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Origin of Cope

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Origin of Cope, Meaning of Cope

Origin: Johannes Jakob Koppenhoffer (b. 27 NOV 1705)arrived in Phildelphia, Pennsylvania with Palantines aboard the ship 'Robert and Alice' September 11, 1738. Settled in Earl Township (New Holland), Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Jacob emmigrated from Mechesheim, Baden, Germany. Married Elizabeth Catharina Weider on 03 Jul 1736 in Germany. Children immagrated to Shennandoah Valley, Virginia, Greenbrier and Nicholas Counties in West Virginia, with descendants in Washington County, Pennsylvania. Name was changed by children to Copenhaver.
Surnames: Copenhaver, Koppenhoffer
Submitted by: David L. Copenhaver Sr.
Origin of Cope, Meaning of Cope

Origin: Latin origin, translated into beefsteaks and grey beard.
Surnames: giacopelli
Submitted by:
Origin of Cope, Meaning of Cope

Origin: I have information that the Cope surname is a very old Saxon surname. It first appears among the Saxons in Leicestershire, England where the Cope family had esyablished themselves since before the Norman Invasion (1000).
Surnames: Cope
Submitted by: Allan F. Cope

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