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Linda Cotton Jarman
Description: Looking for information on:
Jesse Cotton b. abt 1798 Wayne Cty NC m. Sarah(Sally)
Elias Cotton b. abt 1833 Wayne Cty NC m. Harriet Whitfield
John A Cotton b. 1/4/1860 m. Rebecca Hollingsworth (Adpt: Benton)

Surnames: Cotton, Whitfield, Hollingsworth, Rittenhouse

Patty Cline
Description: My ggggrandmothers name is Nancy Morgan Whitecotton b.1785 She married William Manning of N.C. She is said to be Cherokee. could you confirm for us please?

Surnames: Whitecotton

Michael Sevante
Description: Direct line of Servant name stuck around 1750 in Southwark, Surrey, London. Daniel Servant and wife Isabella Grant suddenly appear in Rotherhithe, Surrey at their wedding in 1771. Children Patience, Daniel John Smith, and Joseph.

Surnames: Servant ,Servent, Sevante, Mansell, Aslin, Ball, Belcher, Brettle, Comber, Cosham, Cotton, Crowther, Digby, Fawkes, Flinders, Glenister, Hargrave, Ireson, Keating, Lowens, Marsden-Smedley, Neeves, Neaves, Pinney, Raxworthy, Scholey, Stovold, Tibbs, Wightwick, Woodhouse and many more.

Martin Rawlings-Fein
Description: I am looking for some reference to Glen Wood Cotton of OK. He is my Grandfather, born between 1895 & 1906, he is said to be Choctaw, but I don't see him on any Dawes Rolls, I don't know anything about my family before him... My Gransmother told me that he was from Louisiana, could this mean his family was uprooted and assimilated in Indian Terriory (OK) durring the Trail of Tears.

Surnames: Cotton

Nancy Haggan
Description: Searching for Laverick's in the Longbenton/Seaton Burn areas of Northumberland dating from c1800+..... William, son of James, William son of William etc.

Surnames: Laverick, Beading, Howman/s, White, Flint, Forster, Grey, Giles, Plummer, Harrison, Keeler, Flowerdew, Monks, Southgate, Starling, Scottow.

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