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Researching several families, especially would appreciate any information on Elizabeth Davis b. 1808 Wilkinson Co. Georgia or her husband "Jim" Davis. Also would appreciate any info on Missouri May, born about 1888 married to John Calvin Ansley in either Texas or Louisiana.
Melinda Beard Family Home Page
Melinda D Beard surname list
The Beaton Family of Loudoun County, Virginia
Alex Michael Beaton surname list
John Thomas Bates, Sr. of Mississippi
John Bates Family Tree
Bates of Mississppi
My gggrandfather is Thomas Jackson Bates b.March 1846 in Henry Co., Al.his father was Evans E. Bates b. about 1811 or 1812 in Ga. Genealogy Report: Ancestors of Evans E Bates
L.D. Bass, FSA Scott & Unreconstructed Rebel of Charlotte NC
Bass & Boswell families of Wayne Co NC & Darlington Co SC. Boone & Chesnutt families of Duplin Co. & Sampson Co. NC. McLendon & Parrott families of Greene Co N.C. & Darlington Co SC. Malcolm Gillis & Black families of Cumberland Co NC. Covington & Moody families of Marlboro Co SC & GA. Henry J. Sorrells family Haywood Co NC. Henderson families of Mecklenburg Co N.C. 1745 to 1850.
Dusan Bastasic Porodicno stablo/My Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: Bosiljka Aleksic Dusan Bastasic Porodicno stablo/My Genealogy Home Page: Surname List Bastasic family from former Yugoslavia, mainly from West Slavonia, Grubisno Polje and Veliki Zdenci. The oldest one in my tree is Djuro Bastasic and his wife Ana Vukelja. His son Mile was born in 1870.He was my great great father.The first information about my roots I have found in the year 1536 in Zumberak,Croatia.
The Thomas Balentines of Temple,TX
Our findings so far, go back to our G.G.G.Grandparents; John Balentine (DOB:1785) and Sarah Culpepper (DOB:1786),on our father's side, and to our G.Grandparents; William J.Keaton (DOB:05 May 1835)and Martha Ann Moore (DOB:1840)on our mother's side. The Thomas Balentines of Temple,TX: Surname List
Lowell & Heather Ballard Family Ancestors
Book: Ballard Family Ancestors Lowell & Heather Ballard Family Ancestors: Surname List
Baker Family Home Page
My father, Louis Himber, was born in this country of Russian/Polish Jewish parents who came from around Warsaw. My mother, Charlotte Brenner Himber, was also born in America, but her parents were originally from Galicia and moved here from Bremen, Germany. InterneTree: All-in-One Tree of Samuel Baker Baker Family Home Page: Surname List
Bob and Debbie's Family Tree
Martin Mellinger returned to Liditz, PA in 1863 after his medical discharge from the Army in Ohio. By 1865 Martin is in Stephenson Co, Illinois and marries Anna Sellers, also of PA. They have three daughter together, Mary, Sarah, and Emma Elizabeth. Emma and Sarah list Princeton Indiana as their place of birth. Sometime after Emma's birth in 1873, Martin and Anna divorced. In 1879 she is remarried in a Vigo Co. Census for 1880 to Chas. Calvin and living in Vigo Co. Emma Elizabeth Mellinger was my grandmother. Bob and Debbie's Family Tree: Surname List
The Baileys - Twigs and Branches
Bailey, Ga. & Ala. Godemann-Scharf ,Germany Menefee-Covington, Ind. Swigart, Iowa Stalcup, Ill.
InterneTree: Joanne Bailey
James Allen Bailey of Nash County, NC
InterneTree: James Bailey NC James Allen Bailey of Nash County, NC: Surname List
The Bailey Family
My great grandfather was Ranel or Randall Bailey. He was born about 1848 and died about 1944. InterneTree: Clintine E Bailey The Bailey Family: Surname List
Badger Family
InterneTree: Ancestors of Donald James Badger, Jr. Badger Family: Surname List
The Pugh's North Carolina and the Backensto's of Michigan
InterneTree: Terrell L Backensto The Pugh's North Carolina and the Backensto's of Michigan: Surname List
WalkerWay Farms Cabot VT-Walker-Bacon-LaPan-VT-PA-MA-CT
Giles E. Bacon b.1885 - dod.1973 and his wife Ida Mary Sharkey b.4/16/1899 dod: 3/26/38 - {Ida parents were a Frank Sharkey (his father, my 2nd Great Grandfather, Antwine Sharkey (March 16 1846 to March 5 1887) Antwine's wife was Martha Partlow (May 20th 1845 to Feb. 3 or 8 1922))and Frank's wife Lena (Selina) Hale Birthplaces: Arlington, Vt} {Giles parents Edward Giles Bacon Birthplace: Prosperity, PA. Mother: Lina N. Houghton Birthplace: Sunderland, VT.} Giles and Ida's son - Robert F. Bacon - b. 1922 to 1967. Giles B. Bacon and Annis Vails. They were married in August 02, 1838 Washington, Washington County, PA, they are the parents of Edward Giles Bacon. Alvin Bacon died 2-26-1785 in Sunderland, Bennington, VT. He had a son Benjamin who was born in in 1762/63 Lennox Ma - died 7-17-1831 in Sunderland, VT( Ben married Lois Evarts, daughter of Abner Evarts and Susannah Scoville). InterneTree: All-in-One Tree of Harold Chester Bacon Report: Kinship of Harold Chester Bacon
Avery Family History Page
McKim (Guernsey Co., Ohio, Loudoun Co., VA, Ireland, Scotland)) Overy (Faversham, Kent, England) Various Families (Stugun (Navarade), Sweden) Avery Family Tree
The Covill, Wheat, Augsburgers of Michigan
Linda Wheat / Augsburger Family Tree Covills are from Massachuettes Wheats are from Pennsylvania Augsburgers are from Wisconsin
Wanda June Roach Arnold's Family Findings
the ROACH family from CHARLOTTE CO., VA. . COLLIN McDONALD ROACH was born 1820. He move to Scott Co., Arkansas after he marry his wife Malinda. the Ward family of Nevad County, Arkansa. Michael Ward died in Hempstead Co., Arkansas. He married Maltia Pierce. Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Littleberry Roach, Sr. Genealogy Report: Descendants of COLLIN MCDONALD ROACH Genealogy Report: Descendants of JEFFERSON ROLAND Genealogy Report: Descendants of Philph Ward Genealogy Report: Descendants of William Beck Wanda June Roach Arnold's Family Findings: Surname List
Dorothea Irene Armstrong-Gray ~ Family Website
Dorothea Dottie Irene Armstrong-Gray surname list
My Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: Eleanor Ellen Harris
ANDRASI (Andrashie) LESZKOVJANSKY (Lescoviansky)
JOSEF ANDRASI Born: March 1st, 1882 In: Szepesszombat (H) Spis^sk? Sobota (Sv) (a district of the old Hungarian Szepes Megye (county) located in eastern Slovakia.) Died: April 19th, 1953 Ironwood Michigan, United States. Joseph was in service under Franc Joseph of Austria in 1905. He immigrated to America in 1907. In 1912 he sent for his wife, Veronica (LESCOVIANSKY -LESZKOVJANSKY) and their daughter Julia, age 5. Joseph married: VERONICA LESCOVIANSKY (LESZKOVJANSKY) Born: June 3rd, 1887 Died: 1978 Ironwood Michigan, United States.
David Ande Family Home Page
David Ande Family Home Page: Surname List
Robert Allen of Jackson County, Alabama
My great-great grandfather was Robert L. Allen, born 1823 in Jackson County, Tennessee. Robert Allen was the son Celia Rash and an unknown Allen. Robert Allen's father apparently died when Robert was very young. As Celia Rash Allen, moved with her parents William Rash and Celia Laxton Rash to Jackson County, Alabama.
The Betsy & David Covington Family Home Page
Betsy Rushing born Monroe NC, Marriage to David Covington.Monroe NC. They has eleven siblings their are Luther Covington, James Covington, Callie Covington Alexander, Ella Covington Desse. David E.Covington, Doretha Covington Allen, Connie Covington Stacks,Mattie Covington,Katie Covington Meadows.
My Genealogy Home Page
Chris G Allen surname list
The Colleen McDonough Family Home Page
User Home Page Report: Report\r\n
The Batchelor & Griffin Family Home Page
Batchelor's and Griffin's in Nash County and Franklin County, North Carolina. Ancestors of Donald Lee BATCHELOR Descendants of William BATCHELOR
gura humorului jewish community
The aim of these pages is to provide a photographic record and to provide the burial records of the Gura Humorului Jewish cemetery, and others records from the Jewish community of that town, for the benefit of those genealogists who
live some distance away and for the decedents of Gura
humorului Jewish community.
Cutlip Connection
Cutlip Family Association presents: Cutlips in America -- Ancestors and Descendants of George Cutlip who arrived in Charleston, SC on 17-Oct-1749. Cutlip.Org serves as a hub for Cutlip Family activities.
Crossroads of heritage originate between the Blacks in Arkansas Territory and the Choctaw Nation Freedmen. Branching out to the states of Oklahoma, Kansas, California, Washington, Colorado, Delaware and Indiana. The clan originated around the 1860's in the Choctaw Nation [maternally] and around the 1900's from the Arkansas Territory. The Choctaw Nation branch {Brown, Mabry, Neighbors, Maberry, Hunigan, Marshbanks} may be found among the Southeastern tribal clans of the Folsom and Ring families. Adams the maternal [greatgrandfather] claims to be known in Arkansas, as also Thurman the [maternal grandfather]. Similarily the Arkansas clans claim ascendary of the McClendon's from Alabama [paternal] and Georgia [maternal]. The Williams [paternal grandmother]claim their lineage to be in Tennessee [greatgrandfather] whereas the paternal greatgrandmother traces the line to early Arkansas. The Covin's begin their trail in Georgia.
Covington History - everything you ever wanted to know about the Covington name
A website full of personal data, births, deaths, marriages, pen-pictures and photos, as well as geographical details of places named Covington around the world. If your name is Covington, this site is a must.
Coville, Farley, Kelsey and Throop
Searchable site. My line lines of the families Coville, Farley, Kelsey, Throop. Throop line goes back to William Throop m. Mary Chapman.
The Family Album
The Family Album site was designed with research in mind. Each surname has it's own front page with its own references and links to other sites and researchers with information related to that surname. I would like the information I provide on this site to be as accurate as possible so if anyone sees any mistakes or has any questions, please contact me. This site is alway being updated and should only be used as reference since not all of the information provided has been verified.
Clan Macrae Online
Welcome to Clan Macrae Online - a reference site for information about the Clan Macrae from Scotland's highlands. Site contents include clan and related family histories, a searchable genealogy database, links to other Clan Macrae web sites, Scottish cultMacrae, McRae
John and Dora's Genealogy
This website is in it's infancy and additions will be added as resourced.
Our Bertagnolli Home Page
Records taken from 1600's to 1910 mostly from Fondo and Tret in the Val di Non area of Northern Italy.

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