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My Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: Edvin Christiansen
Les Bakke's Family Home Page
The Bakke family has its origin in Favang, Norway where the Bakke farm still is farmed. My grandfather came to Minnesota in 1884, first to Alexandria and then to near Newfolden in 1886. He married Angnetta Christiansen from Trette, Norway. My mother's family name is Gast from Pommerian area of Germany. My mother's parents came to the Newfolden area in 1888.
Kenneth L. Baker of Osceola, IOwa
Kenneth L. Baker of Osceola, IOwa: Surname List
Scarborough's of Texas
InterneTree: Descendants of Richmond Carroll SCARBOROUGH Genealogy Report: Descendants of Richmond Carroll SCARBOROUGH Scarborough's of Texas: Surname List
Cheryl Baker's Genealogy Home Page
ZIMMERMAN Plagow, Kreis Arnswalde, Brandenburg, Prussia Wisconsin c.1800's to present G?HLER(GAEHLER) Menkin, Kreis Arnswalde, Brandenburg, Prussia Wisconsin and other states c.1800's to present HEBBE Sellnow & Alth?tte, Kreis Arnswalde, Brandenburg, Prussia Wisconsin c.1800's to present HORN Brandenburg, Prussia Wisconsin & ? c.1700's to present WESTPHALL Germany(possibly Hamburg) New York Ohio Wisconsin, Minnesota and South Dakota c.1700's to present STETTLER Germany/Switzerland Pennsylvania Ohio Illinois &/or Wisconsin ??? c.1800's to present CHRISTIANSEN Norway Wyoming &/or Colorado? Ohio Illinois &/or Wisconsin & ? c.1800's to present HARDER Kreis Naugard, Pommern Wisconsin c.1800's to present SCHMELING Kreis Cammin, Pommern Wisconsin ? c.1800's to present BAKER Holland or Germany Pennsylvania Michigan & Wisconsin c.1700's to present HUTHNANCE England Michigan & ? c.1800's to present AHO Oulu, Finland Michigan ? c.1800's to present FITZPATRICK Ireland Michigan ? c.1800's to present InterneTree: All-in-One Tree of Cheryl Elaine Zimmerman
Bruce Murray Babcock, Oakland, CA FAMILY HOMEPAGE
Babcock (Sherman, b1762, RI, m. Delecta Rich, b1774, NY) Babcock (James, b1665, England, m. Sarah Unknown,b abt 1667) Heniken (George W, b1831, m. Margaret J. Frair, b1834) Lucas (Virginia, b1857, VA, m. Clinton Murray, b1854, KY) Martin (Jacob, b1822, Darmstadt, Germany, m. Mary Unknown, b 1825, Germany) Murray (Charles, b1748, Ireland m., Jenny Rodman, b1760, Ireland) Murray (Donald Allen, b1898, Moray, Scotland) Rimstidt (Rihmenstedt)(John Gerhardt, b 1800, Germany, m. Adeline Seveus, b1804, Germany) Searles (William A., b abt 1860, NY, m. Frances Elizabeth Martin, b1863, IA), Sergeant (Victoria, b 1860, IL (mother Mahala Unknown), m. William F. Babcock, b1853) Book: The Babcock's Bruce Murray Babcock, Oakland, CA FAMILY HOMEPAGE: Surname List
The Kennedy Family of Northern New Jersey
Michael Kennedy, my great grandfather, immigrated from Ireland in 1869. He settled in Pt. Oram, New Jersey where he met and married Anna Maloney. The Maloneys are also from Ireland. Joseph Grimm and Anna Hannaka from Germany. They settled in Dover, New Jersey. Barbara A Babbitt - InterneTree
Dorie's Family Tree Page
Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Johann Sr Remer (View PDF) Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Fredrick Tuckenhagen (View PDF)
The Arthur W. & Maryalice AUTHIER Home Page
InterneTree: Arthur W Authier Report: AUTHIER FAMILY TREE (all branches) Genealogy Report: Descendants of Jean DE L'ISLE Our AUTHIER family tree branch traces through New York state, then Quebec, Canada and over to France in the late 1500s. In Canada, the AUTHIER surname changes to DeLISLE. Other name variations of AUTHIER (dit. DeLISLE) that were found include: GAULTHIER, AUTIER, and HAUTHIER who lived in various Canadian cities along the St. Lawrence River from the early 1600s to the late 1800s. The LUTH branch traces back to Uggerby, Hjorring, Denmark in the late 1700s.
The Atkinson McKinnon Home Page
InterneTree: Frederick Stuart Atkinson On the McKinnon, Stuart and Scottish Clans sides, the heritage of Mary Queen of Scott's and the Battle of Culloden Moor and have deeply affected our Scotch family history. Because of religious persecution, battles and wars, our Scotch ancestors ended up hastily leaving Scotland, from The Isle Of Skye, on the Ark and Dove and immigrated to Prince Edward Island. The Atkinson Family Tree ancestors emigrated from Europe (England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Holland, France and Germany, Italy, Switzerland). Others came from Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York and Pennsylvania in particular. This is not unusual because the Maritime Provinces were a haven for those loyal to the British Crown and setters were promised substantial land grants from the British government to move to the Maritimes after the expulsion of the Acadians. It is interesting to note that our family also includes Iroquois and/or Micmac Native American women marrying at least two separate ancestors in the US and Nova Scotia. Another ancestor came to Duxbury MA area in the 1621, on the ship that came after the Mayflower called the Fortune. On the Atkinson side, my grandfathers 5th great grandfather Benjamin Allen left New England and fought in the French and Indian War on the British side in Nova Scotia. He was badly wounded losing a leg, was discharged and sent back to New England, settling and starting a family in Kingston, MA. He later went back to Halifax, NS and joined in the ill-fated Eddy Rebellion, and after the Eddy Rebellion failed, he became a wanted man. He eventually joined the Tories in Nova Scotia during the American Revolutionary War. He would have been hung as a traitor if he returned to his home and family in Kingston, MA. We are also descended from Col. Hezekiah King and Col. Benoni Danks who were infamous participants in the Eddy Rebellion. On the Atkinson side we are related to Presidents John Adams, Samuel Adams and William Howard Taft, Poets Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and Ralph Waldo Emerson, Betty Ford and singer Ann Murray to name a few. The Atkinson McKinnon Home Page: Surname List
Armstrong-Pence of Freedom Plaza
Wilbur August Armstrong surname list
InterneTree: Descendants of David Cox Arenson-Oboler-Obeler-Obler-Padnick-Padrushnick-Stein: Surname List
Aprea Family Home Page
Suzette Colleen Aprea - InterneTree
My Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: De Ann Marie Evans (Atchison)
Ancestors and Family of Earl & Inez Anderson, Kelowna B.C.
Inez Larson's family is entirely composed of Norwegian lines of descent which included the families of Larson, Christiansen, Hanson, Pederson, and many others. These families centered in the Scandinavian settlements near LaCrosse Wisconsin in the 1870 and 1880's. Anderson/Larson family tree version
My Genealogy Home Page
Lynne M Andrews surname list
Relatives of Herbj?rn Andresen, Norway
InterneTree: Herbjrn Andresen Oslo All my direct ancestors come from the eastern part of Norway, except for one of my g-g-grandfathers who moved in from Sweden, just across the border. However, some of my ancestors and their close relatives emigrated to the USA in the late 1800s. Relatives of Herbj?rn Andresen, Norway: Surname List
California Forefathers
InterneTree: Francisco Xavier Alviso (Albizu) Bryce Louis Alviso surname list
The A. Layne Allen, Jr. Family Home Page
ALLEN, ADONIRAM TEGES from Kentucky 1734-1838 ENDSLEY,JAMES from North Carolina 1783-1873 SLUDER,HENRY from North Carolina 1732-1801 MORRISS,THOMAS from Alabama 1860's-1940's CHRISTIANSEN,HANS PETER from Denmark/Iowa 1860-1929
Genealogy the family ENDE and HEIDEN
family research in Mecklenburg, Western Pomerania, Saxonia and Saxonia-Anhalt
The Heicher's
Heicher Family Website
Cutlip Connection
Cutlip Family Association presents: Cutlips in America -- Ancestors and Descendants of George Cutlip who arrived in Charleston, SC on 17-Oct-1749. Cutlip.Org serves as a hub for Cutlip Family activities.
Bill Anderson's Family Home Page
Ancestors of Bill Vee ANDERSON
Sons of the Little Raven
the genealogy of my Brennan family
Presentation af Jan C. van Dijk's sl?gt/
Jeg forsker nu p? sjette ?r i min fars sl?gt, van Dijk p? faderens side og i min mors sl?gt, Persson ligeledes p? faderens side.
Genealogy Pages
Families who emigrated to New Zealand from Scotland, England and Denmark
This page is dedicated to genealogy. Here is a list of all of the names in my database. Maybe we are related? Have a look and drop me a line, if you find anything interesting
Cali's Gen, Mostly German-PA
Great Place for new to Internet, and Old Pro's looking for names and Links. I have lines from 1200 on...

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