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Cole, Warren and Roberts Family Tree
These families started in Grayson Co VA and Washington Co VA and spread out all over the country.
Chantal Asselstine Family Tree
InterneTree: Jemima Benham (Beecher)
The Gary D. Amstutz of Springfield, Mo
InterneTree: Gary D Amstutz My grandpa was Earl Amstutz and he was from the Orville, Ohio area. The Gary D. Amstutz of Springfield, Mo.: Surname List
Genealogy Work in Progress
ENNIS - My gg-grandfather is Thomas R. ENNIS born 1847 in Arkansas and lived in Palo Pinto County, Texas. I\m looking for his descendants. His children (all born in Texas)are:\r\n1 Richard D. ENNIS married E.E. PICKENS on 5/14/1893\r\n2 John D. ENNIS married Winnie SALSMAN (from Missouri) on 7/16/1895\r\n3 Eliza J. ENNIS married John W. BROWN on 7/25/1897\r\n4 Harvey ENNIS born 11/1883\r\n5 Marion Cleveland ENNIS married Ada CAWOOD\r\n6 Mary ENNIS married Walter BISHOP on 6/25/1899\r\n7 Lilly Marie ENNIS married John Marion ALLEN about 1913\r\n8 Wyoma ENNIS born 8/1898\r\n9 General Dewey 'Bud' ENNIS born 4/13/1900\r\n10 Lora Mae ENNIS born 12/24/1901\r\n11 Rubie Lee ENNIS married Charles J. MEDDERS\r\n\r\nThomas\ known grandchildren: Gladys May ENNIS, Hillis Hewey ENNIS, Curtis Gerald ALLEN, Dorris Lynwood ALLEN, and William Thomas MEDDERS.\r\n\r\nFULCHER - Located in Texas and New Mexico.\r\n\r\nSTEPHENS - Located in Texas.\r\n\r\nCRYER - Located in Texas.\r\n\r\nWRIGHT - Located in Texas.\r\n\r\nGenealogy Report: Descendants of Josiah Allen\r\n
The Cawood File
First of several pages of descendants of Joshua Cawood (b. c1690) of Yorkshire.

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