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Origin of Cart

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Origin of Cart, Meaning of Cart

Origin: The name in England and Ireland is of Old Norse or Norman origin. Most commonly found in Orkney & Shetland Islands, Isle of Man and the midlands of England, namely Cumberland, Durham and North Yorkshire and in the South East of Ireland. The name almost certainly entered Ireland during the Norman invasions circa 1200.
Surnames: Scarf, Scarfe, Scarff, Scarffe, Scarfth, Scarfthe, Scariff, Scarrif, Scarth, Scharf
Submitted by: Darryl Scarff
Origin of Cart, Meaning of Cart

Origin: From Normandy in the 90
Surnames: Carterete, Cartrett, Cartwright, Catrett, De Carteret
Submitted by: JULIA CATRETT
Origin of Cart, Meaning of Cart

Origin: William Cartmill, 1859-1917; Bessbrook, Armagh, Ireland to Chicopee, Mass. to Cohoes, NY to Chicopee, Mass; son of William Cartmill and Jane Cartmill (maiden name)
Surnames: Cartmill
Submitted by: Susan Malone
Origin of Cart, Meaning of Cart

Origin: The pioneers of Pocahontas county represented many races. The present family, of Irish origin, is one of the oldest families in the county. Timothy McCarty, the founder of this family, was born in Ireland. He settled on Knapp's creek, Pocahontas county, at some time before the revolution, thus being one of the earliest settlers within what is now Pocahontas county, and one of the veritable pioneers of western Virginia. In the revolution he was a soldier. He married (first) Nancy Honeyman; (second) Jane, daughter of James and Mary Waugh. Children: Daniel, married Elizabeth Moore; Preston; Justin; James; Thomas; two other sons by first marriage. All these sons by the first marriage served in the war of 1812, and only Daniel returned to Pocahontas county to live; Eli, married Margaret Moore; Reuben; Samuel, married Phoebe Moore; Jacob, of whom further; Nancy, married Robert McClary; Jane, married Harvey Casebolt; Martha; Sally, married Ezekiel Boggs; Isaac; two other so! ns and two other daughters by the second marriage.
Surnames: McCarty
Submitted by: History of West Virginia
Origin of Cart, Meaning of Cart

Origin: Cartin is believed to come from the Artain family, a chieftain family in County Down, Northern Ireland. The name being Mac Artain (Son of Artain) became anglicized to Cartain and then to Cartan or Cartin.
Surnames: Cartin
Submitted by: Cartin
Origin of Cart, Meaning of Cart

Origin: Cartner - it is believed that the Cartner name may have originated from Karnten, Austria. I have been told they were brought to England to do lead mining near the Northumberland area.
Surnames: Cartner
Submitted by: Brad Cartner

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