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The Glenn Baker Family of Fort Wayne, Indiana
Baker families who emigrated from PA to Tuscarawas County, OH, in the early 1800's. Also, the Crilley family who emigrated from England to US in 1848.
The Baker-Crilly Families Home Page
John Baker family who emigrated from Pennsylvania to Ohio prior to 1825. He was born 30 Nov 1789 in Prussia and married Mary Rutter, who was born 11 Mar 1801. Crilley family, who immigrated from Ireland to Cleator Moor, Cumbria, England. James, son of Bernard, was born 11 Nov 1871, in Cleator Moor.
The Heath's of Epsom, N.H. and Allied Families
Heath's, of Epsom, N.H. Their history begins in the 17th Century with the immigration of English settlers to Massachusetts and New Hampshire. By the 18th Century, they had migrated to Epsom, New Hampshire, where they were joined by our Scotch-Irish ancestors.
The Allens of Rhode Island and Eastern Townships of Quebec
William Allin b. 1640 of England came to Prudence Island in Rhode Island about 1660.\r\n\r\nWilliam's great great grandson Samuel Reynolds Allen and his new wife Pamelia (Mila) Dee settled in Stanbridge Township in Missquoi County in Quebec about 1810. Pamelia's father Elijah Dee fought in the Revolutionary War and in the French and Indian war as Elijah Davol of Connecticut. Samuel's mother Mary Reynolds\ ancestors came on the Mayflower.\r\n\r\nSamuel Reynolds Allen's son Sylvester Jackson Allen came to Bolton Township Brome County Quebec in 1842. Sylvester Jackson Allen and his second wife Eleanor Turner were my great grand parents.\r\n
Family Tree of John & Connie Crilly
Schedule of Land Leases, Co. Armagh 1750 - 1829
Names of families who leased land on the Charlemont Estate, County Armagh, 1750 - 1829

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