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Adams County Illinois Biographies
The short family histories here have been gathered from a variety of sources. Many are from county histories and vanity books of the late 1800s. Click on a name below to see a family history.
Staal and Worldwide Connected Families - Website
ITS purpose is to display, gather information and extend the family tree for the benefit of people with the Staal family name and their connected families.
THE Staal & Worldwide Connected Families ? Website, is a unique site with not only lists of names & dates, but origins, priceless family stories, histories, detailed historical facts about our ancestors, lifestyles, the Holocaust, family trees, genealogical reports, kinships, links & family photos all exclusive and not found elsewhere.
THE family trees cover eleven generations of the Staal & their closely connected families.
Lagodzinski, Drott, Wallaert and Schippefelt of Chicago
My maternal greatgrandmother, Rose Heiser came to the U.S. from Germany with her parents in 1875. My greatgrandfather Steve Lagodzinski was born in Poland/Germany in 1868. My maternal greatgrandfather Henry Drott came from Ober-lais, Germany. My paternal grandmother, Rachel Schippefelt came from Gent Belgium via Canada with her family in 1922. My paternal grandfather, Alex Wallaert came from Belgium as a teenager with his brother. They arrived in NY I beleive, and hopped a train to Chicago.
My Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: Barbara Achilles Kurt R Bandel surname list
My Genealogy Home Page
J W M BANGERT surname list
Philipp Brouwer-Germany-Netherlands
my great grandfather Philipp. It is believed he was one of 5 children. Children of Jan Berend Brouwer and Wopke Ritz.. Believe they were born in Wymeer, Ostfriesland, Germany. Philipp m. Tetje Lutjeboer March 3, 1883. She died April 20, 1884 Philipp m. Martha Roelfsema March 20, 1886 Children of Philipp & Tetje 1.Jan & Wopke (twins) b.April 14, 1883 both died before they were a year old. 2. Jan (John) Brouwer b. April 1, 1884 He went to America around 1901 and m. Hannah Sweers Children of Philipp & Martha 1.Anno Henry Brouwer b. April 26, 1886. He also went to America around 1903. M. Johannah Folkerts. 2. Wubbo Brouwer b. Feb, 18, 1889 went to America about 1903 m. Tena Christians. 3. Gerhardus Brouwer b. Nov. 24, 1891 m. Albertje Volders in Bellingwolde, Holland 4. Tallechien Brouwer b. June 16, 1894 m.Harm Carolus in Holland 5. Wopke Brouwer b. Nov. 26, 1896 m. Reinder Swede in Holland 6. Johans Brouwer b. Oct. 27, 1899 m. Pietertje Schipper. 7. Derk Brouwer b. May 15, 1902 m. Eppie Mulder 8. Berend Brouwer b. June 4, 1903 m. Pietertje Vrieze 9. Maarten Brouwer b. March 1, 1905 m. Helena Deboi 10. Anna Brouwer b. July 14, 1906 m. Jurren Buitenweg
Baker`s Baked Beans
BAKER, John. - b. abt. 1755 England, Surrey, possibly Great Bookham or Leatherhead. AMEY, Thomas. - b. abt. 1710 England, Surrey, possibly Great Bookham. WORSFOLD, John. - b. abt. 1795 England, possibly Surrey. BECKER, Konrad. - b. abt. 1790 Germany, Hessendorf. BECKER - Alberta, Canada 1920-1940 , BECKER - Ontario, Canada 1850-1920 , KRUG, Balthazar. - b. abt 1810 Germany. ROTHAERMAL, John. - b. abt 1823 Canada West (Ontario), Waterloo Co., Wellesley Twp. EMERY, John. - b. abt 1600 England, Somerset, Ashwick. EMERY - South Australia, Australia 1800-to date , McMURDO - South Australia, Australia. 1800-1878 . Jeffrey Baker - InterneTree Report: Baker's Baked Beans Baker`s Baked Beans: Surname List
Amanda M Baker of Saint George, KS
InterneTree: Amanda M Baker KS Amanda M Baker of Saint George, KS: Surname List
The Baers of Cleveland OH & South Africa
Genealogy Report: Descendants of Abraham Schultz The Baers of Cleveland OH & South Africa: Surname List
Linda L. Shipps of Ormond Beach, FL
Linda L Armstrong - InterneTree
The Family Tree of Ryan Lee Arians
InterneTree: Ryan L Arians Report: Parent Report Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Johann Rudolph Arians The Family Tree of Ryan Lee Arians: Surname List
Ronald T Anderson II Family Tree
Ronald T Anderson II Family Tree: Surname List
Dr.A.Madhukar Rao of Visakhapatnam, AP, India
Madhukar R Anantarapu - InterneTree
The Castaldo Family Home Page
Marie E Anderson - InterneTree
My Genealogy Home Page
Denise Lynn Anderson surname list
InterneTree: All-in-One Tree of JACOB OWEN\r\n\r\nOutline Descendant Tree: Descendants of HENRY WATKINS\r\n\r\nOutline Descendant Tree: Descendants of JACOB OWEN
Happel-Rundschau / Happel-Genealogy
Happel-Genealogy is a magazine on CD-Rom and internet, which is principally involved in researching this special family name. For subscribers there is a database of 25.000 individuals.
Genealogy the family ENDE and HEIDEN
family research in Mecklenburg, Western Pomerania, Saxonia and Saxonia-Anhalt
Hobler & Associated Families
Tracing the descendants of Jacob Hubler across France, Switzerland, UK, USA and Australia. Dates range from 1500s thru to present day.
De familie Holdijk

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