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Origin of Culver

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Origin of Culver, Meaning of Culver

Origin: Culver was originally Colver and from England. It is a type of pigeon so the original Colvers were probably keepers of pigeons. Several sources say that all Culvers are descendents of Edward Colver, a Puritan who came to Boston in 1635 on the same boat as Winthrop, later governor of Rhode Island. He married Ann Ellis who was also born in England. Edward helped found Mystic, Conn. and most of the family stayed in that area for several years, eventually migrating throughout the country, but at first to New Jersey, Vermont, New York, Maryland and Pennsylvania. Some researchers feel that some Culvers are descended from Edward's brothers who emigrated to Ireland and then their descendents came to the U.S. Several genealogy books have been written about the Culver family.
Surnames: Colver, Culver
Submitted by: Gretchen Culver Fritz
Origin of Culver, Meaning of Culver

Origin: The earliest reference to a Culverhouse sems to be Richard AtteKulverhuse who is metioned in the Essex Feet of Fines in 1266. In 1309 Adam Colverhous is found in the Bedfordshire Subsidy Rolls. The name Culverhouse is derived from the occupation of the man who was in charge of what was a most important sousrce of food in the middle ages, i.e. the Culver (Dove). The name means Dovecot.
Surnames: Culverhouse
Submitted by: Valerie A Norris (Mrs)
Origin of Culver, Meaning of Culver

Origin: Alta Pearl Culver b.1/9/1894Marrietta Valley (Boscobel) Wi. married Micheal Joesph McMahon 8/15/1915 New England,N.D. d.7/24/1975, Beloit Wi. Burried Mt. Zion, Wi.daughter of Herman L. Culver & Happy P. Pickett. Charles,Alva,Everett,Ethel,Assa,Hasel,George,Edith,Edna,Lennice,Eikel.Of Craford Co. Wi., Grandfather's name was Joshua N. Culver b.11/30/1808 Randolph,Portage Co., Ohio son of Timothy Culver b.Mass.1775.Joshua moved to Grant Co.,Wi 1846 in Harrison Township d.1892.
Surnames: Culver
Submitted by: Marlies

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