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HUFFMASTER -William (Ruth's father) -Ruth (6/11/1857-6/4/1914) Owaneco,IL Christian Co. UNDERWOOD -Achsa (Ruth's mother) BEATY -James Francis (9/14/1850-7/15/1926)Owaneco,IL Christian Co. -Haley Eugene (1/14/1877-12/6/1962) Owaneco,IL -William Luther (9/16/1878-12/6/1943) Owaneco, IL -Ivy (Iona) (10/19/1884-7/4/1941) Owaneco,IL SPEAGLE -Bertha A. (2/20/1879-11/5/1950) Owaneco,IL -Clara Ellen (12/28/1880-6/22/1959) On the CHESTERMAN side: MAY -Nancy Ann This is a hard one. She was a girl 10-12 yrs. old during Revolutionary War and possibly a decendant of a Mayflower family. On Dec. 31, 1799 she married Samuel Cowgill and had 4 boys. Samuel died in 1801(or 7) and Nancy married John Worley Chesterman Feb. 9, 1809. They had 7 children, Rachel,Abraham,Jemima,Elijah, Rebecca, and Jonathan. NANCY ANN MAY. CHESTERMAN -John Worley DAPPERT -Anna Margaret She came from Germany a few years before she married Elijah Smith Chesterman on Nov. 1, 1840 in Canal Dover, Ohio. They had 9 children, Jemima, John Henry, Charles Worley, Anna, James May, Marrard,Caroline, and Oliver K. STAHL -Louisa M. (4/3/1866-10/8/1958) I am very interested in her. She married Oliver K. Chesterman on Jan. 10, 1894 in Spencer, Indiana. I think she might have come from Germany. She and Oliver had 6 children, 4 girls and 2 boys, Maude Viola, Grace Elaine, John Dewey, Omar Kenneth, Anna Marie, and Edith May who was a Downs Syndrome.
In Search of a Branch by William A. Arnold
InterneTree: Robert Albritton In Search of a Branch by William A. Arnold: Surname List

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