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Origin of Cree

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Origin of Cree, Meaning of Cree

Origin: There has been some speculation about the origin of the name Creel. One is:There is a small town on Eastern coast of Scotland named Crail, that I have seen used as last name. (have heard it pronounced 'creel'). Which makes some sense as some Creels are furniture makers, ie. cane bottom chairs. Also the irish name on message board is another possibility as the Scots and Irish went back and forth across the Irish sea. Also have heard that it was 'Norman' from Kyrel or French from Creil(sic).
Surnames: Creel
Submitted by: Teresa Creel
Origin of Cree, Meaning of Cree

Origin: McCreadie', is the original spelling for this surname. It is on a 1120 A.D. census roll in Ayrshire, Scotland, to determine the rate of taxation. McCreadie, (and all it's variants), were a distinguished Donegal family in Ireland, who were hereditary Scribes and Poets to the Kings of Orgiall and were displaced by the intrusion of Scottish families in what was known as the 'Plantation of Ulster', They moved to the norhteast into Scotland and settled at Peirceton in Ayrshire where they also acquired territories near Stranrawer. Many families migrated back to the ancestrial home of Northern Ireland to flee religious persecution. Alot of them were banished from Scotland, to the Colonies, Australia, or to the Carolina's. During the U.S. war for independents, McCreadie allegiances were divided. Some remained American, while others became United Empire Loyalists and moved to Canada.
Surnames: Maccreadie, Maccready, Mccradie, Mccrady, Mccraedie, Mccraedy, Mccreadie, Mccready, Mccreedie, Mccreedy
Submitted by: Tracey(McCrady)Daly
Origin of Cree, Meaning of Cree

Origin: Name probably originately in Ireland AND Scotland at about the same time. It is Irish AND Scots, AND Scotch-Irish which does NOT mean half Irish, half Scots. Scotch-Irish is an AMerican term that means those who went from Scotland to northern Ireland and then to America. Most were Presbyterians. Most Irish McC's were/are Catholic.
Surnames: Maccrary, Mccrary, Mccreary, Mccreery, Mccrery, Mccrory
Submitted by: Perry G. McCrary
Origin of Cree, Meaning of Cree

Origin: This is my maiden name and because it is so rare, I have become interested in finding out our origins and history.
Surnames: McRee
Submitted by: Stephanie Carlene McRee Swims
Origin of Cree, Meaning of Cree

Origin: Creel have found a large population of "Creel surnames," in France. Through my 20 something years of research on the 'Creel Family this is the only country, that I have found any Creel's.
Surnames: Creel
Submitted by: Julia Creel

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