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Debbie's Genealogy Page
Please remember that not all info has been documented. So PLEASE double check everything.
My Branch of the Seaton Family Tree
Pearl Barker born 1897 died 1971 in Aspen Co. Married Nelson Smith in Carthridge Mo in 1915. Genealogy Report: Descendants of James Seaton My Branch of the Seaton Family Tree: Surname List
My Genealogy Home Page
Mary Joyce Bates surname list
The Batten, Rose & Broadwell Families of Johnston County, NC
Batten - Daniel Batten (1638) with a possible link to Ashael Batten (1607), from Bristol, England to Isle of Wight County, Virginia to Johnston County, North Carolina. His spouse is unknown at this time. Ashael had four wives. Rose - Theophilus Rose, Sr. (1765) who died in Wayne County, North Carolina. He was married to Christiana Unknown. Broadwell - Edward Broadwell (1625) of Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England to Morristown, Essex County, New Jersey to Johnston County, North Carolina. He was married to Unknown. Genealogy Report: Descendants of Edward Broadwell Genealogy Report: Descendants of Theophilus Rose, Sr. Genealogy Report: Descendants of Ashael Batten The Batten, Rose & Broadwell Families of Johnston County, NC: Surname List
Tonya C Bales
Tonya C Bales - InterneTree
Penny's Kickin' Kin
Penny Pratt Baker surname list
InterneTree: Rachel Baxter (Beixter)
The Linda Atchison Family Home Page
Linda J Atchison - InterneTree Genealogy Report: Descendants of George Cooper Atchison Genealogy Report: Descendants of Sampson Capps Genealogy Report: Descendants of Havard Jonson Naurak Gova (Norway,1800), which was changed to Gove (1887) once they settled in the United States, Berg( 1850), Tveit (1600), Capps(1800), and Williams (1800) . Settlement of my family was in Minnesota and Missouri. George Cooper Atchison(sr)(1917) from New York he married Naomi Byron (1908) of California.
Jon Aston's Genealogy Home Page
Jon Aston's Genealogy Home Page: Surname List
Ashman-Null & Howard-Robinson -John and Marlene, San Diego
R. Marlene Ashman SURNAME LIST
Rebecca Ann Aschbrenner of Brooklyn Center, Minnesota
InterneTree: Rebecca A Aschbrenner Descendants of Friedrich August Aschbrenner
The Arnison Registry
The Arnison Registry: Surname List
Jan Arnaut Family History Home Page
the DeMicco/Errico family as well as the Arnaut family. Both of these families originated in Italy and Southern France. InterneTree: Descendants of Camillo Arnaud
Argo and Knott
my father's side of the family and my mothers side of the family from Tennessee, primarily Gibson County and Weakley County. InterneTree: Jeffrey W Argo
Echoes Of The Past & Present Of The Apodaca & Griffin Family
InterneTree: Joefa Abeita Apodaca & Griffin Family Lineage: Surname List
The Gagnon Family Of Ma
Arthur Joseph Gagnon born in Spencer, Ma son of Louis Gagnon and Celina Gagne/Gagner. The Gagnon's are from Quebec, Canada. The Gagnon Family of MA: Surname List
The Pevehouse - Young Family
Pevehouse from Arkansas and Tillman from Northeast my father}s family whose surnames are: Pevehouse from Arkansas and Tillman from Northeast Oklahoma. My mother}s family names are Paul from Kansas and Young(or Jung)from Texas. InterneTree: Ancestor Tree of Lisa Dian Pevehouse The Pevehouse - Young Family : Surname List
The Hickman Capps Cook Betts Andrus Etc.. Home Page
from states like idaho, oklahoma, ohio, kansas and others also choctaw indian on the name capps or hickman out of oklahoma
Lee A Andersons of Oklahoma
Anderson/Hubbard/Foster/Fullerton Family Trees
Kurtis Andree's Genealogy Page
Andree's of Canonsburg, PA Kurtis M Andree - InterneTree
The Charles (Chuck) Anderton's of Emporia, Va.
InterneTree: Charles W Anderton The Charles (Chuck) Anderton's of Emporia, Va.: Surname List
The Dixon / McAdams of Nanaimo
Genealogy Report: Ancestors of Edward (Arthur) Robert Ball The Dixon / McAdams of Nanaimo: Surname List
Bovelle Family Tree
Tree based on Brian Williams and his ancestors as well as the ancestors of his spouse. A Family Tree Maker Database
Kansas Field/Allen
InterneTree: Jan-Peter Jansson (Roos)\r\n\r\nKansas Field/Allen:\r\nSurname List\r\n
The William M Alexander Family and Allied Families HomePage
the family of George Prickett (1735/40-1803). The family of James Ervin McAfee (1762-1847). The family of Alexander P. Church (1831-1916). George Prickett was born in Virginia in 1735/40.He later married Mary Johnson in Harford, Baltimore Co. Maryland in 1762.They had 11 children and later moved to Guilford County in North Carolina where George and his eldest son Israel Prickett fought in the American Revolution. After the War the whole family moved to Franklin Co. Ga. where George died in 1803.\r\nIsrael Prickett, who was the eldest child of George was born in Virginia in June of 1763. He later married Sarah Hargrove who was born in Maryland in 1761. They moved with George and the rest of the family to North Carolina and then on to Franklin Co. Ga.where Israel died in 1837 and Sarah died in 1836.Israel and Sarah had 10 children. \r\nJames Ervin McAfee was born in Surry Co. North Carolina in 1762 and died in Habersham Co. Ga. in 1847. His father was William McAfee(1730-1805) who apparently had three wives. The first is UNKNOWN, the second was a Mary Green, and the third and last was the wife of his old age Karen Happuch Chandler.William was the eldest child of James McAfee Sr. (1713-1769)He had two brothers James Jr.(1737-1829) who marrWilliam Martin Alexander
Ailstock Craft Homepage
Genealogy Report: Ancestors of Virginia Leona Craft
My Genealogy Home Page
Gene Adkinson's surname list
Addison Family Home Page
Ancestors from England and Scotland. They or their descendants emigrated to New Zealand between 1842 and 1890.\r\nThe Addison/Terrot family from the Liverpool/ Preston/ Penwortham parts of Lancashire, England, the Cook and Maslin families of High Street,Hungerford, Berkshire, England, the Pollock family from Rutherglen, Lanarkshire, Scotland, the James Brown family of Paisley, Scotland(a Battle of Waterloo Veteran),\r\nthe Rowland/Ball families of Lemonford Mill and Newton Abbot near Ashburton, Devon, England, the Flewellen family of Watchet and thereabouts, Somerset, Eng., the Eades family of Croydon, Surrey, England, the Potto's of Walsall\r\n\r\n
The Acklin Family
InterneTree: Margaret Zimmerman
Larry Achtemichuk
Surname List\r\n\r\nIndex of Individuals\r\n\r\nInterneTree\r\n
My Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: Peggy A Abbaticchio NY\r\n\r\nReport: Parent Report\r\n\r\nOutline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Peggy Anne Line
Danny and Patti Pace of NC and MN
We are currently working on 4 branches of our family tree: Fallgren- from northern Sweden, and emmigrated to MN Rohlfing- From Osnabruk Germany, made pianos before WWI and emmigrated in about 1850 first to Portsmouth, VA and then to Milwaukee, WI Capps- From the County of Marion in South Carolina, stayed in that area until just the last few decades. Pace- This is our family mystery.
275 YEAR HISTORY OF The Lape Family
275 YEAR HISTORY OF The Lape Family
Cutlip Connection
Cutlip Family Association presents: Cutlips in America -- Ancestors and Descendants of George Cutlip who arrived in Charleston, SC on 17-Oct-1749. Cutlip.Org serves as a hub for Cutlip Family activities.
Family Connections 2000
Currently, we have over 1,600 surnames in more than 600 family groups.
Our Bickel Roots
My tree branches off into many limbs through marraiges but the main interest is my direct ancestry. I have as far back as John Ely Bickel 1840-1924.
Roy Leggitt's Real Home Page
This site contains links to the many online databases I maintain.
Treenut's Home Page
27 linked pages of over 75 different surnames. Mostly dutch, but some german, french, belgian, flemish, spanish, and english. The pages are organized by generations, and there is an index page to help navigate the site by surname

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