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Pillichody - US & Switzerland
This is a family website that I am working on that contains what I know of the Pillichody's line that came to America as well as some Pillichody's still living in Switzerland today. This is a very rare surname and I'm hoping to get as much info as I can on it. Please, fee free to email me if you have more info, etc.
Angela M Beaner of Billings, MT
InterneTree: Descendant Tree of George Pautler Family Group Sheet Report: Report Angela M Beaner of Billings, MT: Surname List
The Thomas Baustert Home Page
Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Johann Baustert User Home Page Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Heinrich Hartmann Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Peter Baustert My Baustert ancestors came to this country (from Luxembourg) around 1890. They settled in Pa., Mi., and Ok. My paternal great grandparents are Matthias Baustert and Elizabeth Engle, and Jacob Schmidt and Elizabeth Heintz. My paternal grandparents were Nicholas John Baustert and Anna Schmidt. My maternal grandparents are Albert Edward Hartman and Effie Belle Goldinger. My wife is RoseMary Basista. Her paternal great grandparents were Michael Basista and Anna Kertis, and Michael Margitan and Anna Morgan. Her paternal grandparents were Michael Basista and Mary Margitan. Her maternal great grandparents were Matthew Kelcha (aka Zalobin) and Suzanne Olaxsovich, and Michael Fencik and Anna. Her maternal grandparents were Joseph Zalobin and Anna Fencik. They were from Czechoslovakia. The Thomas Baustert Home Page: Surname List
The Basil(Boesl), Donahue, Leid, McCann Family Tree Page.
Report: George Leid - Living Descendants as of 04-10-03 (View PDF) Report: Michael J Donahue - Living Descendants as of 04-10-03 (View PDF) Report: John Boesl II - Living Descendants as of 04-10-03 (View PDF) Report: George McCann - Living Descendants as of 04-10-03 (View PDF) The Basil(Boesl), Donahue, Leid, McCann Family Tree Page.: Surname List
Baker Family Home Page
My father, Louis Himber, was born in this country of Russian/Polish Jewish parents who came from around Warsaw. My mother, Charlotte Brenner Himber, was also born in America, but her parents were originally from Galicia and moved here from Bremen, Germany. InterneTree: All-in-One Tree of Samuel Baker Baker Family Home Page: Surname List
The Mastrangelo Family Homepage
From Connecticut, California, and New Jersey: Atkinson From Pennsylvania and Italy: Mastrangelo, Cortellessa (*Or Cortella*). From Pennsylvania: Taylor, Seiter, Pechin, Porter, Gillmore, Schaffer, Hanes (*or Haines*), Hahn, Webster, Fisher, Enley (*Or Henley*), Werron, Kelly, Smith, Stuhlsytz, Goettner, Neely, Harley, Walter, Hain (*or Hein*), From Montbeliard, France: Pechin, From Washington County, Iowa: Pechin From Brooklyn, New York: Hain (*or Hein*), Weigand From Syracuse, New York: Pechin From Oswago, New York: Bastian From Atlanta, Georgia: Bonshee From Merchantville, New Jersey: Porter From Camden County, New Jersey: Porter From California: Lewis From Santandar, Spain: Gutierrez From Spain: Menna, Linares, Colechar
The Ashley, Hatmaker and Maystead Family Home Page
the George Lee Ashley Family, Adam Hatmaker Family and Henry William Maystead Family. These families have branches in Michigan, New York and Pennsylvania. The Ashley Family reaches to England. The Hatmaker and Maystead Families reach to Germany.
My Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: Terry P Arnold AZ
The Dominique Arnould Family Home Page
Arnould immigrated to Texas in about 1867 from France. Stavinoha immigrated to Texas from Moravia in about 1860. Gaydos immigrated to Texas form Moravia in about 1890. Rakowitz immigrated to Texas from Poland in about 1860. Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Joseph Rakowitz Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Josef Stawinoha, sediak Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Arnould Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Gaydos Genealogy Report: Descendants of Josef Stawinoha, Sediak The Dominique Arnould Family Home Page: Surname List
The Larry Arnett Family Home Page
my great-great-great grandparent John ARNETT and Charity CRUMLEY from NC, IN & OH, They had 8 children: Alice, Nancy, Willis, Elizabeth, & Ether, Sarah, William & James. Peter CARSON and Pheobe Ann WOODROW of Brant and Wentworth Countys in Ontario. the HEACOCK family of Pensylvania around the early 1700's. HENSELs from Pennsylvania (early 1800s), SCHAFFERs from Illinois (early 1800's), HARRISONs from Manchester (late 1800's), RASMUSSENs and JOHNSENs from Norway (early 1800's).
Barry R. Ankney And Barbara Anne Ankney
Barry R Ankney - InterneTree
Andrews / Rennard
Descendant Tree: Descendants of William WEBSTER Herbert W. ANDREWS b1868 Worcestor, MA + Florence Estella WEBSTER b1869 Orange, MA == Horace Sumner ANDREWS b1896 Shrewsbury, MA John Titus GORANSON b1871 Dalarna, Sweden + Emma Otillia OLSSON b1868 Westeros?, Sweden == Florence Dorothy GORANSON b1896 Worcester, MA Daniel MURPHY b1868 Worcester, MA + Elizabeth SWAN b Worcester, MA == Albert Joseph MURPHY b1903 Worcestor, MA Kazamier WILKES b1871 Vilna, Lithuania + Antonestt TARONIS b1877 Vilna, Lithuania == Statia Rita WILKES b1908 Worcestor, MA Benjamin RENNARD b 1846 Ohio? + Margaret McCONNELL == Charles Franklin RENNARD b1872 Ohio Josiah LASHLEY b1836 Belmont Co., OH + Isabella Jane SCHAFFER b1846 Belmont Co., OH == Charlotte Daricy LASHLEY b1876 Joshua HAWKINS + Mary Ann MORROW == James Arthur HAWKINS b Barrie, Ont. John C. PRESTON + Mary I. WINSLOW b1849? == Sarah Ann Preston b1877 Medonte, Canada
Roger & Tammy Anderson
Polish immigrants about 5 generations back and Native American Indian on my wife's side. InterneTree: Roger C Anderson
The Descendant's of John G. Menge
Karl Menge born in Germany and his descendant's. The Descendant's of John G. Menge: Surname List
Rev. John Ward Anderson - Hampshire Co. Va. & Mingo IA
InterneTree: Descendants of John Anderson Rev. John Ward Anderson - Hampshire Co. Va. & Mingo IA: Surname List
Donald Anderson Family Tree
InterneTree: Donald L Anderson SD Donald Anderson Family Tree: Surname List
The Family of Ira R. Allen of Bethesda, MD
InterneTree: Ira R Allen\r\n\r\nThe Family of Ira R. Allen of Bethesda, MD:\r\nSurname List\r\n
The Prante/Lee Family History
The Cranes (Lee family) were pioneers to California. \r\n\r\nThe Prante family originates in Germany. Many of them still live in the Quincy, Illinois area. Some are also located in the Freeport, Illinois area. \r\n\r\nInterneTree: Descendants of Edward Savage Thomas\r\n\r\nReport: Kinship of Edward Savage Thomas\r\n\r\nOutline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Edward Savage Thomas\r\n
My Genealogy Home Page
Robert D Aldrich surname list
My Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: Amanda Achemire\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n
Happel-Rundschau / Happel-Genealogy
Happel-Genealogy is a magazine on CD-Rom and internet, which is principally involved in researching this special family name. For subscribers there is a database of 25.000 individuals.
275 YEAR HISTORY OF The Lape Family
275 YEAR HISTORY OF The Lape Family
gura humorului jewish community
The aim of these pages is to provide a photographic record and to provide the burial records of the Gura Humorului Jewish cemetery, and others records from the Jewish community of that town, for the benefit of those genealogists who
live some distance away and for the decedents of Gura
humorului Jewish community.
Cutlip Connection
Cutlip Family Association presents: Cutlips in America -- Ancestors and Descendants of George Cutlip who arrived in Charleston, SC on 17-Oct-1749. Cutlip.Org serves as a hub for Cutlip Family activities.
The Northwest Twig of the Peppan/Pepin Family Tree
How Pepin became Peppan in Washington State.
Saskia & Joseph Bondy's family trees
This site contains over 1000 individuals and 300 associated images. It is currently being up-dated and has over 3000 individuals now listed. It is expected that the updated and expanded family tree will be uploaded in 2001.
LeVonda's Family Tree
My page consists of my family ancestors as I know them to be. All the information contained within these pages may not be completely accurate as I am always doing research to find out new facts and fix mistakes. But what info I have is listed and there iBales, Bomar, Danner, Freeman, Goforth, Sanford, Schaffer, Shaver, Smith, Vickery, Wilson
Shafer Schaeffer Schaffer Shaffer Shaver
The descendants of Casper Shafer and Maria Catrina Bernhardt Casper Schaeffer was a delegate from Sussex County to New Jersey's Provisional Congress of 1776. He married Maria Catrina (Catherina)Bernhardt, daughter of John Peter Bernhardt. Casper and MariaSchaeffer, Schaffer, Shafer, Shaffer, Shaver
Douglas & Connie Bauer Thielemann Genealogy Database
Searchable genealogical database with over 4000 names
Roth-Meissner Maternal Lineage
Roth-Meissner maternal lineage has imigration dates and ships that are listed. Ports of call and destinations taken. Settled in York, NE and Lincoln, Nebraska and had tailor and shoe shops. Fredrick-Johnson paternal lineage from Des Plaines, IL, near ChiConrad, Doos, Fredrick, Fredricks, Friedrich, Johnson, Meissner, Reich, Roth, Schaffer
Historie der Bezdicek & Kraft seit ca. 1535 - 465 Jahre Familienchronik
I am looking for ancestors, relatives and genealogy friends all over the world. My ancestors came from France, Bohemia, Germany.

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