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The Vicari/Aplin/.Beaudoin/,Baker Family
InterneTree: Stephanie Baker VA Report: Birthday Report The Vicari/Baker Family: Surname List
The John Edgar Crowells of Kansas
InterneTree: Angela S Baker KS Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of John Edgar Crowell John Edgar Crowell (Parents John and Nancy Brown of Ozawkie,Kansas) born in Olpe Kansas probably about 1880. Had at least 5 sisters; Maude, Frankie, and Doll. He married Mabel Talkington and had three boys and 1 girl. Later they divorced and the children were seperated. One of them my Grandfather Roy Crowell went to live with his aunt Maude Crowell Kling. The John Edgar Crowells of Kansas: Surname List
The Athy Family of Galway
The Athy Family of Galway: Surname List
Cuaron Family Home Page
ARIZONA - Morenci, Clifton, Solomonville, Tucson, Silverbell NEW MEXICO - Pinos Altos, Silver City, Las Cruces TEXAS - Ysleta, Soccorro, San Elizario
Carter Andersons Of Paris, Delta County, Texas
InterneTree: Michael W Anderson Oscar Carter Andersons of Paris, Delta County, Texas: Surname List
The James F. Gallagher and Lucinda Cota of Grass Valley, CA.
Lucinda Mary Cota, (daughter of Nelson Cote and Maria Philomena Morris, from Canada)born in 1862 in Grass Valley married James F. Gallagher, place born unconfirmed, married 05/04/1887 in Nevada City. Lucinda and James had five children named Mamie, Peter , Josephine, Adelle and Emma. Lucinda died in Gold Flat at the age of 33. James died in 1926 in Grass Valley. The 4 living children went to live at the Catholic orphanage home. Mamie Gallagher, my grandmother married Alfred Marcellus Stone at the Precidio in San Francisco. They changed their last name to Reed. Peter went into the Navy or Marines or Merchant Marines when he was 17 and was never heard from again. Josephine married Frederick Bawden. Adelle married William Burgess. Emma died in infancy. James Gallagher had an Uncle Peter who also died in Grass Valley. He also had an Uncle Frank and Aunt Ann Gallagher.
California Forefathers
InterneTree: Francisco Xavier Alviso (Albizu) Bryce Louis Alviso surname list
Our Family Tree Website
This site was created with intentions of finding, connecting and preserving the historical and future generations of my family. Research of: Fillipo Finazzo.from Italy : Married to Marianina Bono. Daughter: Amelia . Son's .Jim,Tony,Joe,and (Sam) Salvatori Finazzo. Father Of Philip Finazzo .... And starting research on the Fee side of family..Charles M. & Irene Elizabeth Fee

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