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Norman Cowan
Description: William James Cowan,of Co. Leitrm,Ireland and Prince Edward Co,Ont. Canada

Surnames: Cowan

Richard Dickey Cowan
Description: Born in late 1700s. Lived in NC in 1806, married to Hannah Seitz and later to Susan Landers Waller. Searching for his birthplace and parents.

Surnames: COWAN

Barb Chandler
Description: My Chandler line started with Edmund who was born in England, and went to Duxbury, Massachusetts by way of Barbados. Many of the early Chandler's lived in Massachusettes and other states in New England. In later years quite a few of them moved to Maine, then came west to settle in Iowa and other states in the Midwest.

My Family Tree is online at:

Surnames: Chandler, Wymer, Freed, Jensen, Stickler, Topic, Wollam, Warns, Leissner, Sproete or Sprote, Biba, Shaw, Cowan, Mathis, Kelly, Lempke or Lempka, Kelly, and Miller.

David Campbell
Description: I'm looking for Fletcher McCowan. He was my great-great greatgrandfather. I don't have very much information on him. Only his wife's name and daughter. His wife's name is Naomi (Crawford). Their daughter's name was Myrtle Young (McCowan) Hodge. She was born Oct 31, 1881 in Dexter Cooke Co. Texas and died on March 07, 1958 in Dallas Dallas Co, Texas. Myrtle married Joel Edwards Hodge June 20, 1899 in Bonham Tx. I hope someone will be able to help us out
Thank you for your time,

Surnames: Crawford, Hodge, McCowan

Ann Jacobs
Description: I am researching and gathering information on my family tree for future generations.

Surnames: Schrimsher, Schmalr, Cowan, Grimmett, Hamilton, Owen, Thorne, Lyon,

Darlene Darwin Bell
Description: Looking for Richmond Darwin b. 1796 in South Carolina d. after 1880 in Tennessee. First son John born about 1819 in Jackson Co., Tennessee so Richmonds marraige would have had to been between 1917 & 1818. I am looking for his first wifes first and last name. Dose anyone on this post know of this couple or anyone in this family?
Thank you


Teresa Hickey
Description: I am looking for Mollie McCowan's parents Mollie married Wiley Cunagin sometime in 1889-1895,
He was from Brethitt county Ky. she could have been from there or owsley,Jackson Counties?
if anyone knows anything of her please contact me.

Surnames: McCowan,Cungin

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