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Origin of Cap

Total Records: 9 
Origin of Cap, Meaning of Cap

Origin: Italian name
Surnames: Capasso
Submitted by: Marcie
Origin of Cap, Meaning of Cap

Origin: Capriola means somersault
Surnames: Capriola
Submitted by: Sal Capriola
Origin of Cap, Meaning of Cap

Origin: The origin is from the italian Capuchin Monks. That's about all i know...oh, anbd one of them created Cappuccino. So the spelling evolved to Capuchino later on.
Surnames: capuchino
Submitted by: Anissa
Origin of Cap, Meaning of Cap

Origin: Caplin is an Anglicized/Americanized version of Kaplan. Kaplan is was a surname used by Jewish spiritual leaders who were the descendants from the holders of the Levitical priesthood (Aaron). They were exempt from military service in Russia, which is why not all Caplins, Caplans, or Kaplans from Russia are really descendants of these rabbis.
Surnames: Caplin
Submitted by: Nate Caplin
Origin of Cap, Meaning of Cap

Origin: Capizzi meaning capitium ,
Surnames: capizzi
Submitted by: Andy
Origin of Cap, Meaning of Cap

Origin: The name Di Pace means of peace.
Surnames: Capriola, Di Pace, Cipolla, La Franca, Vitale and many more
Submitted by: Sal Capriola
Origin of Cap, Meaning of Cap

Origin: Origin- Italian
Meaning- Hat
Surnames: Cappello
Submitted by:
Origin of Cap, Meaning of Cap

Origin: The surname "CAPPELLINI" is an italian surname, common in norther and center Italy. The town when the Cappellinis are more are Milan, Rome, Florence, Pistoia and Como. The origin should have been in Pistoia and Como, probably 2 different families, not relatives. Then from Pistoia they should have emigrated to Florence and to Rome (in Rome during a period of tuscanian popes, that were bringing their relatives, servants, workers with them), from Como to Milan.
The meaning is "little hats".
The cappellinis from Pistioa are appearing first in the 1681 in Bottegone, a village of about 6000 people that lies 5 km from Pistoia and 30 km from Florence.
Surnames: Cappellini
Submitted by: Roberto Cappellini
Origin of Cap, Meaning of Cap

Origin: Capezza (pronounced ka-PAYT-za) is almost exclusively found in Ischia (pronounced iss-KEY-ah), Italy. It means head or chief.
Surnames: Capezza
Submitted by: Cliff Brunetti

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