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Origin of Cann

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Origin of Cann, Meaning of Cann

Origin: The originator of the name is said to be the father of Brian Boru,(Breoghan) the family traces the origin to the nephew of Brian Boru- born Brian Mac Kennedie, which was an 11th century High King of Ireland. Spelled Cinneide, (or many other spellings, depending on the language or dialect.) The name found earliest in Tipperary,Ireland around 940A.D. It is Gaelic, first known to have settled in Glenomra(Killokennedy) then later in Ormond. Check out the Heritage Corporation, the Hall of Names, the LDS Church, The Irish and or Scottish Clans. History has the surname Kennedy more promenently used it is the same surname, or family. However, the lines of the family changed the spellings for various reasons/purposes.
Surnames: Canady, Caneday, Cannaday, Cannady, Kennedy
Submitted by: Clayton Cannaday
Origin of Cann, Meaning of Cann

Origin: The spelling of Canedy is one of several varients, of the Irish Gaelic, 'Cinneidigh' or 'Cinneide' which are one and the same. My name is Cannaday, my gggrandfather used Canady.... ALL OF WHICH ARE THE SAME NAME... In English the name is spelled Kennedy still the same name... the Library of Congress recognizes 35 spellings with about 125 varients. Depending on the time frame researched, the family may be any number of nationalities. It started in Ireland. The name was changed to fit in with the language of the people, the branch of the family, in your line, lived with. The most accurate research I have discovered was done in Ireland and Scotland, by the Heritage Corp. through the different church parishes, CHECK OUT the LDS Family Centeres located in Ireland. You do not have to be LDS; I am not. Let me know what you find, I would be interested. The family motto (Irish )is:'The Strong Hand Uppermost' (Scottish) is: 'Consider the End'. There are (3) different Translated meanings for the name, 1.Helmeted-head, 2.Ugly-head, 3.Grim-headed. Some people think the description relates to the description of the character of the Chief of the Clan at the time-He was considered a mean person. Others feel that it relates to the coat of arms which isClayton Cannaday
Surnames: Canaday, Canady, Cannady, Cinnedigh, Cinneidigh, Kennedy
Submitted by: Clayton Cannaday
Origin of Cann, Meaning of Cann

Origin: From Caen in Normandy. A Bishop from that area was awarded land in England following the Conquest of 1066. To begin with the 'de Caen's settled in grants just north of Norwich in east Anglia but two or three generations later migrated to other landgrants in Devon (probably just southeast of Barnstable). The name is still common in those two areas, but rare outside them.
Surnames: Caen, Can, Cann, Canne
Submitted by: Robert Cann
Origin of Cann, Meaning of Cann

Origin: Cannon, George W., Yoncalla, Ore. M Mary Ann or Jane, 3+children; triplets:Minnie, May, and Myrtle. Researching ancestors. Yoncolla, Ore l884 and back.
Surnames: Cannon
Submitted by: Robert W. Mix
Origin of Cann, Meaning of Cann

Origin: Charles Lester Canniff, John Arnold Canniff, WI, IL, MI areas
Surnames: Canniff
Submitted by: pcartist
Origin of Cann, Meaning of Cann

Origin: Cora Cannon, married John Hickey. Had at least one child. Niles Hickey born Indiannia Feb, 28 1889
Surnames: Cannon
Submitted by: Tutsuway
Origin of Cann, Meaning of Cann

Origin: 'Concannon' Gaelic in origin, deriving from the words 'Con' meaning 'Head' and 'Cannon' meaning 'Hunter'. So the best guess is that the original Concannon was the leader of a group of hunters
Surnames: Concannon
Submitted by: John Concannon

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