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Eddie Cope
Description: Currently searching for my 4th great grandfather
who was father of Samuel Cope 1770-1842
All census records point to Samuel's birthplace as NC but I have reason to believe that this Cope family migrated from Maryland.

Surnames: Cope

Rebecca Irene Moody-Depew
Description: I am trying to gain information about my grandmother Irene Williams-Moody-Pratt and my grandfather Oscar Napoleon Moody son of William Marion Moody. One of 9 children. born Feb. 24th, 1905 in Copeland, Arkansas and died Oct. 3rd, 1989 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. My father is Oscar Napoleon's son, Donald Eddie Moody. IF you have any information that will be helpful, I would greatly appreciate it!


Tom Hubbell
Description: Searching Michigan and Ontario for these surnames. Namely St.Clair Co. and Sanilac Co.

Surnames: Hubbell,Hubble,Wanner,Johnston,Morse,Staley,Copenhaver

Carole Lannom
Description: I need to 'prove' that Amelia Elizabeth Copeland is a daughter of Col. Stephen Copeland and Sarah Jane Townsend.

Surnames: Copeland, Poston, Campbell, Phillips, Hawkins, Davidson, Kelly all in TN, NC and VA.

Barbara Copeland
Description: I would like information on John Anthony Copeland Jr.H e was hung with John Brown at harpers ferry before the cilvil war.M y e- mail address is

Surnames: Copeland

bingham copeland
Description: I'm looking for and info on my family my father jame copeland and my grandfather was goerge copeland he married mrytle mae wood and his father was moses copeland and he married mattie bingham

Surnames: bingham and copeland

Denise Sears
Description: looking for ggg grandfather and ggg grandmother. he is George H. Morton b:02/10/1808, NC
d:02/10/1877, TN
Elizebeth Turner

Surnames: Morton,Lakins,Truner,Seals,Gordon,Heneger, Warwick,Smith,Howerton,Wellington,Mobley, Hedrick,Hipsher,Lamb,Cope,Hannond,Wilder,Haynes,Russell,Johnson,Dunlap,Crouch,Hamilton,Young,Gilpin,Bartholomew,Glover,Slye,Ford,Layton,Washington

Description: Looking for info on Benjamin Tyree and Mary Copeland married Feb. 13, 1824 Campbell Co. VA

Surnames: Tyree, Copeland, Copland

Judy Aldridge
Description: We are dedicated to the continued research of the Copen (and related surname(s) primarily originating
from West Virginia.

Surnames: Copen

Debbie Byers
Description: Looking for information on my great grandfather John G. Robertson born Feb 1880 in Scotland, arrived in Toronto in 1904 during great fire. Died 1975 Parry Sound, Ontario. My grandfather Gordon William Robertson Born 27 Jul 1918 died 17 Mar 1980 - Married Dorothy Jean Webb 27 Dec 1943.

Surnames: Robertson, Craig, Webb, Hayter, Copeland, Smith, Tuplin, Ladner, Guy, Muttart, Howatt, Enman.

shannon cope misrasi
Description: I am looking for a William / AlvinCope b.1719 scotland married to Phoebe Ellsworth, they left and went to new york and to canada. have info forward but not later. anybody? also looking for MyGramma was a Cope by Alvin Monroe. would like a copy.

Surnames: cope. weddle, pendleton, holland, coleman

Description: looking for Edward Adam b.1881,William Ray b.1846,Thomas R b.1818 Edwards.Lived in laural co ky,craborchard ky,then moved to OK and william was deputy sheriff under r.b ramsey about 1889.ora wilson wife to thomas.louisa chesnut w to william.christina lucinda naylor w to edward.

Surnames: edwards,naylor,chesnut,cope,wilson,cornet,dernberger,full,ramsey.

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