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Chandler, Griffin, Mitchell, Jones, West, Hatcher, Roycroft
My name is Glenda(Chandler)Parshall and I am the webmaster of this site. If you have any comments or feedback please write to me at
This is about our family History, and where we came from. If you find any errors or mistakes Please Fill free to contract me and help with any information you might have like dates or names city's please email me. Also if you have any of our family History INFO in our family that can help us please contack me. Thank you Glenda
The Steve Bast Family Home Page
Steve Bast surname list
Shari Laraine Shreve the Shreve and Brown Families
InterneTree: Shari L Balog Genealogy Report: Ancestors of Shari Laraine Shreve Book: Shreve / Brown Family Ties Shari Laraine Shreve the Shreve and Brown Families: Surname List
Jimmy Baker of Mulvane, Kansas
Charles Baker around 1818 Micheal Kish born abt 1785 from Germany Henry Burr wife Mary J. William Greenbury Baker James Hine from England born 1885 Mary Nightingale from England born 1886 InterneTree: Jimmy F Baker
The Baggs Family (in the Midwest)
K. BAGGS surname list
Denise Ayers surname list
Hamilton - Ayers Family Tree
Ancestors of Carolyn Kathryn Turner 1906 -1994 Ancestors of Alice Gertrude Ridge 1898 -1980 Ancestors of R. Nelson/M. Scharz 1913 -1978 Ancestors of Maurice Frank Ayers 1895 -1955 Ancestors of Stanley B. Hamilton 1910 -1989 Ancestors of William Burge Bilyew 1904 - 1950 Ancestors of Harold Lester Newcomer 1900 -1988 Ancestors of Mary Mildred Stevens 1900 -1973
My Genealogy Home Page
Bridget Avery surname list
The Wayland Ashmore Family Home Page
ASHMORE from North Carolina 1700'S, Tennessee 1790 - 1850, Kentucky 1790 - 1820, Arkansas 1840 - 1910, Oklahoma 1890 - 1950; GUEST (GIST) from Georgia 1800's, Arkansas 1800's: BAKER from Alabama 1800's, Texas 1850 - 1900, Oklahoma 1900 - 1950; SMITH from Texas 1800's, Oklahoma 1900's.
Pickett (Prickett) & Gaylor Families
Pickett (Prickett) & Gaylor Families: Surname List
The John and Susannah (Grossnickle) Custer family
I have traced the family back to 1515, Ololus Custer, Kaldenkirchen, Germany. The Custer family apparently starts there. No one has come up with a Custer ancester older than that. John and Susannah Custer descendants. They were the first Mercer County (Custer) settlers. John and Susannah's son Peter. Peter had a son named Joseph. Joseph had a son named James S. James S. had a son named Albert. Albert had a son named Elba. Elba had a son named Rolland. And I am Rolland's daughter. InterneTree: Karlene K Anderson OH The John and Susannah (Grossnickle) Custer family: Surname List
The Farmer Family Home Page
Rutter, Edmond (Jr and Sr) (1775-1856, 1811-1884) Kentucky and Missouri; Hickerson, Thomas (1786-1867) Virginia and Missouri; Van Bibber, Isaac (Jr and Sr) (1725-1774, 1771-1840) Virginia, Missouri, and Kentucky; La Fon, John and Thomas (1764 - 1815, 1788-1857) Virginia and Missouri.Our direct ancestors are John Goode Farmer I - IV (1808 - 1996). We are also descended from Daniel Boone, through his daughter, Susannah m. William Hays.From my mother's side of the family, we are also searching for Chaussee (or any similar spelling), Hibbard, Walz, and Washburnwho originally entered the U.S. from Massachusetts/Vermont/ Connecticut or Canada (Quebec). Bammerlin family tree from Cincinnati Ohio (Ruth Bammerlin (b.1908) , daughter of John Bammerlin, who married William Griffith (tree out of Kentucky).
The James & Elizabeth Allison, 1700's, Family Home Page
Debbie L Allisonzambrano - InterneTree\r\n
Loughrey Family of America
Home page for the Loughrey Family of America, an organization of Loughreys and Loughrey descendants who trace their roots to James Loughrey, Sr., and his wife Elizabeth, who were born in Northern Ireland and emigrated to the U.S. in the early 1700s.
Don and Scharmal Conley's Homepage
Site contains Descendant reports, surname lists, and index of names for of some of our main lines and have links to other genealogy pages.
The Zelek Family Homepage
This site lists the earliest known ancestors of the Zelek and Zebarah families. Dates and locations of birth, marriage and death are listed if known, Spouses are also listed.

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