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The Deborah J. Bazinet Family Home Page
the Cadeau family migrated from the Sault Ste. Marie area, either from Drummond Island after the War of 1812-15 or from another area in that vicinity. Peter (Pierre) married Josephte (Josette) Duhaime around 1855-57, we believe in the vicinity of Sault Ste. Marie. The Bazinets are believed to have come from Quebec. Damase Bazinet is said to have come from the Ste. Emilie de l'Energie area of the province of Quebec, Canada. He married Victoire Dubeau in the mid 1800s. I believe that this marriage could have taken place near Ste. Emilie, as their first child seems to have been born in the province of Quebec. I believe that the Dubeau and Quesnelle families also originally came from Quebec. I believe that they migrated to Ontario in the early to mid 1800s and took up residence around the Penetanguishene area near Georgian Bay.
The Ralph John McAdams Home Page
Ralph John Henry McAdams is descended from the McAdams line, beginning with James McAdams and Rebecca Hill from Orange Co. N.C. Ralph J. McAdams was born September 25, 1911 in Roosevelt, Kiowa Co.,Oklahoma and died August 23,1975 in Amarillo, Potter Co., Texas. He served in France and Germany in WWII and was a Fireman in Amarillo until his retirement in 1960. He first married Sylvia Marie Edney, Jan. 26, 1938 and had two daughters, Thelma McAdams and Bobbie Jo McAdams, then,second, married Tula Marie Holland. His parents were, Charles Albert McAdams and Virginia Evangeline (Bledsoe)McAdams. Charles was born in Caddo Mills,Hunt Co.,Tx.where he met and married Virginia, who originated from Fairview,Scott Co.,Va.on Dec.11, 1905. Charles McAdams parents were James Monroe McAdams and Cynthia Minerva (Kimes)McAdams who moved to Hunt Co. Tx. from Linclon Co. Tn. in 1876. James McAdams parents were William and Jane McAdams from Lincoln and Marshall Co.s Tn. William McAdams parents were Hugh McAdams and Maria (Bagley)McAdams from Marshall Co. Tn. Hugh McAdams parents were Joseph McAdams and Margaret (Whitsett)McAdams from Orange Co. N.C and Marshall Co. Tn. and Joseph McAdams parents were James McAdams and Rebecca (Hill)McAdams from Orange Co. N.C.
My Genealogy Home Page
David Baxter surname list
My Genealogy Home Page
David Baxter surname list
My Genealogy Home Page
David Baxter surname list
Bawn Family Homepage
the earliest date I have on John and Martha Bawn is their marriage of 1846 and a census that was taken in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. They later settled in the Camden East, Ontario, Canada area. Bawn John born around 1818 Ire Can,Ont.Lad d12/03/1864 Bawn Martha(McKnight) born around1814 Ire Can,Ont,Lad d05/18/1866 John Bawn and Martha M Bawn (McKnight) married and the ceremony took place in the twsp of St.Andrews Prespyterian Church on May 5 1846 witness were(Hugh Mcknight) and (Colin McNab). accordingly to the census taken in 1851, they put their place of birth as Ireland. Both were Prespyterian and they had 4 Children 1 son and 3 daughters: Robert John Bawn b03/17/1846 d01/13/1923 Mary Jane Bawn married a surname Lemon brother of David Agnes Bawn married Robert John Young Martha Ann Bawn married David L Lemon Pitt PA. Robert John Bawn the only son of John and Martha Bawn Married Mary Elizabeth Young (Black) on 10/30/1867 in Can.Ont.Kingston Mary Elizabeth Young b00/00/47 d051889. Her parents were(Peter Scouton Young & Margaret Black) They had 10 children:(Some of them went to U.S.A.) Peter Allen went to Sc NY had one son unknown Martha Ann Margaret Ready M Haggerty Deliah M Porter Minnie E died at an early age Susan E M(Lt. Joseph Flemimg) she died in Flordia Semour F. died at the age of 12 Minic E. died at an early age Herbert S. M Annie McAdam Mary Jane M John Herbert Kellar (Iva Pearl) on birth certificate) Robert John Bawn 1st wife died and he had a 2nd marriage(03/27/1890) to Eliza Ann Campbell b10/18/1855 d04/12/1920 They had 3 children: Nellie M Pierce Harton Lily M Stanley Doupe Bertha E. M Ross McGregor Herbert S.Bawn who was a son of Robert John Bawn and Mary Elizabeth ````Young(Black) he lived in the U.S.A. for about 10 years. He later came back to Canada and he married: Annie Bawn (McAdam) b03/21/1896d01/06/1986 (grandmother) Herbert S.Bawn b08/03/1883d09/06/1969 (grandfather) They were Married on October 25 1918 in Lennox Addington Ontario Canada.They had 5 Children. Harold Bawn, Marie Bawn (married James Young) Roy Bawn, Glen Bawn and my father Jack E Bawn born Sept 14 1923 and died Nov 13 1993.
Descedants of John Baskin of Donegal Co., Ireland
William Baskin Sr. French & Indian War (1700-1770)my 5th great- grandfather. Hugh Baskin American Revolution (1743-1797) my 4th great-grandfather. Robert McKinley Baskin War of 1812 (1790-1871) my 3rd great-grandfather. William Carrol Baskin Sr. Civil War (1829-1906) my 2nd great-grandfather. Robert Peyton Baskin World War I (1895-1964) my grandfather's older brother. InterneTree: Benjamin C Baskin Genealogy Report: Descendants of John Bailey Williams Sr. Genealogy Report: Descendants of John Baskin Genealogy Report: Descendants of Great Forester Anacker Genealogy Report: Descendants of Hugh Graham Genealogy Report: Descendants of John Bannister Harper Descedants of John Baskin of Donegal Co., Ireland: Surname List
Scarborough's of Texas
InterneTree: Descendants of Richmond Carroll SCARBOROUGH Genealogy Report: Descendants of Richmond Carroll SCARBOROUGH Scarborough's of Texas: Surname List
Althaver and Barningham of Michigan
Most of these families settled in Monroe County, MI. Most were from Germany or England and emigrated in 1840's and 1850's. Report: Report Genealogy Report: Ancestors of Andrew John Mason
Sharron Powers Family Research
Researching the following names... main research in Ontario, Quebec and U.K.
The Henry Burkett Family
Dorothy Burkett Family Tree
Adams/McAdams Families of SW Ohio
Surname list of Teresa J Adams
McLean/Gallant Maritime Family Home Page
InterneTree: Descendants of Louis Toussaint Longepee\r\n
Sharron Powers Family Research
Researching the name Willan among many others.
Discendenti di "Bacicin Forch? o vegio" di Alassio. Bacicin ? considerato il capostipite dei Forcheri perch? ? il primo di cui si hanno notizie certe. Sulla base di documentazioni che in linea di massima sono ritenute affidabili, ? stato costruito l'albero genealogico dei suoi discendenti
The Batchelor & Griffin Family Home Page
Batchelor's and Griffin's in Nash County and Franklin County, North Carolina. Ancestors of Donald Lee BATCHELOR Descendants of William BATCHELOR
Genealogy Schreurs
Genealogy Schreurs
Doris Compton Cannon Home Page
Always looking for cousins
Freeds Genealogy Homepage
Research of Philadelphia ancestors.
The Hiram A. McAdams Family of Texas
This site contains detailed information on the Hiram Augustus McAdams family of Walker County, Texas, including ancestors and descendants. The site also contains a searchable genealogical database which can be used to produce standard reports
My Homepage
Here you will find many surnames and mailing lists and query boards.
Kidds of West Riding Yorkshire and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
A website devoted to my Kidd ancestry who lived in West Riding Yorkshire and eventually emigrated from there to the United States.
McAdam Family Homepage
Home page of the descendants of Samuel and Eliza McAdam, who immigrated from Ireland to Ontario,Canada in the 1820s. Site includes family tree of over 900 people
DERR/DARR Surname Familys
DERR/DARR Ancestors dating to 1788 PA.
Bill Norin's Genealogical Home Page
This site focuses on Scots who came from the Highlands to Cape Breton and the California
Freeds Genealogy Homepage
Research of family names
Virtual Family Reunion
Includes notes on McAdams from Pittsburg City Directory from the 1800's. Also notes from The Allegheny County Mairriage Docket.

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