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The Wisham & Ashworth Families ~ New Jersey & Great Britain
The WISHAM family was founded by Simon Wisham who emigrated to Philadelphia from England in 1750 aboard the German vessel the Brotherhood. A common misconception is, that because Simon Wisham sailed on a ship which started its voyage in Germany, he was of German descent. In fact, Simon boarded the ship from an English port. Wisham is an English surname, and early Wishams can be traced to Lancashire, England although there are now Wishams located in Gloucestershire, Hartfordshire, Worcestershire and Hampshire - all in England. The ASHWORTH family branch here is descended from Richard and Alice (Crosthwaite) Ashworth who emigrated to America in the twenties. They are traced back to Richard Ashworth from Rawthenstall, England. The descent is from Richard (Rawthenstall), Richard Irwin (Blackpool), William (Kearny, NJ). The Wisham/Ashworth Family Tree
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Ethan Allen is my father, who married Martha Farrier. My fathers father is also Ethan Allen. He was a seventh son of a serventh son. He married my father mother, Emma Rose Salsman from Saugus Mass. The marrieage did not last very long. My father is an only child of that union. My father was raised duing most his youth by his grandparents on his mother side, William Salsman and Maria Crosthwaite Salsman of Saugus Mass. My father mother married a second time to Frank Elton Giles. They lived most of their life in Saugerties, N.Y. My grandmother Emma Rose Giles was born March 21 1892, and died Feburary 1974. My mother Martha Farrier Allen was born Oct 21,1914, I believe at 382 Lenox Rd, Brooklyn N.Y. Her father was Albert Stanley Farrier who I believe was born in England. He also went back to England about 1945 where he most likely died. Her mother was Emily Farrier born March 9, 1889 and died Sep 1974 Lake Wales Florida. I believe she also was born either in England or Scotland. My mothers grand parents were Samuel Kilgour born May 10,1862, died Nov 2, 1920 and Annie Mary Whiteside born Dec 19,1859, died Feb 28, 1940. Both were also born in Scotland. I am Frank R Allen one of the fourteen children of Ethan and Martha Allen.
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