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Origin of Colli

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Origin of Colli, Meaning of Colli

Origin: Hi Collin's Out there!!! My grandmother on my father's side is a Collin, Sophie Collin born in February 13, 1900, died in 1994. Her parents : Joseph Collin and Marie Lang, b Nov. 30, 1879, d. June 5, 1933. Parents' of Joseph Collin : Honor? Collin d. Oct 27, 1918 and Philinoise Martin. Parents' of Honor? Collin : Honor? Collin and Emerance Plourde. Would you have some information for my side of the Collin? It could even be part of yours...
Surnames: Collin
Submitted by: B. Arseneault
Origin of Colli, Meaning of Colli

Origin: I have been researching the Colliar Family tree for the past 6 years, with the main research undertaken in Scotland
Surnames: Colliar
Submitted by: Donna Duff
Origin of Colli, Meaning of Colli

Origin: I have a lot of information on collins in Iowa in 1860-1880. glad to see if I can help.
Surnames: Collins
Submitted by: Virginia
Origin of Colli, Meaning of Colli

Origin: Decended from Thomas Collinson [b]1767 Eng [m] Mary Kirby 1786 Wintringham, Eng. SON Simeon Levi [b] July 1806 Thornholm, Eng [m] Mary Madeline Craver 1834 Wilkesbarre, PA SON Thomas [b]July 2 1835 Wilkesbarre, PA Family moved to Walnut Grove, Knox CO, IL. Thomas [m] Sarah Brooks 1858 Walnut Grove, IL
Surnames: Collinson
Submitted by: Donna Anderson
Origin of Colli, Meaning of Colli

Origin: Looking for Thomas and Mary COLLINS from somewhere in Ireland 1800-1870
Surnames: collins
Submitted by: Pat
Origin of Colli, Meaning of Colli

Origin: Hello to every Collins out there!. I have been tracing my Family Tree and have got back to 1414! I live in England and still only live a couple of miles away from were my Ancester were at this time!

The meaning of our surname Collins literally means 'Son of Nicholas', orginally it would of be Nicholason, then Colason, Colynson, Colinson, Collaines, then eventually Collins! (all names I have found within my own family tree)

The origin is Viking! - Danish Viking to be exact and then ofcourse becoming English, which is very apt for me because I live in the shire given to the Vikings back in the 900's which they called the Danelaw and this area, including my village is Viking!

There is still a high concenration of Collins's in Devon (the south of England). Back in the 1700's the Devonshire Miners were encouraged to go to Ireland to mine, hense the name becoming widespread in that area. Although there was a clan called the O'Coilleain who Anglicised (making it English sounding) their original name and turned it into Collins. Hope this has been of some help and interest! (some of the references are from the Reader's Digest - Explore your family's Past)
Surnames: Collins
Submitted by: L.
Origin of Colli, Meaning of Colli

Origin: Originally charcoal burners in the forests but nowadays
associated with anything to do with coal - mainly a coalminer.
Surnames: collier
Submitted by: cliff

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