER - abt 1775 Switzerland DALHAMMER - 1792 York Co PA to Montgomery Co OH 1932 SOWERS - abt 1752 Adams Co PA to 1891 York Co PA HAINES - 1794 PA to Montgomery Co OH 1944 MYERS - 1807 PA to Montgomery Co OH 1862 EHRSTINE - 1769 PA to Montgomery Co OH 1893 CABLE - abt 1773 Bedford Co OH to Montgomery Co OH 1845
InterneTree: Robert Richard Armstrong sr AZ Genealogy Report: Descendants of John Armstrong
Timbers - Harris Home Page
Timbers - Harris Home Page: Surname List
The Decendants Of Mathias Brandenburg Of Kentucky, West Va.
We are the decendant of Mathias Brandenburg's son Samuel Bandenburg. My Name is Charlene Annanie, my mother was Reba Brandenburg daughter of Roy Ellis Brandenburg son of Theophilus Brandenburg son of Samuel who came from Kentucky and moved to West Virgian. Charlene S Annanie - InterneTree
McQuiggan Clan
McQuiggan Clan: Surname List
Duckworth, Etta Dianne
Etta Alvord - InterneTree
Those Alsobrooks
Rosalyn Rutledge Alsobrook surname list
The Elizabeth Anderson of Shreveport,Louisiana
Elizabeth Anderson - InterneTree
The McQuiggan and Rall Families
The McQuiggans came from Ireland and the Ralls from Scotland. InterneTree: Dorothy M Andraitis 1 Report: Kinship of Francis McQuiggin
The Svendsen / Burringtons of Green County Wisconsin
My grandfather, Peder Johannes (John Peter) Svendsen immigrated in 1914 on the SS United States (not the famous liner but the old steamer). He was born in a house called Sejehuset in a small village called Slaglille in Alsted, Sor? amt in 1892. His mother's family had lived in the house for generations. I have traced his father's family (Jacob Conrad Svendsen) back to Holsteinborg on the southern coast of Sealand not too far from Slaglille still in Sor? amt. Jacob Conrad was born in F?rslev in 1824 to Jacob Peter Svendsen and Sophie Charlotte Husum. Sophie's parents were Andreas Husum and Birgette M?ller of Holsteinborg. InterneTree: Carol A Andrejak DE
The Duane Andersons of Bellflower,Il
InterneTree: Carl D Anderson Genealogy Report: Descendants of John Foster
Listing of current research
InterneTree: Ancestor Tree of Kasey Lynn Alvarez Ancestor Tree of Kasey Lynn Alvarez Family Group Sheet Genealogy Report: Descendants of Frank Elmo Hardin
Simonds Family Home Page
User Home Page Genealogy Report: Descendants of David Hembree; Descendants of John Simonds; Descendants of Minter Erving Freeman; Descendants of James Duckett. Researching in, MONROE, POLK, BRADLEY, and McMINN, counties, in TN. CHEROKEE, MACON, RUTHERFORD,Duckett, Freeman, Hembree, Simonds, Simons
The Jewett and Newell Home Page
Thurston Johnson and Benta Haldorson who came from Bieredalen, Norway in 1875/80 to Waupon, Wisconsin. \r\n\r\nLouisa (Louesa) Snyder or Schnider: born March 6 1847 in Illinois and died Sept. 17 1909 \r\nHer parents were Morris Schnider or Snyder and Mary Lou Lockhart.\r\nShe married John William Ducker,Born June 18,1831 in Virginia and Died March 31,1903, Parents of John Ducker are John Ducker and Ann Pyles.\r\n\r\nGeorge Archie Asbury: Born April 14 1875 in Colorado, married Edna Maud Bliven. His parent's are ? Elletta Viola Chapman and Albert T. Asbury. Elletta Chapman's fathers name was Evi or Eli W. Chapman and Elletta's mothers name Maria ?. Evi or Eli Chapman and Maria were born in Ohio abt 1837. The Chapmans were living in St. Vrain dist. Colorado, near Boulder in 1870.\r\n\r\nMary Frances Ross she was married to Julius Augustus Conklin: born Nov. 17,1834 died Aug.12,1881 in Pleasonton, Manistee Co., Michigan. His father was Isaac Conklin and Charity Campbell need info on the Conklin and Campbell lines also.\r\n\r\nDavid Barr (Baer) who married Mahala Hively, Would like to have Barr or Baer Line.\r\n\r\nZELLNER's who came to America abt. 1908 the children came over to America from Faget, Hungary which is now in Romania.\r\n\r\n
Mark & Tammy Alberthal's Family Home Page
Martha Abram Born 1852\r\nPeter Alberthal Born 1830 Coblenz, Germany\r\nDavid Aughtry Born 1790's\r\nNancy Simpson Authtry Born 1816\r\nDorothea (Dartha) Bock Born 1837 Rachlem, Germany\r\nJohann Casper Danz Born 1818 Germany\r\nGeorge Adam Doell Born 1837 Roszdorf, Germany\r\nJohnann Gerlach Ducker Born 1798 Emmerzhausen, Germany\r\nJohannes Peter Ducker Born 1766 Getauft, Germany\r\nErnestine Ferch Born 1840's Germany\r\nHeinrich Friedrich Born 1842 Saxon, Germany\r\nElizabeth Goelzer Born 1831 Coblenz, Germany\r\nElizabeth Habich Born 1800's Germany\r\nMagdelene Hohmann Born 1845 Frankenheim, Germany\r\nMaria Elizabeth Hummel Born 1700's Emmerzhausen, Germany\r\nNicklaus Jacoby Born 1807 Oberkasten, Germany\r\nElishia Elizabeth Jenkins Born 1780 \r\nWilhelmina Knetch Born 1838 Nassau\r\nHeinrich Langehennig Born 1830 Hanover, Germany\r\nJames Marks Born 1850's\r\nElizabeth McGraw Born 1790's\r\nEdna Earl Newton Born 1882 Burnet, TX\r\nJim Newton Born 1850's\r\nCharles Pressley Born 1765 France or Ireland\r\nJohn Pressley Born 1740's\r\nFrank Reasoner Born 1800's Ireland\r\nDorothea Riszling Born 1813 Germany\r\nMaria Elizaberth Sauer Born 1800's Germany\r\nJohanna Schultzen Born 1800's Germany\r\nMarie Katherine Tatsch Born 1830's PrMark & Tammy Alberthal
The Adams Family Home Page
Geographic Areas: \r\n\r\nNortheast Ohio, Northern Michigan, Eastern Pennsylvania, East Central Illinois, Northern Kentucky, Virginia, Ireland, Scotland, England\r\n
The Western North Carolina Duckworths and Queens
I am researching John DUCKWORTH (born 1759 in Virginia) who was living in Rowan County, NC in 1776 or 1777. I do not know his wife's name. I do know one son, John Duckworth (born 1790, died 1843), who lived in Burke County, NC and was married to Amanda Hawkins. Known children of John and Amanda were: Alexander, Thomas Lafayette, Mary Adeline (Addie), Temperence (Tempie), Sally, Lucinda. I would like to know more about the John Duckworth of 1759: his wife, other children, parents, etc.I am also researching James QUEEN (born approx. 1775, died 1845). In the 1790 Census his wife was listed as Sarah Hall (?). The only child I am certain about is Jamason Queen (born May 17, 1818). In 1830, James Queen purchased land in Rutherford County, NC.
The Lewis and Gorman Family Page
I am researching the LEWIS family in TN and Blount Co.AL. William Leggett Lewis was not only a doctor, but also a Methodist Minister. He married Rebecca Swan. Their children were Mary Marie, Martha, Dixon H.,Sidney,Marshall Dee,Taylor,and Lucy/Leecy Ann. Dr.Lewis married twice more. \r\nI am also researching GORMAN. JAMES P.was born James Sidney Alsup \r\nin Giles Co. m. Margaret Elizabeth Duckworth in Ms. Their children were: Joel Hopkins, Emily Elizabeth, William Thomas, \r\nJulia Ann, Newton Samuel,and Marshall Nagel. \r\n\r\n
Bass Family of the South
Descendants of James C. Bass Civil War Soldier and Christian minister and allied families.
Happel-Rundschau / Happel-Genealogy
Happel-Genealogy is a magazine on CD-Rom and internet, which is principally involved in researching this special family name. For subscribers there is a database of 25.000 individuals.
Genealogy the family ENDE and HEIDEN
family research in Mecklenburg, Western Pomerania, Saxonia and Saxonia-Anhalt
The Doonans of Donagh
Geneology and photos of the James F. Doonan family of New York, who trace their roots to Donagh, County Fermanagh, Ireland, and who are descendants of Frank Doonan who came to America c 1860. The family grew up in Hell's Kitchen and on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.
Cutlip Connection
Cutlip Family Association presents: Cutlips in America -- Ancestors and Descendants of George Cutlip who arrived in Charleston, SC on 17-Oct-1749. Cutlip.Org serves as a hub for Cutlip Family activities.

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