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Patti's Family
William Tell Budy Beasley was born 10/15/1884, died 8/20/1960 and his 1st wife was Mary Jane Janie Sowell,they had 8 kids together, and his 2nd wife who was my grandmother, Annie Beulah Sowell she was born 11/6/1907, and she died 7/27/1967, they had 10 kids together. My g-granddaddy was Stephen A Beasley his dates are 1862-1897 or 1898, he married Ida Mae Daughtry her dates 3/4/1868 and she died 10/20/1886. My gg granddaddy was Enoch Beasley, Sr. 4/18/1804 - 10/18/1875, who married Emaline Dixon her dates 4/14/1826 - 6/28/1914, my ggg granddaddy was Thomas Beasley, Sr. 1749-1829 married Pollie Brinson. Patricia Ann Ballard - InterneTree

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