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The Deborah J. Bazinet Family Home Page
the Cadeau family migrated from the Sault Ste. Marie area, either from Drummond Island after the War of 1812-15 or from another area in that vicinity. Peter (Pierre) married Josephte (Josette) Duhaime around 1855-57, we believe in the vicinity of Sault Ste. Marie. The Bazinets are believed to have come from Quebec. Damase Bazinet is said to have come from the Ste. Emilie de l'Energie area of the province of Quebec, Canada. He married Victoire Dubeau in the mid 1800s. I believe that this marriage could have taken place near Ste. Emilie, as their first child seems to have been born in the province of Quebec. I believe that the Dubeau and Quesnelle families also originally came from Quebec. I believe that they migrated to Ontario in the early to mid 1800s and took up residence around the Penetanguishene area near Georgian Bay.
The Never Ending Tree
Book: Colleen's Family The Never Ending Tree: Surname List
The William B. Barnes Family of Danville, Illinois
William B Barnes surname list The William B. Barnes Family of Danville, Illinois: Surname List
My Heritage-Ballard, Campbell, Johnson, and various families
My Heritage-Ballard, Campbell, Johnson, and various families: Surname List
Kristen D. Baldwin, Philadelphia, PA
Edward Bently Gilder, Head Maggie Reese Gilder, Wife Alice Gilder, Daughter, born June 29th, 1896 Gertrude Gilder, Daughter, born about 1894 Edward and Maggie had one more daughter in 1901...Marian, and then Maggie died when Marian was 4 or 5 (1905-1906). Edward was born around 1864 and immigrated to this country from England around 1890. His wife was Maggie Reese, born around 1874 in Philadelphia. Maggie died around 1905 in Philadelphia. Maggie had one sister Elsie. Frederick Buchler married Marian Gilder on May 26th, 1924. Frederick was born in Pennsylvania on Dec 11th, 1887. He had two older brothers, Augustus and William. All of them were born in Pennsylvania, but either one or both of their parents were born in Germany. Frederick's birth certificate lists his parents as Joseph and Mrs. Biehler, but his Baptismal Certificate lists his parents as Frederick Bichler and Elizabeth Fillers, and still another record (his Funeral book) lists his Parents as Augusta and Elizabeth Buchler. InterneTree: Kristen D Baldwin Baldwin and Winter Families, Philadelphia, PA: Surname List
Jeff and Evonna Bailey and Family, Gladstone, Missouri.
Jeff and Evonna Bailey and Family, Gladstone, Missouri.: Surname List
Donald Carey Bailey of South Georgia
Thomas Cason came over from England around 1635. The Donald Carey Bailey of South Georgia: Surname List
My Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: Ancestors of Ivan Baca Genealogy Report: Descendants of Juan Baca Genealogy Report: Descendants of Juan Dominguez
The Arnold Family of Humphreys County Tennessee
InterneTree: Nancy Nannie Abercrombie The Arnold Family of Humphreys County Tennessee: Surname List
The Layfield and Gassett Genealogy page
The Layfield and Gassett Genealogy page: Surname List
Angelini Of Vancouver, British Columbia Canada
InterneTree: Michael Angelini BC Angelini of Vancouver, British Columbia Canada: Surname List
The Knight's Of West Virgnia
Ellis's of West Virgnia. Anderson's of Ohio and New York as well as the Clark's. The Knight's of West Virgnia: Surname List
Phillips -- Oliver of Washington County, Tennessee
InterneTree: Kenneth W Anderson Phillips -- Oliver of Washington County, Tennessee: Surname List
John Neidy A nderson Descendants By Coy H. Anderson Jr.
Book: The Andersons of Wilkes County N.C. InterneTree: William Anderson (Billy) John Neidy A nderson Descendants By Coy H. Anderson Jr.: Surname List
The Christopher Andrews Family Page
Hutchins(1600) in MA. and Towcester, England, Cade (1770) in VA., Austin (1830-1840) in PA. and NY., Andrutsopoulous (1880) in Arkadia, Greece. Report: Ancestors of Christopher Andrews
Goff / Myers Home Page
My Grandmother was Annie Lee Myers. Grandfather was Edwin Dunbar Goff. They were from Augusta Georgia. Most of the Goff's are from Georgia. The Myers seem to be from all over. InterneTree: Sherry Alpers Genealogy Report: Descendants of James Goff
Our Parker Ancestors
Posting PARKER, CADE, BARLOW in Southampton, England 1500-1643 to PARKER, DRYDEN, TRUITT, SELBY, COTTINGHAM connections with PARKER in Accomac County, Va., Somerset and Worcester Counties, Md. 1643-1900?s .....BLAIR in Belfast, Ireland 1800?s to BLAIR in Chester and Delaware Counties, Pa. 1800-1900?s
Reuben Magor of Moonta
Bernadette B Affleck's surname list
My Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: Wayne Achilles FL\r\n
The Payen Family Website
Ancestors and descendants of Les-Thierry Payen and his family
Calcote Family Tree
The most extensive privately sponsored family tree database on the Internet featuring the descendants of Hercules Calcott [1640], Benjamin Britt [1715], Joseph Cutrer [1734], Howell Wall [1732] and many, many others with roots extending as far back as the year 1022.
Our database includes 17,581 individuals, 6286 family groups & 2603 surnames.
Martin Genealogy
After leaving Ireland the Martins came to Delaware and later to Kentucky. They then moved to Wayne & Union County, Indiana. By 1834 they were in and around Hamilton County, near Fortville IN & Marion Co. IN.
Floyd & Grace Gunter
Surnames:? Gunter (or G?nter), Braun (or Brown), Clark, Outindyke, Van Tassel, Ingram, Anderson, Reid, Reed, Alward, Cade, Bailey, Edwards, Armstrong, Bannatt, Bannatyne, Gugins, Kell, Ledger, Abbe, Wickham, Fox, Thurston, Phillips, Chant, Polle, Goldsmith, Ross, Kearney, Hartsgrove
Venetian noble families
All the patrician families of Venice (belonging to Maggior Consiglio)
Frans genealogy site
Ancestors from Denmark, England, Ireland Italy and Scotland to Australia 1850\2 to 1920's
Family home page for my ancestors, This a compiled genealogy site much of it not verified by myself
Scadding Genealogy Homepage
A one-name study of the Scadding family, mostly in London, Dorset, Devon and Cornwall, U.K. Files are able to be downloaded in GEDCOM and .rtf format
Richardson, Robert descendants of
Descendants of Robert Richardson (c1637 -1682) Mount Ephraim Pllantation, MD all known descendant lines are followed are far as known.

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