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Origin of Cal

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Origin of Cal, Meaning of Cal

Origin: The Scales family dates back from the landing of William the Conqueror in 1066.The origin of the name came from the commander of that division of King William's army, which came to England with him from Normandy, whose duty it wasto scale walls of a besieged city when the proper time came to make such an assault. The general's name was Hugh; they had only one name then; in the history of time he is called Hugh de Schalers ; that is Hugh commander of of city walls and fortifications ; in the course of years the spelling became Hugh de Scales and after two or three centuries the de was dropped. I found this in Genealogical and Family History in the State of New Hampshire.
Surnames: Scales
Submitted by: Joe Scales
Origin of Cal, Meaning of Cal

Origin: I have found two possible origins. The first (and most likely) has the first recorded name belonging to Fortun Ortiz Calderon. He was still-born and placed in a caldron until his cries alerted his parents that he was alive. A second, more obscure addition, has it belonging to descendants of Vela de Aragon, son of King Sancho Ramirez of Aragon.
Surnames: Caldarone, Calderon, Calderone
Submitted by: Jose Calderon
Origin of Cal, Meaning of Cal

Origin: A Scottish researcher named Bill Caddell claims the surname is an ancient Highlander name from a Norman knight Hugo de Cadella. The name was 'gaelicized' into the name Calder meaning 'water between the woods'. The lowland pronunciation was 'Cawdor' and an ancestral castle was given this title. (The castle still stands). Mr. Caddell claims that all the names originate from this bloodline.
Surnames: Caddell, Calder, Caudill, Caudle
Submitted by: Natalie Caudill
Origin of Cal, Meaning of Cal

Origin: The surname MARSHALL appears to be occupational in origin. Research indicates that it can be associated with the English and Germans. The name was carried to England in the great migration following the Norman Conquest - 1066. Earliset record of the name found in England was in Wiltshire - where Goisfridus Marescal lived in 1084. The name means 'One who cares for horses, especially one who treated their diseases; a blacksmith; an official in a king's or a high noble's household having charge of military affairs'
Surnames: Marescal, Marschall, Marshal, Marshale, Marshall, Marshell, Maskall, Maskill
Submitted by: Jacqueline Woolnough
Origin of Cal, Meaning of Cal

Origin: The name McAllaster is considered to be a RARE & UNIQUE SURNAME. Some have changed their spelling to the more common spelling 'McALLISTER
Surnames: McAllaster
Submitted by: Charles Ray McAllaster
Origin of Cal, Meaning of Cal

Origin: Maine, Wisconsin, Washington
Surnames: Calligan
Submitted by: Jane Mason
Origin of Cal, Meaning of Cal

Origin: The Wexford Scallans in South Africa I am researching the origins of the Scallan family in South Africa. James (born in 1795), believed to be a plasterer and his brother Patrick, a tailor emigrated to South Africa. Their parents were Patrick Scallan (born around 1770) and Mary of Wexford, Ireland. I would very much like to know if anything is known about the origins of the family in Wexford.
Surnames: scallan
Submitted by: eric
Origin of Cal, Meaning of Cal

Origin: Researching William A. McAlister (1885-1956)migrated from Scotland, lived in PA, died in WA 1955. His siblings were: Katheryn Robertson, John, and Daniel. Where John and Daniel settled is unknown.
Surnames: McAlister
Submitted by: Sue McAlister
Origin of Cal, Meaning of Cal

Origin: Origin - Italy - Calandriello meaning Little Calendar!
Surnames: Calandriello
Submitted by: Ruth
Origin of Cal, Meaning of Cal

Origin: In the Gaelic, means a sheltered place, a bosom, a covert. Aisgiodal or Aisgall was one of the Danish commanders at the battle of Clontarf, near Dublin. The name is expressive of courage and strength. From this may be found the name of Hascall. If the name is of British origin, it would signify the sedgy moor, from Hesg, and hal or hayle--low grounds, meadows.
Surnames: Ascall, Asgall
Submitted by:
Origin of Cal, Meaning of Cal

Origin: Calthorpe

means winding small village

Welsh origin means winding

English origin means a small village
Surnames: Calthorpe
Submitted by: glitz
Origin of Cal, Meaning of Cal

Origin: MacAlan

son of

celtic origin means fair, handsome
Surnames: MacAlan
Submitted by: glitz
Origin of Cal, Meaning of Cal

Origin: Clavering

English origin means place where clover grows
Surnames: Calvering
Submitted by: glitz
Origin of Cal, Meaning of Cal

Origin: Malta
Surnames: Micallef
Submitted by: Adam
Origin of Cal, Meaning of Cal

Origin: Caling: Shortened from the greek surname Kalinikos meaning good victory to provide easier pronoucation in Australia.
The orginal family migrated from Ithica
Surnames: Caling, Kalinikos
Submitted by: Catherine
Origin of Cal, Meaning of Cal

Origin: Dundalk
County Louth
Surnames: callaghan
Submitted by:
Origin of Cal, Meaning of Cal

Origin: Italian
Surnames: Calvosa
Submitted by: Keith Calvosa
Origin of Cal, Meaning of Cal

Surnames: CALVERT
Submitted by: KEEANN CALVERT
Origin of Cal, Meaning of Cal

Origin: Caliano is a section of Montoro Superiore in the Campania Region and the province of Avellino in Italy.
Surnames: Caliano
Submitted by: Richard Pucciarelli
Origin of Cal, Meaning of Cal

Origin: The name Vogt is derived from the Hegnishian word for cow which is "voghft". The Hegnishian people were a tribe that lived in the mountains of Germany. There are two reasons why the name Vogt is derived from the hegnishian "cow". One is that most of the Vogt family in the Hegnishan Tribe were obese and dubbed "cows" by their piers for not practicing the proper german food etiquite... another is that they were very high into the cattle raising industry and were said to raise the best meat in eastern europe. They lived there between about 1400 and 1672. They were castrated out of the mountains when the invading French army threatened their cattle production and some of the Vogt members were captured as French prisoners. The Vogt's that were left, which was the majority of them, headed down the mountain with the other Hegnishians and tried to raise their cattle there, all attempts prevailed.
Surnames: Vogt, Tevis, McCalla
Submitted by: Clay Vogt
Origin of Cal, Meaning of Cal

Surnames: Calabro
Submitted by:

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