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Swanhart Genealogy - Our Shared Past
Many founding families of Cambria County, Pennsylvania.
The Spence Family Website
This website was created for Spence family researchers connected to Isaac Spence b: 1795 North Carolina who lived in Emanuel and Thomas County, Georgia and whose family also lived in Virginia. Some of Isaac?s children stayed in Georgia and some went to Florida and Texas.
Connerty Family Name
Tracing the Connerty Family Name
Early settlers to Dodge County, their ancestors, descentants and those related by marriage
Names of Dodge County, Georgia pioneers and descendants.
The Lochabay's and Beasley's of Texas
My search starts with the marriage of Wyatt Parker Lochabay from Georgia and Delilah Caroline Davidson of Alabama, in Perry, county Alabama on September 19, 1847 and Robert Elijah Beasley born on April 14,1863, and Mary Elizabeth O'Rear born April 9,1866, she died before 1917,also Emerson Cooper Austin, born August 19,1853, in Kentucky and Lucinda Marillo Thompson, November 1, 1856 in Flatonia,Texas.They were married there on May 27,1875, also Eddie A. Williams and Willie Ethyl Walker, married in about 1890 in Ellis,Navarro Or maybe Tarrant county Texas. The Lochabay's and Beasley's of Texas: Surname List
Beach, Needham, Barnes, Steen familes of Michigan
Laura McKinnon, born about 1903 in California, died Dec. 1938. Married Sylvester W. Barnes of Indiana and moved to Mt. Clemens, MI before the 1930 census. Joseph H.W. Huffman, born 1805 in Ohio, died 22 Sept 1883. Married Amelia Peterson. Second marriage to Mary Montgomery of Greenfield, OH, on July 8, 1827. Beach, Needham, Barnes, Steen familes of Michigan: Surname List
Looper-Compton Families of Tennessee
Ancestors of Thurston Lee Looper Ancestors of Willa Mae Compton
My Forest of Family Trees
Genealogy Report: Descendants of James Wencelas Baxa Book: Sheppard Family Tree My Forest of Family Trees : Surname List
The Anderson - Till / Lynch - Guthrie Connection
Laura Theresa Baum surname list
The Donald Baum Family Home Page
George Steele (d. 1804) and his wife Margaret Dahlman (d. 1823). They had a daughter Mary who married John Conner; both born ABT 1770.
Patricia Ann Bates surname list
Bates and Conner Families Home Page
Genealogy Report: Descendants of Simpson Dyer Bates Genealogy Report: Descendants of James Floyd Conner Bates and Conner Families Home Page: Surname List
James Lloyd is my Great-great grandfather. I have been told that when the Lloyd's came from England to America, some went to Canada, some went west and some traveled south. James' father may have been Benjamin Lloyd. James is believed to have come from Virginia to Georgia to Kings Ferry in Nassau County, Florida in the early 1800's. In the 1820 Camden Co census, he is shown with 2 males under 10 yrs old and 1 female under 15 years old. I believe he was previously married and came here with his children. He married Susannah Wingate from Kings Ferry, Fl in 1822. Their descendants lived on both sides of the St Mary's River at Kings Ferry, Kent & Elbow on the Florida side and Camp Pinckney, Coleraine, Traders Hill and St George in Camden County on the Georgia side. Part of Camden County became Charlton County in 1854.
The Page Connections
Barbara J Banks CA - InterneTree Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Jonathan Vaughn Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Thomas Page Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Warren Franklin Conner Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Thomas Page
My Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: Descendants of Charles Boldon Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of William Fisher Genealogy Report: Descendants of Charles Boldon
The Lineage of Richard Bryan Ballard
The Lineage of Richard Bryan Ballard: Surname List
My Genealogy Home Page
Descendants of James Robert Paine
The Balej's (Baley) of Austria Bohemia
The Balej's (Baley) of Austria Bohemia: Surname List
McDade's Making Tracks thru VA~NC~KY~TN~MO~ AR~TX~CA~MI
OUR WILLIAM MCDADE WAS BORN IN IRELAND PROBABLY AROUND 1700. Willis MCDADE and Wife Unknown of Edgecombe Co., NC children: 1.John MCDADE b.17 Jan 1775 NC m. Drucilla BARNES 2.Willis R. MCDADE b. 1775 3.Catherine MCDADE b. 1776 m. John H. YORK 4.Sarah MCDADE b. 1779 m. Moses PRICE 5.Mary (Polly) MCDADE b. 1780 6.Elizabeth MCDADE b. 1781 7.Rhody MCDADE b. 1785 m. Unknown WILLIS 8.Delilah (Dilly) MCDADE b. 1790 m. Mordecai MITCHELL 9.Thomas MCDADE b. 1792 John MCDADE & Drucilla BARNES m.1804 NC all children born in NC 1..William MCDADE b.1805 (1w) Mary Thomas BARROW * (2w) Martha Susan MORRIS** 2.Mary MCDADE b.1807 m.Dr. Warren WOMBLE 3.Selany MCDADE b.1813 m.Benjamin WOMBLE 4.Drucilla MCDADE b.1815 m.William MORRIS *** 5.John James B. MCDADE b.1823 m.Josephine WOMBLE 6.Nancy Ann MCDADE b. 1825 m.Polydemus Gre Genealogy Report: Descendants of Willis McDade (View PDF) Genealogy Report: Descendants of Mary Thomas Barrow (View PDF) Genealogy Report: Descendants of Martha Susan Morris~ 2nd wife of William McDade (View PDF) Genealogy Report: Descendants of Drucilla McDade & Wm. Morris (View PDF)
Balbaugh Family Defiance Ohio
InterneTree: Johann Martin Balbach
Penny's Kickin' Kin
Penny Pratt Baker surname list
My Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: Hourglass Tree of Joseph Willard Peacock
Baker & Moore in New Jersey & New Hampshire
BAKER Family of Mercer/Middlesex/Somerset Counties in NJ from 1700 to 1880 and allied with it DEBAUN of Bergen County NJ, from 1880 to 1920 NYC, then from 1920 forward Rockingham County NH. I believe this Baker line to have originated in Holland as BACKER and anglicized to BAKER in late 17th century New Utrecht before settling in the Province of East Jersey. MOORE of Rockingham County NH. PAYZANT of Nova Scotia and MA. Allied with Moore is FELLOWS of MA & NH. My daughter's maternal family are HALL of NJ, LA & Maine, allied with BORDEN of IL, MA, Maine & London, UK and CARTER of WV, LA, and Maine. InterneTree: David Baker Wolfeboro Falls
Teresa's Wacky Family
Genealogy Report: Descendants of Hieronymus Jeremiah Glantz Genealogy Report: Descendants of John W. Singleton Genealogy Report: Descendants of Jonas Medford Genealogy Report: Descendants of John Massey Genealogy Report: Descendants of John Pinkney Williams Teresa's Wacky Family: Surname List
Singleton: Surname List
Ancestors of John A. Baird and Michelle L. (Orndoff) Baird
Ancestors of John A. Baird and Michelle L. (Orndoff) Baird: Surname List
The Pugh's North Carolina and the Backensto's of Michigan
InterneTree: Terrell L Backensto The Pugh's North Carolina and the Backensto's of Michigan: Surname List
Rev. Louis Calvin Bacon Sr. & Naomi Josephine Ferguson Bacon
Book: The Rev. & Mrs. Calvin Bacon Sr. Family
My Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: Ancestors of Ivan Baca Genealogy Report: Descendants of Juan Baca Genealogy Report: Descendants of Juan Dominguez
Home Page of the Hays and Baca Families
InterneTree: Crystal J Bacahays Family Home Page of David C. Hays and Crystal J. Baca: Surname List
Bruce Murray Babcock, Oakland, CA FAMILY HOMEPAGE
Babcock (Sherman, b1762, RI, m. Delecta Rich, b1774, NY) Babcock (James, b1665, England, m. Sarah Unknown,b abt 1667) Heniken (George W, b1831, m. Margaret J. Frair, b1834) Lucas (Virginia, b1857, VA, m. Clinton Murray, b1854, KY) Martin (Jacob, b1822, Darmstadt, Germany, m. Mary Unknown, b 1825, Germany) Murray (Charles, b1748, Ireland m., Jenny Rodman, b1760, Ireland) Murray (Donald Allen, b1898, Moray, Scotland) Rimstidt (Rihmenstedt)(John Gerhardt, b 1800, Germany, m. Adeline Seveus, b1804, Germany) Searles (William A., b abt 1860, NY, m. Frances Elizabeth Martin, b1863, IA), Sergeant (Victoria, b 1860, IL (mother Mahala Unknown), m. William F. Babcock, b1853) Book: The Babcock's Bruce Murray Babcock, Oakland, CA FAMILY HOMEPAGE: Surname List
The Abraham Howe Family Tree
Book: Howe
Minckler, Lunt, Baldwin, Royce, Mott, Fortune, & Lee Lines
InterneTree: Kiflin Ayers Genealogy Report: Descendants of Kilian Minckler Genealogy Report: Descendants of George Mott Minckler, Lunt, Baldwin, Royce, Mott, Fortune, & Lee Lines: Surname List
The Nora Auten Family
Harris---originally thought to have been from Harrisburg, PA immigrated from Wales or England [1600's] Kadlecek---immigrated from Bohemia in Czechloslovakia early 1900's; resided in Belmont County, Ohio Robinson---from Belmont & Harrison Counties in Ohio Justus Robinson was Union soldier in Civil War Auten---from Marshall County in WV Conner---from Marshall & Ohio Counties in WV
Rosa FIELD married Corry STACKHOUSE, Keokuk Falls,Indian Territory,Pottowatamie County OK-Jan 16,1900. Father of Rosa John Field, Mother maiden name PARRISH. Corry died before 1910. In 1911, August 21- Rosa STACKHOUSE married Starling Daniel CONNER-Pushmataha County,Antlers,OK. Rosa assumed born March 2, 1882 possibly in Kansas. my Great Grandmother Rosa was half Cherokee.
The Atkinson McKinnon Home Page
InterneTree: Frederick Stuart Atkinson On the McKinnon, Stuart and Scottish Clans sides, the heritage of Mary Queen of Scott's and the Battle of Culloden Moor and have deeply affected our Scotch family history. Because of religious persecution, battles and wars, our Scotch ancestors ended up hastily leaving Scotland, from The Isle Of Skye, on the Ark and Dove and immigrated to Prince Edward Island. The Atkinson Family Tree ancestors emigrated from Europe (England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Holland, France and Germany, Italy, Switzerland). Others came from Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York and Pennsylvania in particular. This is not unusual because the Maritime Provinces were a haven for those loyal to the British Crown and setters were promised substantial land grants from the British government to move to the Maritimes after the expulsion of the Acadians. It is interesting to note that our family also includes Iroquois and/or Micmac Native American women marrying at least two separate ancestors in the US and Nova Scotia. Another ancestor came to Duxbury MA area in the 1621, on the ship that came after the Mayflower called the Fortune. On the Atkinson side, my grandfathers 5th great grandfather Benjamin Allen left New England and fought in the French and Indian War on the British side in Nova Scotia. He was badly wounded losing a leg, was discharged and sent back to New England, settling and starting a family in Kingston, MA. He later went back to Halifax, NS and joined in the ill-fated Eddy Rebellion, and after the Eddy Rebellion failed, he became a wanted man. He eventually joined the Tories in Nova Scotia during the American Revolutionary War. He would have been hung as a traitor if he returned to his home and family in Kingston, MA. We are also descended from Col. Hezekiah King and Col. Benoni Danks who were infamous participants in the Eddy Rebellion. On the Atkinson side we are related to Presidents John Adams, Samuel Adams and William Howard Taft, Poets Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and Ralph Waldo Emerson, Betty Ford and singer Ann Murray to name a few. The Atkinson McKinnon Home Page: Surname List
Captain Thomas Askey Family of Central PA
InterneTree: Ancestors of Lawrence James Askey Captain Thomas Askey Family of Central PA: Surname List
The Ash and Harman Family Home Page
Ash family in America(New York and Illinois) and Germany. Philip Ash (1837 - 1905) born in or near Frankfort, Germany, came to America about 1847 with his family thru New York. He stayed in New York for some time. He met the Ellis family and moved to Aurora, Illinois, then, Verona, Illinois, and married Armintha Ellis in 1862 in Verona. Philip had a sister Catherine Ash Young who survived his death in 1905. They had four children: George A. Ash (1863 - 1926); Mary Isabelle Ash (1864 - 1920 est.); Edward P. Ash (1870 - 1947); and Charles Weley Ash (1879 - 1955). Edward married a Jennie Gilbert from Verona; Charles Wesley Ash married a Lillian Conner from Iowa and Kentucky.

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