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Susan Florio
Description: My Locantore's are from Matera, Italy.

Surnames: Locantore

Description: researching family from azores

Surnames: pacheco
canto castro

James Anderson
Description: Looking for any info on Rodriguez names in El Quiche, particularly Cunen, for a close friend.

She's looking for any info on the line that lived
there. Related lines include Castro, Vasquez,
Chilisma, Canto, Castro, Sam, Yac, Hernandez, and
Cortez. All we have are some names, absolutely no
dates or places, although all are thought to have been in, and very close to, Cunen.

The father was born in 1919 at Cunen, died in 1974. These other surnames are in the ancestry, and likely go back into Colonial times. i understand that the Rodriguez name was assigned to them by the Spanish well before these people lived.

The church records were first burned in or before
1972, and when the Catholic diocese was closed in 1980 there was further destruction of the records by the insurgents in the highlands once the Catholic priests and other leadership left. The diocese has since reopened and may be headquartered in Santa Cruz del Quiche, and was renamed Quiche in 2000 per a Catholic history website.

All of the above is in El Quiche department,
Guatemala. We'd love to find whatever information
anyone else might have on this area, and even where there might be records that were saved somehow. In particular records relating to the the surnames listed that were in Cunen itself.

Surnames: Rodriguez, Vasquez, Vasquez, Chilisma, Canto, Castro, Sam, Yac, Hernandez, Cortez

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