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The Never Ending Tree
Book: Colleen's Family The Never Ending Tree: Surname List
Scotland - Caithness Families
MORE family from Caithness. William Campbell and Barbara Gun(n) married 1810 and son Robert b 1816 m 1844 Canisbay to Janet Shearer B 1822. Charles Johnston married Margaret Scrymegour Edin 1801. William b 1808 in Greenock??? moved to Wick. Wick Photographers.
The Baldwin Family Tree
The Baldwin Family tree
The Andreasen Home Page
BEELER/BEEHLER/BUHLER, Michael - b Baden, GER c 1790. To US on Ship Bayard 5 September 1828, settled in Wayne/Pike Co., PA. with wife Christina DASTE,DAISTE,DAISSE. Carl BUHLER age 46 also emigrated with this family. GREINER, John N(icholas?) - b GER 1796 m Christina FAATZ or Elizabeth? To US 1802 in Phil., PA with parents, then to Wayne Co., PA 1816 to start a glass factory with FAATZ/FAAS/FAHS family. HARTMAN, Casimir - b 1841 Bavaria, GER. To US 1850/1851 (perhaps with bro. Jacob) m Sarah Ann TRANSUE in Scranton, PA 1865. Was a Teamster in Scranton, PA. HOLE, Chas. b c 1700 NY/NJ?? d 1749 NJ m Sarah SMITH possibly dau. of Henry. Ch. married into WILLCOCKS, BRYANT, CLARK? and MARSH families. KELLEY, Benjamin - b 1772 NY m? 1- ? (d c 1818) early 1800's possibly in Seneca, NY area; had son Benj. and possibly another, and dau., E. Mahala who m into the BUCKINGHAM's of CT; 2- Mary HOEL (dau. of Daniel HOLE/HOEL of NJ; sister to many HOEL brothers in Wayne Co., PA) probably Wayne Co., PA by 1822. Benj. and son owned tanneries in Wayne Co., PA. Son Robert married into the KILLAM (sp.) family of Wayne Co., PA. LAFRANCE, Peter - b 1728 FR.; to Marblehead, Essex Co., MA (family name orig. HYENVEUX/HIANVEUX) 1751 (perhaps from Diane Andreasen
Cindy Andrie's Family Search
Cindy Andrie Family Tree
The Nicholas Hall Family
InterneTree: Susan A Donahue The Nicholas Hall Family: Surname List
My Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: Kenny Allen
Andreasen Family
Many family names
Villeneuve Official Familly website
Data Bases - Genealogy of Jacques Villeneuve - Queries - Obituaries - Stories - Bilingual Website - Mathurin Villeneuve - Amyot
hamilton Family history
Hamilton family from Cambuslang, Scotland area, also includes coat of arms
Cowan family history
Cowan family from the Cambuslang, Lanarkshire, Scotland area
Couper family history
Couper family from Cambuslang, Glasgow, and Dumbarton Scotland. Also includes the Couper coat of arms
Couper family
The Couper family begins with Primrose Ida Couper born in Dumbaton, Scotland to Wiiliam Smellie Couper burried 14 Nov 1956 in Dumbarton. The page also includes info on the Tautz and Primrose family as well as containing the Couper coat of arms
Hastings House Genealogy Page
Researching Colonial NE, 18th Century NY, 19th Century Midwest US, England, Cornwall, Scotland, Germany, & Ireland
Beckett family
Beckett From Lancashire, England approx 1901 +
Clifton Genealogy
This site contains links to a number of pages which contain names, dates and locations of around 450 of my ancestors.

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