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Origin of Carl

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Origin of Carl, Meaning of Carl

Origin: name is derived from two words -ceorl or churl (meaning free man in a saxon society that ran slaves)and tun (meaning farm)-so de charlton literally meant from the farm of free men. family legend says the charltons came as a mercenary army in their own right with william the conqueror and served as border lords on the english/welsh and english/scottish borders
Surnames: Cerleton, Carlton, Chalton, Charlton
Submitted by: bill charlton
Origin of Carl, Meaning of Carl

Origin: searching for descendants of Malcolm MacKellar and Anna McIntyre of Glen Shira, Inverarary, Tom Breac Argyll, Scoland. Further descendants sought of their great grandchildren Lavinia and Robert who emigrate to England c1830s and other children Harriet, Georgiana, James, Catherine, Donald, John who emigrated to South Australia in 1839.
Surnames: carlo
Submitted by: Elizabeth Kraus
Origin of Carl, Meaning of Carl

Origin: my family came from le marche (italy), the town of mondolfo
Surnames: carloni
Submitted by:
Origin of Carl, Meaning of Carl

Origin: Seeking info on John Carlisle b1770 where? lived in NC d 1832 Columbus Co., NC
Surnames: Carlisle
Submitted by: Sandi Little
Origin of Carl, Meaning of Carl

Origin: Nicodemo Carlino arrived in U.S.A. from Grotteria,Reggio Di Calabria around 1915.He was the son of Vincenzo. Mother's maiden name was Teresa Genoasa. He had a twin brother Pasquale and a sister Clara.
Surnames: CARLINO
Submitted by: Ermie Carlino
Origin of Carl, Meaning of Carl

Origin: Vazzana
Surnames: Carlopio
Submitted by: Carmen
Origin of Carl, Meaning of Carl

Origin: Carlsson is a swedish name and it means "the son fo Carl" If the fathers name was Carl Svenson then the oldest son was often named Sven Carlson. If the child was a daughter her surname would be Carlsdotter, dotter=daughter. The same idea applies for Danish and Norwegian names to.
Surnames: Carlson/Carlsdotter
Submitted by: An-Che Minneskjold

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