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Origin of Chin

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Origin of Chin, Meaning of Chin

Origin: Lakin is from England, but Lakin is also an Americanized version of the name Lachinsky which is Lithuanian. There are several American spellings of Lachinsky due to the unfamiliarity with Slavic pronounciation/spelling. My grandfather shortened his name to escape discrimination of being a Jew.
Surnames: Lachinsky, Lakin, Lakinsky
Submitted by: margo lakin
Origin of Chin, Meaning of Chin

Origin: looking for relatives.grandmother was clarice hutchinson bowlby she married clarence bowlby. she was born 01-12-1912 in w va please contact me with any info.
Surnames: hutchinson
Submitted by: sandy bragg
Origin of Chin, Meaning of Chin

Origin: I have been told it is a Lithuanian name.
Surnames: Buchinski
Submitted by: Butch
Origin of Chin, Meaning of Chin

Origin: William & Sarah Hutchinson had lived in Brown County, Texas where my grandfather Joseph was born; Dec. 24, 1879. I know my Great Grandmother Sarah was living in Oklahoma, at the time my Grandfather died in 1935. Any information on the Texas data is greatly appreciated.
Surnames: Hutchinson
Submitted by: Carol (Hutchison) McCollough
Origin of Chin, Meaning of Chin

Origin: Giuseppe Malanchino arrived in 1921, in Sao Paulo, Brasil, from Italy.
Surnames: Malanchino
Submitted by: eliane
Origin of Chin, Meaning of Chin

Origin: Extensive one name study of all Beeching and similar names eg Beaching(not Beauchamp) worldwide. These originate in Kent and East Sussex. Own line starts with Charity Beeching (male) in Ashburnham Sussex in early 18th century.
Surnames: Beeching
Submitted by: Dr Nick Beeching
Origin of Chin, Meaning of Chin

Origin: The origin is from the italian Capuchin Monks. That's about all i know...oh, anbd one of them created Cappuccino. So the spelling evolved to Capuchino later on.
Surnames: capuchino
Submitted by: Anissa
Origin of Chin, Meaning of Chin

Origin: A parish in Ayrshire, Scotland. The etymology of the name may be found in the Gaelic Ach, an elevation, a mound, or round hill, generally level at the top; and leac, a flat stone, a tombstone. In several parts of Ayrshire may be traced the remains of cairns, encampments, and Druidical circles. Auchinleck appears to have been one of those places where the ancient Celts and Druids held conventions, celebrated their festivals, and performed acts of worship.
Surnames: Auchinleck
Submitted by:
Origin of Chin, Meaning of Chin

Origin: There are at least three possible Celtic origins of the Chinn family name; these being;

Chinn in Irish celtic means "head"

Chinne on the coast of Wales refers to an inlet or wash where the sea flows into a river or channel amongst the rocky cliffs

Chynne in old Celtic meaning "of the valley"

Common spellings of the name are CHINN, CHIN, CHINNE, CHYNNE, CHEIN, DE CHYNNE and DE CHYNE

By my record the family arrived from Normandy as the family "de Chynne", the Norman pronunciation of the time, circa the arrival of William the conqueror (mid C11). There are several Chinn coats of arms, that depicted above being associated with the Devonshire branch of the family, and granted while on campaign cir. 1265 in Tournais, Belgium.

There are records of de Chynne also having been in Scotland as part of the unification of that territory, but the Scottish de Chynne's do not appear to have any connection to the present family, having arrived much later (circa 15th / 16th century).

The Chinn's are found throughout south western England, primarily in Cornwall, Somerset, Dorset, Devonshire and Wiltshire. The Chinn ancestral family home is purported to be located in Cornwall, though I have not determined where exactly this may be found. Since their origins in south western England, the Chinn's have emigrated and are now found across the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

While my account above addresses the Celtic origins of the name, it is the Chinese derivation which is probably best known. In 221 B.C the ruler of the western Chinese state of Qin [pronounced Ch'in] subjugated the last of six major states of Eastern Zhou and unified China. He took the title Shi Huangdi (First Emperor). The Qin Dynasty made an indelible mark on the future of China. The English "China" is derived from this as well as the anglicized version of the name Chin. There is also an Asian derivation the name anglicized as Chinn, though less common than the former spelling.
Surnames: Chinn, Chin, Chinne, Chynne, Chein, De Chynne, De Chyne
Submitted by:
Origin of Chin, Meaning of Chin

Origin: hutchins
Surnames: hutchins
Submitted by:

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