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The American Ancestry of Paul Rhodes Smith of Newport News, Virginia
I have much more than I have presented on my web page. My primary interest is filling all lines in my pedigree back to the immigrant ancestor. My ancestry lived almost exclusively in the Southeastern counties of Virginia and the Northeastern counties of North Carolina.
American Ancestry of Paul Smith of Newport News, VA
My father's family was from Bertie County, North Carolina and the counties North and East of there while mom's family was from New Kent, King William, Caroline and Powhatan Counties, Virginia.
My Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: Mamichka Lou N Bath surname list
Darrell Joe Battles and Karla LeAnne McKerley
Book: Apples and Oranges Darrell Joe Battles and Karla LeAnne McKerley: Surname List
The Christina Batzle Family Home Page
Thomas Brownell family of Derbyshire, England, who was born in 1608. The Christina Batzle Family Home Page: Surname List
Humboldt Honey's Home Page
Humboldt Honey's Home Page: Surname List
Barr's & Robinson's
InterneTree: Ancestor Tree of Martha Susan Robinson Barr's & Robinson's: Surname List
Our Kentucky McCartys
InterneTree: Judy Bailey KY Report: Kinship of Justin McCarty Report: Report Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Justin McCarty Our Kentucky McCartys: Surname List
Jeff and Evonna Bailey and Family, Gladstone, Missouri.
Jeff and Evonna Bailey and Family, Gladstone, Missouri.: Surname List
Donald Carey Bailey of South Georgia
Thomas Cason came over from England around 1635. The Donald Carey Bailey of South Georgia: Surname List
Bailey/Christ - DeFelice/Elgrim Online Family Tree Site
InterneTree: Dave Bailey
My Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: Marie Ann Baquet (Bejet)
The Atkinson McKinnon Home Page
InterneTree: Frederick Stuart Atkinson On the McKinnon, Stuart and Scottish Clans sides, the heritage of Mary Queen of Scott's and the Battle of Culloden Moor and have deeply affected our Scotch family history. Because of religious persecution, battles and wars, our Scotch ancestors ended up hastily leaving Scotland, from The Isle Of Skye, on the Ark and Dove and immigrated to Prince Edward Island. The Atkinson Family Tree ancestors emigrated from Europe (England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Holland, France and Germany, Italy, Switzerland). Others came from Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York and Pennsylvania in particular. This is not unusual because the Maritime Provinces were a haven for those loyal to the British Crown and setters were promised substantial land grants from the British government to move to the Maritimes after the expulsion of the Acadians. It is interesting to note that our family also includes Iroquois and/or Micmac Native American women marrying at least two separate ancestors in the US and Nova Scotia. Another ancestor came to Duxbury MA area in the 1621, on the ship that came after the Mayflower called the Fortune. On the Atkinson side, my grandfathers 5th great grandfather Benjamin Allen left New England and fought in the French and Indian War on the British side in Nova Scotia. He was badly wounded losing a leg, was discharged and sent back to New England, settling and starting a family in Kingston, MA. He later went back to Halifax, NS and joined in the ill-fated Eddy Rebellion, and after the Eddy Rebellion failed, he became a wanted man. He eventually joined the Tories in Nova Scotia during the American Revolutionary War. He would have been hung as a traitor if he returned to his home and family in Kingston, MA. We are also descended from Col. Hezekiah King and Col. Benoni Danks who were infamous participants in the Eddy Rebellion. On the Atkinson side we are related to Presidents John Adams, Samuel Adams and William Howard Taft, Poets Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and Ralph Waldo Emerson, Betty Ford and singer Ann Murray to name a few. The Atkinson McKinnon Home Page: Surname List
The Athy Family of Galway
The Athy Family of Galway: Surname List
Lee Ashley's Family Members Page
InterneTree: Lee Ashley Report: Kinship of Lee John Ashley
David R. Artz (curently) of Austin Texas
InterneTree: Catharina (Hickman) David R. Artz (curently) of Austin Texas: Surname List
The Relations of Joe Arrowood
The Relations of Joe Arrowood: Surname List
Book: The Family Armstrong
Aris Family, Ottawa, Ontario/ Dalton family, Catalina, NFLD
InterneTree: Danah K Aris ON Aris family of Ottawa/ Dalton family of Catalina: Surname List
The Massachusetts Hannum Family
Massachusetts Hannum Family genealogy. This family line began with William Hannum and Honor Capen who arrived from England between 1630 to 1639 and settled in Northampton, Massachusetts. William and Honor had five children: John, Abigail, Joanna, Elizabeth, and Mary. Abigail married John Sackett, Joanna died in 1647, Elizabeth married Peter Bushrod, and Mary married John Allen. John married Sarah Weller with whom he had six children: Abigail married Thomas Buckland, Hannah who died in 1689, Sarah who died in 1671, Sarah who married Preserve Wright, and twin girls Mindwell and Experience who died shortly after birth in 1673. Sarah Weller died in 1673 shortly after the twin girls. John married Esther Langton, daughter of George Langton and they had nine children: John married Elizabeth Clesson, Eleazur who died in 1697, Ruth who married Joseph Wright, a daughter who died young, Esther who died young, Joanna, William married Mary Hutchinson, and Samuel who married Mercy Hutchinson. The brothers married sisters and moved to Belchertown, Massachusetts.
Ancestory Of Robert Lewis Anglin
Robert L Anglin - InterneTree Genealogy Report: Descendants of James Anglin
The Caperton, Odom, Vinson Family Home Page
Odom and Vinson connections to the Arkansas Capertons. Odom family from Mississippi and settled in Arkansas. The Vinsons were in Arkansas and were of native american heritage. Could have been Cherokee and/or Choctow. Possible children of Indian slaves.
Ancestors of Cheryl Spargo, Massachusetts
families in Massachusetts, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, England
Matias Alter - Buenos Aires, Argentina
InterneTree: Matias Alter Buenos Aires Matias Alter - Buenos Aires, Argentina: Surname List
Elizebeth Hill Family of Mason County West Virginia
InterneTree: Tessa D Allen
The Mark E. and Janet (McMahon) Allen Family History Project
Samuel ALLEN (1588-1648) of Windsor, CT. John (1645-1675), Samuel (1672/73-1735), Samuel (1701/02-1771), Amasa/Amzi (1749/50-1820), Amasa Jr. (1781-1834), Chauncey A. (1813-1895), Jerome A(masa) (1843-1890), Ernest Chauncey (1872-1900), Horace Hobson (1898-1958), Robert Earl (1919-1990). Roland Clarke (1570-1637/38) Immigrant form Bedforshire, England to Massachusetts where he died at Duxbury, Plymouth, MA. Roland Clarke (1570-1637/38), Joseph Clarke (1610-1683/84), Joseph IInd (1642-1702), Solomon (1678-1748), David (1704/05-1771), Jacob (1732-1801), Rev. Pitt (1763-?), William Pitt (1800-?), Professor George Addison (1832-1881), Lt. Irving Potter (1867-1922), Colonel Irving Potter Jr (1902-1958), Gloria Mae (1923-).
The Allison's of the Piedmont
Harry M Allison - InterneTree\r\n\r\nGenealogy Report: Descendants of Thomas Frank Allison\r\n\r\nGenealogy Report: Descendants of George Eason, R.S.\r\n
My Genealogy Home Page
ferris d aldridge surname list
My Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: Matilda Maud\r\n\r\nMeredith Albright's surname list\r\n
The Adkins Family of Clendenin, WV
InterneTree: Cheryl Adkins \r\n
The Addison Family Tree
InterneTree: Arthur Gower IV
All of the names I am researching lived at one time in North Louisiana. Most of them originated in Catahoula Parish. Some migrated to Shreveport and others to Arkansas. Others stayed in the Central Louisiana area. The Chambers lived in Marthaville, Natchitoches Parish, then moved to East Texas, Shreveport, and southern Arkansas. I am looking for the Shaiffers. They seemed to disappear into thin air after leaving Catahoula Parish. Some of the Adairs moved to the Shreveport-Bossier area. \r\nPartriarch Joseph Adair settled in East Carroll Parish where Joe's Bayou flowed into Bayou Macon. At one time, Joseph also lived in Concordia Parish. His children were John, David, Martha, Sidney, Sarah, and a daughter who was suspected to have been kidnapped by Indians when an infant. She was the first born. \r\nJohn's children were Johnathan Marion, Mary Malinda, James, Richard Harding, Thomas, and William.\r\nJohnathan's children were Martha Euretta, Marshall Newman, Richard Randolph, Johnathan F., and Mary Malinda.\r\nMartha Euretta m. Jason Mahoney Wallace. They were my maternal grandparents. They lived in Shreveport, Louisiana. Their descentants are still living and shall not be mentioned here.\r\n\r\nDave Barry and Nancy Raines Chambers lived iRobert Adams
My Genealogy Home Page
Surname list for Richard W Adams
The Home Page Of Stephen Garrett 'Gary' Abbott, Jr.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------\r\n \r\nAny information regarding the Abbott, Brandenburg, Fredrick, Stewart, Pittman, Morgan, Purvis surnames is greatly appreciated \r\n
Happel-Rundschau / Happel-Genealogy
Happel-Genealogy is a magazine on CD-Rom and internet, which is principally involved in researching this special family name. For subscribers there is a database of 25.000 individuals.
Easterbrook United Kingdom
Home of the Easterbrook family in the United Kingdom.
Caperton Research Resource
Research site dedicated to the CAPERTON family name with extracted information as well as images of source documents.
Personen in de Jalink Familie
Personen in de Jalink Familie

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