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Gerhart-Gearharts from Alsace Lorraine to Danville, Pa.
JACOB & DOROTHEE` SCHMITT GERHART were married in Bu`hl, Alsace Lorraine in 1819. In 1830 with 3 children, plus a little girl that may have been the child of a relative, they migrated to Philadelphia, Pa settling in Danville, PA. They had their last child in 1838. By 1854, my ggrandfather, Frederick Gerhart & Sarah Louisa Pankes, were married using their birth names. They did not anglicize their names until sometime later. Neither did Jacob & Dorothee`. Eventually they did use the anglicized version - GEARHART. The earliest census that Dorothee` is found on is 1840 but no Jacob. He either died before the census was taken in 1840 or, at the least, they were no longer together. I have learned that a Jacob and Dorothea are buried in what appears to be Mt. Vernon Cemetery with their son John Heinrich who was born 11/26/1832. No date of death is listed for any of them.
FREDERICK GEARHART b. 1832 Danville, PA m to SARAH LOUISA PANKES/PANCOAST. Book: GEARHART FAMILY ALBUM Genealogy Report: Descendants of Thomas Wisdom Genealogy Report: Descendants of Jonathan Mills Genealogy Report: Descendants of Christopher Avery, Sr Genealogy Report: Descendants of David Pankes Pancoast
The Wisham & Ashworth Families ~ New Jersey & Great Britain
The WISHAM family was founded by Simon Wisham who emigrated to Philadelphia from England in 1750 aboard the German vessel the Brotherhood. A common misconception is, that because Simon Wisham sailed on a ship which started its voyage in Germany, he was of German descent. In fact, Simon boarded the ship from an English port. Wisham is an English surname, and early Wishams can be traced to Lancashire, England although there are now Wishams located in Gloucestershire, Hartfordshire, Worcestershire and Hampshire - all in England. The ASHWORTH family branch here is descended from Richard and Alice (Crosthwaite) Ashworth who emigrated to America in the twenties. They are traced back to Richard Ashworth from Rawthenstall, England. The descent is from Richard (Rawthenstall), Richard Irwin (Blackpool), William (Kearny, NJ). The Wisham/Ashworth Family Tree
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InterneTree: Ora Haley/Sharp
Genealogy Report: Descendants of Mathew Allen
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