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Raymond Schad's Genealogy Page
My Schads settled at St. Nazianz, Wisconsin when they first arrived in the U.S. They eventually moved to Nebraska and Kansas.
Danny Beason surname list
Bates Family From South Dakota
South Dakota Bates Family Tree
The Mike and Ingrid Battersby Family Home Page
Ingrid Battersby - InterneTree
Batchen Family Tree-dedicated to John Mck Batchen 1921-1990
James Batcho of Elgin Scotland about 1690. Deborah Georgina Batchen surname list
Bateham Family
Bateham Family Tree
Humboldt Honey's Home Page
Humboldt Honey's Home Page: Surname List
Descendants of Nathaniel Harriman (Herriman) Ontario, Canada
Nathaniel Harriman was either born in Hadley, MA or Norwich, CT in 1758. He married Bethania Snow in Hardwick, MA in 1781 and they had 9 children. We believe him to be the son of Nathaniel Harriman b. Oct 9, 1723,the brother of Jonathan b. 1753, the grandson of Matthew Harriman born August 16, 1652 and the great grandson of Leonard Harriman. Nathaniel received a land grant of 200 acres near the town of Cobourg, Hamilton Township, Northumberland County, Ontario (then called Hamilton in Upper Canada) on September 1, 1797. He may have been referred to as a Simcoe Loyalist. We have recently added information on his brother, Jonathan who moved from Vermont to Sandy Creek, NY. Diadamia was the youngest daughter of Nathaniel and Bethania. She was reported to be stolen from the lake shore near Cobourg, Ontario by Mississauga Indians on June 7, 1797 just 4 weeks after the family arrived from Rupert, Vermont. A poem written by Bethania entitled The Lost Child was meant to tell her parents, Jesse and Mary Snow,(nee Eaton)in Hardwick, MA, about the loss of Diadamia. Nathaniel, his second son, is the direct line ascendant to the author. He was a well respected person and served in the Provincial Dragoons during the war of 1812 -1815. His younger brother, Luther, was also in the Canadian Militia during that war. Luther then became a physician and was married twice; the first to Sarah White (5 children) (Sarah may have died as a result of childbirth complications) and the second to Abigail Dean. That marriage produced 7 children. Two sons, Weston Leroy and Elbridge also became physicians. After serving on the Union side during the Civil War, as surgeons, they both returned to establish practices in Lindsay, Ontario. Elbridge then moved to Grand Forks, North Dakota some time after 1879. The Harriman History (Feudalism to Freedom)by Lois Ware Thurston,comments on the Harriman Name. The name Harriman was not uncommon in England, suggesting there was no one Harriman family, but several unrelated families with the same name. Some of the earliest Harriman records were found in Uldale and it was only in these records that another Harriman with the Christian name Leonard was found. Uldale is in Cumberland County (the Lake District) in Northern England near the Scottish border (and recent center of the outbreak of foot and mouth disease) There are variant spellings of Harriman, Herriman, Harryman, Herryman, as in those days people often spelt a name the way it sounded. Charles W. Bardsley, author of ?A Dictionary of English and Welsh Surnames?, claims the name Harryman is an occupational name meaning servant of Henry which when spoken sounds like Harry?. When the Harriman?s left Uldale it was likely to find a better way of life, rather than religious freedom. Leonard and John Harriman found themselves caught up in the Great Migration of the 1630's. and arrived with Reverend E Rogers in New England in 1638. They set out from Rawley, Yorkshire, England. Descendants of Nathaniel Harriman (Herriman) Ontario, Canada: Surname List
FREDERICK GEARHART b. 1832 Danville, PA m to SARAH LOUISA PANKES/PANCOAST. Book: GEARHART FAMILY ALBUM Genealogy Report: Descendants of Thomas Wisdom Genealogy Report: Descendants of Jonathan Mills Genealogy Report: Descendants of Christopher Avery, Sr Genealogy Report: Descendants of David Pankes Pancoast
Jacob Keller Family History
Janet Baker SURNAME LIST Jacob Keller Family History: Surname List
Albert M Baker & Shirley Ruth Owens Home Page
Albert Murrell Baker Ar - InterneTree
The Albert M. Baker Family Home Page
Albert Murrell Baker surname list
Bailey Family of Los Angeles, Ca
Bailey Family of Los Angeles, Ca: Surname List
Jeff and Evonna Bailey and Family, Gladstone, Missouri.
Jeff and Evonna Bailey and Family, Gladstone, Missouri.: Surname List
My Genealogy Home Page
Flora Baird surname list
The Bailey Family
My great grandfather was Ranel or Randall Bailey. He was born about 1848 and died about 1944. InterneTree: Clintine E Bailey The Bailey Family: Surname List
Genealogy Report: Descendants of Brislin Genealogy Report: Descendants of Domenico DiFrancesco Genealogy Report: Descendants of Johannes Barth Genealogy Report: Descendants of Reese Genealogy Report: Descendants of Orazio BAHRT FAMILY Johannes Georg Martin Bahrt came to the United States in December 1847 from the small village of Sus (Suess) which is in Hessen, Germany (Formerly the Kingdom of Hessen-Kassel). He settled in Tamaqua, Pennslvannia and was living with the Miller family (1850 census). Martin (namesake), went back to his village several months later and returned in February of 1848 with his brother John Georg. John Georg settled in Hazleton with his wife Rebecca Rueth and their two children George and Maria M. Martin and John Georg's sister, Anna Martha Hess (nee Bahrt) also came to America and settled in Luzerne Co. Martin , probably married the daughter of Christian Miller, Elizabeth, who died young but had one son with Martin named John William. John William married Sophia Elizabeth Kannegiesser, daughter of John and Rachel Kannegiesser of Herigen, Prussia. Areas of decendent migration include: Tamaqua and Hazleton PA, New Jersey, Inyo Co. California, and Buffalo, New York. FAMILY DIFRANCESCO Anna DiFrancesco came to the United States in 1905 with Donato DelNegro,husband of her niece Filomena Checchia. In 1906, Anna married Pasquale Orazio of Buccino, Italy. Anna had been living on 4th Ave in Elizabeth, NJ with her brother Antonio (DeFrance)and Pasquale with his uncle Vincenzo DiLeo (Leo). Anna was the daughter of Felice DiFrancesco and Maria Lugia Berardi (St. Anthony's marriage record states Monaco). Anna was born in the village of Montazzoli, which is in the provence of Chieti, state of Abruzzo. Anna's brothers and sisters include Gennaro and Albina (Checchia) who stayed in Montazzoli, Antonio and Laura Giovina who emmigrated to the United States., Giacinta (married Camillo Baratucci), Mariangiola, and Guiseppe. There may have been more, and supposidly one when to either Argentina or Sao Paolo, Brazil. Nobody remembers who or their name. REESE FAMILY Mariam Reese was born in 1860 in Wales and settled in Audenried, Pennsylvania (Yorktown)about 1883. She married George Price and they had several children, only 4 daughters survived to adulthood: Charlotte (Roberts), Mariah (Smith), Mary Ann (Bahrt), and Susan. Mariam died in 1909, and listed in her obituary were brothers Thomas and Benjamin Reese. One brother lived in Hocking Valley, Ohio, the other in Audenreid. Nobody knows who their decendents are or of their parents. Mariam and George Price are buried in the Jeansville Methodist Cemtery. BRISLIN FAMILY Neil Brislin came to the United States as a child with several brothers and sisters from Ireland and settled in Mauch Chunk, Pennsylvania (Carbon County). He had a brother named James Brislin (1880 Census), and married his wife Jane (Anne)Boyle around 1860. Jane had one known brother, Michael, who lived in McAdoo, PA. Neil and Jane had several children, only 3 lived to adulthood: Hugh, James, and Catherine. Later in life son Hugh changed his surname to Breslin. For the majority of their lives they lived in Jeddo, Middletown, Pennsyvlania, and are buried at St. Anns Cemetery in Freeland, PA. MOONEY FAMILY John Mooney was from the village of Lougherherk, Ireland which is in the Union of Glenties, Co. Donegal (Parish Glencoulmkille). John married Anne Boyle from the village of Owenteskinney (Owenteskna) which is in the Union of Glenties, Co. Donegal. John was barely 17 years old when he married his bride who was much older than him. They married at the Chapel of Ardara in Donegal, Ireland on November 24th, 1874. They emmigrated to the United States in 1875 and settled in Eckley, Luzerne Co. Pennsylvania. John's parents were Hugh Mooney, and Madge Carr who stayed in Ireland with John's siblings Hugh and Mary. One of his sisters, Anne, came to the United States and married John Campbell and settled in Drifton, Pennsylvania. Anne's parents were William Boyle and Anne Harvey. Supposidly she had several brothers who were teachers in the area of Owenteskna.
Celeste Azevedo Family Tree
Celeste Azevedo Family Tree: Surname List
SERGIO AZEVEDO surname list
Allyn A. Ayotte Family Home Page
Allyn A. Ayotte Family Home Page: Surname List
Minckler, Lunt, Baldwin, Royce, Mott, Fortune, & Lee Lines
InterneTree: Kiflin Ayers Genealogy Report: Descendants of Kilian Minckler Genealogy Report: Descendants of George Mott Minckler, Lunt, Baldwin, Royce, Mott, Fortune, & Lee Lines: Surname List
Fulcard(Volkert) Auten was born in Sussex NJ abt. 1752. He was a soldier in the Revolutionary War, He enlisted in 1775. Soon after peace broke out, Fulcard moved to Lincoln County, NC. That is where he married Elizabeth Bonham(June 17, 1788). They lived there for 22 years and had 8 children. Then moved to Mecklenburg County, NC, Where he died at the age of 101. While Fulcard was enlisted in the war. He had an uncle that was Capt. Fulcard(volkert) Seaborn, who was commander of his company when he(Fulcard Auten) enlisted in 1775.
Smith Family of California
InterneTree: Ancestors of Maeve R (Smith) Austin Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Patrick Henry Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of George Wightman Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Francis Austin Genealogy Report: Ancestors of Maeve R (Smith) Austin Smith Family of California: Surname List
The Athy Family of Galway
The Athy Family of Galway: Surname List
The Jo Ann Assal's Genealogical Research Home Page
BOTTGER - GER-IA 1850's+; BRODENSTEIN - GER; MORGAN - OH-IN-IA 1800's+; POWER - PA-IA 1800's+; SCHANSEIL - GER - 1800+; SHY - PA-IA 1800'S+; SNIDER - GER-PA-IA - late 1700's+. These are my paternal lines. Researching ALLRED - NC-TN - 1700+; ANDERSON/ANDRIESSEN - HOLLAND-NY-NJ - 1600+; ASHBOUGH/ERSCHBACH - HOLLAND-PA - 1700+; BOOTHE - ENG - 1300's+; BOYD - KY-MO-CO - 1800+; BROMLEY - ENG - 1300+; BUTLER - VA-KY-MO - 1700's+; CHADESDEN - ENG - 1300+; COX - PA-NC-GA-KY - 1700+; DEARDORFF/DIERDORFF - PA-VA 1700+; DOWNS - ENG - 1300+; FITZHERBERT - ENG - 1300+; GRENON ARM - ENG - 1300+; HANCOCKS/HANCOCHS - ENG - 1300+; HODGES - ENG - 1300+; HOPKINS - WALES-MD-NC-GA-KY 1600+; JENKINS - NC - 1700+; KNIVETON - ENG - 1300+; LEDFORD - ENG-VA-NC-KY-TN-MO-CO - 1700+; LEIGHTON - ENG - 1300+; LISTER - ENG - 1300+; LONGFORD - ENG - 1300+; McDONNOLD/McDONALD - SCT?-VA-TN-MO - 1700+; McKINZIE/McKENZIE - KY-MO 1700+; MARSHALL de UPTON - ENG - 1300+; MITCHELL - ENG - 1300+; MONTGOMERY - ENG - 1300+; MORGAN - MD - 1600+; MURRAY - MD - 1600+; MUSGRAVE - ENG - 1200+; OPDYCK - HOLLAND-NY-NJ 1600+; ONSLOW - ENG 1300+; PEARCE/PIERCE - MD - 1600+; PHILLIPS - ENG - 1700+; PRESTON - MD - 1700+; PURCELL - ENG - 1300+; SELLS - PA-VA-TN - 1740; SMITH - NJ-VA-NC - 1700+; STEPTOE - MD or VA? - 1700+; TIPTON - ENG-JAMAICA-MD-VA-KY-MO-CO - 1200+ TURNER - PA-VA-NC-KY-MO 1600+; WELLS - NC - 1700+; WEST - MD - 1600+; WHEELER - MD - 1600+; WILLIAMS - MD - 1600+; WILLIAMS - WV-NC - 1700+; WINNINGHAM - NC-TN-MO 1700+; WOODSMALL - VA-KY-MO - 1700+
Richard Frederic Ashenden Family Home Page
Richard F Ashenden - InterneTree
The Maine Ashton Family Home Page
Henry and Jane Ashton migrated from England in 1863.Neil and his children are descended from George Soule through his daughter Mary who married John Peterson. Martin Ward was son of Nehemiah and Sarah (?Wilson) Ward and Nehemiah was son of Martin, b abt 1803.
The Leon Artus Family Tree
InterneTree: Leon Bruce Artus Atkinson Report: Kinship of Artus Report: Kinship of William Charles Artus Genealogy Report: Descendants of Artus Genealogy Report: Descendants of William Charles Artus William Charles Artus b:1860-1923 in Cheltenham, England. He was married first to my Great Grandmother Emily Ann Hawkes b:1862-1891 and second to Alice Moore B:1867-?
The Arthur-Kelly-Cashen families of Baltimore Maryland
John Pierce Arthur immigrated to the United States with his wife and three children in 1849. In Matchett?s Baltimore Directory for 1853 it is noted that he was a woolen factor and lived at 71 Potter. He died in Baltimore, MD in 1853 at age 35 of typhoid pneumonia. He was buried on the 9th of March in St. Patrick?s Cemetery Yard, Fells Point. John P. Arthur was born in Castle Connell, County Limerick, Ireland; his wife Maria Maroney was born in County Clare; their parents were in the Wool business; they came to ?America? in 1849, first arriving in New Orleans and then to Baltimore in 1850 where they lived on Hawk Street; three children were born in County Clare (J. Thomas Arthur, Elizabeth Arthur Frederick, and Frank Arthur). Elizabeth Frist Gutman, (Bess Gutman) was the daughter of Margaret Ann Arthur Frist. Margaret Ann was born in Baltimore in 1850. The earliest documentation of the Arthur family is the passenger list of the ship Forfarshire that sailed from Liverpool, England and arrived in New Orleans on December 28, 1948. The ship?s register shows the names of John (30) and Mary Arthurs (30), Anne Arthurs (32), James Arthurs (20), Thomas (7), Bridget (5) and Francis (3). While the register shows that the ship arrived in New Orleans on Dec 28, 1848 a close examination indicates that the ship?s register was completed on that date at Liverpool. Arrival in New Orleans would probably have been four or five weeks later in February 1849. It is believed that Bridget Arthurs was Elizabeth Arthur Frederick. Although later accounts point to her birth in New Orleans our research concludes that she was born in Ireland. The conclusion is that many females received the name Bridget when they were born in Ireland and her name was also Elizabeth. The Kelly family emigrated from Ireland to Philadelphia PA. Anna Clark Kelly came from Newry, Co Down, where she was educated in a convent school. She came to this country with her sister who remained in Philadelphia. Thomas Kelly came from CO Louth in Ireland. Thomas and Anna met in this country and were married in Philadelphia. Three children were born in Philadelphia (Mary Jane-1857; Thomas J. -1859 and John-1862). Four more children were born after they moved to Baltimore. Thomas Kelly Sr. had a fashionable Shoe Shop on Centre Street near the present St. Ignatius. A Baltimore City Directory for 1896 shows ?Kelly Thos, shoemkr. 111 E. Centre, h 907 E Chase?. In 1871 and 1872 he was shown as living at 189 Chesnut St. The family also lived on Hillen Street near the Belair Market before they moved to Chase Street. The families of Lacey and Holden besides the Arthurs are direct descendants of this family. Richard Cashen came to this country in 1915 through Ellis Island. He was born in County Tipperary, Ireland in a town called Templederry. He was one of ten children. Seven children came to the US and three remained in Ireland. One went to New Orleans, two went to St. Louis and four came to Baltimore. The Arthur-Kelly-Cashen families of Baltimore Maryland: Surname List
Marvin Luther Arnold of Odessa, Texas
InterneTree: Descendant Fan Tree of Anthony Gholson Sr. Ancestor Tree of James Arnold Sr. Descendant Tree of James Sr. Arnold Descendant Fan Tree of Anthony Gholson Sr. Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of James Sr. Arnold Genealogy Report: Ancestors of James Sr. Arnold Marvin Luther Arnold of Odessa, Texas : Surname List
The Heritage of Eli Arnold
Eli Arnold - InterneTree
The Edward Plumer Nickless Home Page
InterneTree: Descendants of Edward Plumer Nickless Edward and Jessie Nickless, my great-grandparents, had fourteen children.
Phyllis Anderson Of Gresham,Or
my paternal grandfather was Thomas Lloyd and he was born in Cardiff,Wales Aug.12,1838,came to U.S as a young boy and died in Glenwood,Iowa Mar.14,1916. Phyllis Anderson Family Tree Phyllis Lloyd Family Tree
The Andre Family Home Page
Gerald W Andre - InterneTree
My Genealogy Home Page
Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of John Pearce
P?gina de la Familia mas Cari?osa de Puerto Rico: Amador
Jos A Amador - InterneTree Outline Descendant Tree: Descendientes de Benito Amador y Antonia Hern?ndez Oliva
The Larry G. Allen Family Home Page
my g-grandfather, John Robert Allen who was born in Knox Co., Missouri on Febraury 19, 1873. My mother's line (Shearwood). My paternal grandmother's family (Taylor). Genealogy Report: Descendants of John Robert Allen Genealogy Report: Descendants of Thomas Prence Genealogy Report: Descendants of William Shearwood, Jr. Genealogy Report: Descendants of Charles P. Spaulding
Bennett,Binkley,Boucher,Cagle,Carney,Demonbreun and more
This page is dedicated to my mother's ancestors. She is a double descendent of Nashville's first citizen, Jacques Timothe Boucher Sieur De Montbrun or aka Timothy Demonbreun. Please see the links section for links to my other family web pages.
Bobby & Dianne(Heap) Allen Family Home Page
ALLEN, David b. England 1723\r\nALLEN, John b. PA 1752\r\nALLEN, George T. b. TN 1793\r\nALLEN, Montecue Cuthbert b. 1828\r\nALLEN, William Walker b. MS 1852\r\nALLEN, James Charner b. MS 1884\r\nBROWN, William Edward b. TN 1843\r\nBROWN, Arthur Eugene b. TX 1891\r\nCAMPBELL, William Columbus b. TN 1822\r\nCAMPBELL, Leander Parnick b. abt. 1844\r\nCAMPBELL, John Anderson b. TN 1866\r\nCHADWICK, James b. England 1788\r\nCHADWICK, Harriett b. England 1861\r\nDAILY, Jacob d. PA 1812\r\nDAILY, Susanna b. abt 1810\r\nDAVIS, Arthur Cobb b. 1844 VT\r\nDAVIS, Flora Alice b. 8-12-1874\r\nDAVIS, Oscar Arthur b. 11-20-1869\r\nDEEMER, James F. b. TX abt 1851\r\nDEEMER, Isabel Cassandra b. TX 1872\r\nEBRIGHT, Henry b. Switzerland abt 1710\r\nEBRIGHT, John b. PA 1747\r\nEBRIGHT, Andrew b. PA 1793\r\nEBRITE, George W. b. PA 1840\r\nEBRITE, Harry b. PA 1870\r\nFOX, Samuel Turner b. TX 1865\r\nFOX, Cynthianne 'Newman' b. OK 1908\r\nGRUBB, Catharine b. PA abt 1752 d. 12-20-1952 OH\r\nGRUBB, Michael b. abt 1755\r\nGRUBB, Jacob b. abt 1757\r\nHANNAH, Sarah Margaret b. PA 1-30-1847\r\nHEAP, Joseph in England\r\nHEAP, John b. England 1857\r\nHEAP, Florence Nightingale b. MA 1886\r\nHEAP, Joseph Albert 'Bert' b. NH 1893\r\nHORNE, Sarah Elizabeth b. MS June 18Bobby & Dianne Allen

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