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Don Bean's Family Tree
InterneTree: Standard Pedigree Tree of Donald William Bean Don Bean's Family Tree: Surname List
My Branch of the Seaton Family Tree
Pearl Barker born 1897 died 1971 in Aspen Co. Married Nelson Smith in Carthridge Mo in 1915. Genealogy Report: Descendants of James Seaton My Branch of the Seaton Family Tree: Surname List
The Caton family of Indiana and California
My Fathers name is James Irvin Caton and my mothers name is Frances Ann Wilson. My Grandfather on my fathers side is Connie I. Caton And my Grandmother on my fathers side is Mary B. Norris. Grandpa connie Caton was born in Indiana on 02/21/1898 and died on 12/02/1966 and is buried in pogue cemetary in Prarie Creek Indiana. Grandpa connie and Grandma Mary lived on a farm in Prarie Creek Indiana.
Penny's Kickin' Kin
Penny Pratt Baker surname list
The McNiece Family Home Page
James William McNeace was born in Tennessee about 1865 and moved to Independence Co., Arkansas before 1881. He married Rosie? Echols about 1881 in Arkansas. He died just before 1899 in Remmel, Arkansas. Carol M Austin - InterneTree
Patricia Carol Ashman
Patricia C Ashman - InterneTree
Simi's Genealogy Page
InterneTree: Simona Asaro Simi's Genealogy Page: Surname List
My Duncan Lineage
InterneTree: Leannah Nichols (Nicholson)
Homepage For David Arber & Lesley Arber (Nee Whittaker) Uk
ARBER - the branch goes back to our sixth great grandparents, John and Martha, who married around 1714 and lived in Burwell, Cambridgeshire. The earlier generations were mainly occupied as Bricklayers, but our third great grandfather Benjamin Arber became a miller and bought his own windmill in the late 1850's at Littleport, Cambridgeshire. DUDLEY - from Fazeley, Staffordshire and Stoke Golding in Hinckley, Leicestershire GREEN - from Tamworth, Staffordshire. HOWGATE - our line goes back to James and Susannah from Dewsbury, Yorkshire about 1800. STUBBINGS - Gt Wilbraham & Waterbeach, Cambridgeshire WHITTAKERS our line originates from the Nelson, Briarfields area of Lancashire. WILKINSON - starting with Allen c.1840's from Penistone, Yorkshire. InterneTree: Lesley Arber Report: Members of our Tree Genealogy Report: All our ancesters starting from our own children
Applebee/Ruthven Family Of England
the Applebee family. Earliest ancestor to date is Miles b.1790 Dedham, Essex. Known children Miles b.1821, Sarah Ann b.1823, William David b.1827, Edward b.1830, Henry George b.1832, Hannah Ann b.1836. Lived in Essex but some later found in Kent. the Ruthven family. Earliest known ancestor is George Thomas Joseph b.1792. Lived and worked in London. Known children George John William b.1816, Thomas Joseph Samuel b.1828,Henry Charles b.1829, Christopher Charles Robert b.1830, Adolphus Devereux b.1832, Louisa Ellen Isabella b.1833, Grace b.1834, Mary Ann Sarah Jane b.1836, Catherine b.1839 & Alfred.
Devereux Family in GA-AL-MS
descendants of Richard Devereux b.1804 GA and Sarah Whatley b. 1813 SC, who lived in FL/AL and finally settled in Jackson County MS in the 1850's. Devereux Family in GA-AL-MS: Surname List
Ancestors of Ross Clarence ALLEN - Ontario - Canada
My ggggreat grandfather was James ALLEN, born in New Brunswick about 1798 and moved to Kitley Township, Leeds & Grenville County, Ontario, Canada as a young boy. InterneTree: Ross C Allen
The Ancestry of Jennifer Allen
InterneTree: Anna Maria Schaust 'Scheustal'\r\n\r\nThe Ancestry of Jennifer Allen:\r\nSurname List\r\n
Aleandri's In America
InterneTree: Descendant Fan Tree of Vincenzo Aleandri\r\n\r\nAll-in-One Tree of Fabio Aleandri (PDF Format)\r\n\r\nDescendant Fan Tree of Vincenzo Aleandri (PDF Format)\r\n\r\nGenealogy Report: Ancestors of Vincenzo Aleandri (View PDF)\r\n
The Lerpinieres
uFTi Website on surname \Lerpiniere\
Genealogy of my family and related surnames.Hobbies and Pets
Genealogy of my family and related surnames.Hobbies and Pets
Cator, Southworth, Pendleton, Keyser,& Related Families
Much more information is not yet on website
Vencato in the Worl
Page dedicated to Vencatos,to find out roots,language and origin
The Brickmason's Sons
Main forcus is the Carney family of Bay City/Detroit Michigan, Gamble of Fishlake, Yorkshire, and Poole of Preston, Lancashire.
Foss Adoption
Are you missing a child from your family tree? Maybe this one belongs to your FOSS Family. Take a look and see.
Website designed to further researchers in their search for genealogical information and will provide a growing list of links and useful resources to aid researchers in their Quest for Genealogical Success as well as research data for various regions. \r\n\r\n
Welcome to the Lyles Home Page
Our families lived in Alabama, New Jersey, North Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia. Please visit our homepage to view our descendant outlines
catoire - moscow - russia

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